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Put These YA Titles From 2014 on Your TBR There are tons of “best of” lists floating around this time of year, and as someone who loves a good “best of” list, I delight in digging into them, trying to figure out if I agree or disagree with the choices. More, I use those lists as a way to gauge what my own year in reading looked like. With popular “best of” lists, did I read enough commercial, high-budget fiction? With more professional “best of” lists, did I read enough novels of critical acclaim or with literary merit? It shouldn’t be shocking that a lot of these lists happen to come out on or around Black Friday in the US, when shoppers are creating and executing their holiday shopping plans.

Reconnect Microsoft Money - PocketSense Last updated Feb-2015 (live since Feb 2010) Microsoft Money: Arguably the Best Personal Accounting Package Ever If you're a long time user of Microsoft Money for personal finances, you were dumped in late 2009, when the mighty Microsoft decided to end the Money product cycle. The reason? 40 hechos asombrosos que nunca me lo cree son verdaderas 1. There’s more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth. 2. Walt Disney was afraid of mice. 3. Create a comic in Book Creator and animate it in Explain Everything Part 3 of a 4-part series looking at how the popular educational apps Book Creator and Explain Everything can be used together.Part 1: Exporting a PDF from Book Creator to annotate in Explain EverythingPart 2: From Explain Everything to Book Creator to iTunes UPart 4: Hand-drawn animations in Explain Everything – published with Book Creator Dan from the Book Creator team is back to look at another way in which Explain Everything can be “app-smashed” with Book Creator to create something unique. The scenario: Using Explain Everything to animate a comic book made in Book Creator, to create a fun video. Book Creator 4.0 has just been released onto the App Store. With this update there are now comic book templates and styles added to the app, to make really simple and fun comic books. We’re going to go through creating the comic book, exporting it as a PDF to Explain Everything, recording an animation using the pan and zoom tool, and exporting the end result as a video.

The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You If you’re not an avid follower of #edchat on Twitter, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to learn about some new Web 2.0 tools that are currently being used in classrooms around the world. That’s because @chickensaltash posed a simple question to the PLN and there has been a huge swell of support as hundreds of people have jumped in to answer the question about which 5 Web 2.0 tools teachers are using in classrooms. The Best of the Best You can view the live stream of #edchat here and see what people are saying at the hashtag #chickenweb2tools here. We scoured hundreds of responses and have come up with the following list. The following tools have not been verified and are simply based on the number of times each was mentioned on Twitter during this hashtag discussion.

None A few weeks ago, Rioter-in-Chief Jeff O’Neal’s From Zero To Well-Read in 100 Books post nearly brought the internet crashing down. People were very, very angry, and other people (me included) were very, very bemused by those people who were very, very angry. And that wasn’t even, technically, a Top 100 list! But it did inspire Kit’s post on why “best of” lists get us all so revved up. Husqvarna AutoMower 220AC Husqvarna's AutoMower 220AC is a robotic lawn mower, and a step up from the 210C model. The main difference is that the 220AC is capable of charging itself automatically, as it can find its way back to the charging station by using a guide wire. The cutting perimeter is determined with 800ft of guide wire as well, which allows for a total working area of about 0.5 acres or 2000 square metres (without moving the guidewire). The mower has easy height adjustment, facilitated with a top-mounted rotary dial, and it also features a top-mounted LCD display for access to various custom settings. Also includes a PIN security system and anti-theft alarm. Like the 210C, this model can climb grades of up to 35% and can handle rough terrain.

28 de las fotos más fascinantes de la historia The Statue of Liberty surrounded by scaffolding as workers complete the final stages in Paris. Circa 1885. An Royal Air Force pilot getting a haircut during a break between missions, Britain, 1942 A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. Can't find what you're looking for? Help make better. easy No Info Available

Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text. Create Shop Learn Gallery The following are a few examples to show the versatility of Tagxedo, especially how tightly the words hug the shapes. Knopf Mapguides Explore 44 different cities with our collection of MapGuides. Each MapGuide consists of six easy-to-use fold-out maps plus great listings for all tastes and budgets. Titles in the Knopf MapGuide Series Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin Boston, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Crete Dublin, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Florence, Havana, Hawaii, Hong Kong

Spanish After-Market Ticket Exchange Ticketbis Raises Further €3 Million Always be raising. Ticketbis, the Spanish startup that operates an exchange for buying and selling after-market tickets to events in Europe, Latin America, and most recently Asia, has topped up its funding for a sixth time. This time around, the five-year old company, which counts a number of other aftermarket ticket exchanges, such as Viagogo, Seatwave, Stubhub, and Getmein, as competitors, has raised €3 million. This brings total investment in the startup to €14 million. The round was led by previous backer Active Venture Partners, along with so-called super angel Fabrice Grinda and Mexico-based investor José Marín of IG Expansion Business Development.

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