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Free Online YouTube Downloader: Download YouTube Videos, Facebook and many others!

Free Online YouTube Downloader: Download YouTube Videos, Facebook and many others!

Teaching With YouTube Teaching With Video: 9 Tips For Teaching With YouTube by Marlon Gallano Let’s face it, times have changed. The way we learned in school by sitting at a desk with a book, notebook and pencil are no longer the norm. Although this sounds like doom and gloom, it’s actually a very good thing. Enter YouTube. If learning, rather than teaching, is the goal, you’ll need to have the attention of the students–and few things commands their attention better than a compelling video. Students are changing, and education must keep up with those changes. Ed note: Most of these appear in the graphic below, but we’ve revised and exchanged a few in hopes of having the best list possible. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Teaching With Video: 9 Tips For Teaching With YouTube; image attribution youtubedownload

How to download YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad: a beginner's guide to saving videos to watch offline YouTube has recently changed its terms and conditions to prevent apps from downloading videos to watch offline. However, it doesn't seem to have affected all apps, so here's how to download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad. UPDATE: YouTube promised to introduce offline watching, but this hasn't yet happened. If the following guide doesn't work for you, you can download the video via your PC or Mac, and then copy it to your iPad or iPhone. See also: Is it legal to download YouTube videos? How to download YouTube videos to your iPhone and iPad Here we'll show you how to save videos so you can watch them at any time, even when there's no internet connection. These apps are basically web browsers with the ability to save videos from certain websites - not just YouTube - but they cannot save those files so you can watch them in the native iPhone or iPad Videos app. How to download YouTube videos to an iPhone or iPad Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.

190+ entertaining education videos perfect for classrooms We’ve talked in the past on here about how gamification, in education may well be a key driver in the future, but there’s a very strong sense that it’s not fully formed yet. So when will schools be ready for gamification? Do we understand what educationalists are trying to active when encouraging students to play to learn? There’s many people who will tell you that gamification is the future, not least because children like to play (obviously) and that energy can be used to create an system of teaching which gives instant rewards and feedback – usually doing so digitally. So while the analysts ponder this all turning into a multi-billion dollar industry, as students become used to earning their progression through gamified teaching, and the instant gratifications that have become normal in the marketing and fitness industries, for example. As a summary of the state, and the potential, of the process, this is pretty useful, from and MIT Education Arcade.

YouTube Now Lets You Upload 360-Degree Video Immersive video is now accessible to just about anyone, both on the creator and audience side. Google just turned on 360-degree video uploads for YouTube creators, letting anyone who can film the immersive footage using something like the Bublcam or Ricoh Theta the ability to put their creations on YouTube, where they can be viewed in the YouTube for Android app or in Chrome (with iPhone and iPad support coming soon). The best way to watch these is probably with Cardboard or something equivalent for now, but with the rapid growth of OEM interest in virtual reality and other immersive viewing headsets, this YouTube update paves the way for a future in which we watch from inside the online movie. We’ve seen some interesting applications of immersive video already, including offering a vantage point of live concerts from on stage, as well as putting you in the middle of news events for journalistic reports.