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37 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change the World

37 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change the World
Dr. Seuss is an oft-quoted author that published over 40 books, many of which have been made into films, and have even been studied in university classrooms. This is a collection Seuss quotes that have the power to change the world if their message is heeded. Simple and poignant at the same time, that is what he was famous for, and is on display. Enjoy! “Kid, you’ll move mountains!” No need to get intimidated by the size of the task, it’s just a matter of taking small steps towards your bigger goal. It may sound impossible at first, but the more you think about it, the more you come up with ways that it can be done. “And will you succeed? Of course there are no 100% guarantees in life, but when you have a positive mindset like the one this quote instills you’ve got a pretty good shot at getting it right. You don’t need to be completely assured of success, it’s good to have a bit of a possibility of failure or it wouldn’t be interesting. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

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The Art of Dr. Seuss Improve Your Focus: Outsourcing Self Control Image by Ruby Rose A few months ago I came across this picture that several friends had shared on Facebook (courtesy of Ruby Rose). Many people identified with this image making comments along the lines of – Gamification Health Welcome to the home of Gamification Health information, research, case studies and community as part of the family of interlinked wikis. Want to help us create this website? Contact us! Toolkit for Digitally-Literate Teachers 96 percent of Americans use the internet daily, and 62 percent of working Americans rely on the internet to do their jobs. We live in an internet age – an age that requires specific skills. Digital literacy skills have become essential to academic, career and interpersonal success. Digital literacy is defined as the ability to find, evaluate, share and create content using the internet — but it's much more than that.

1. What is a Simulation? - How To Do Simulation Games One of the most frequent concerns that is voiced about simulations is simply one of definitions: what is a simulation? Is it the same as a game, or a role play? Is it problem- or enquiry-based learning? Teacher Challenges - Free Professional Development From Edublogs Doctopus - New Visions CloudLab Doctopus allows you to easily set and control access levels for individuals and for the whole class on assignments. Create student assignments templates in Google Drive, and then distribute them based on individual student level and need. Doctopus allows the teacher to set student access permissions to assignments on a whole class level(student to student) as well as an individual level.

Personalizing Social Emotional Learning with Google Forms When I was a classroom teacher, the best “tech” I had access to was a shared VCR/DVD player and a cracked overhead projector. As a result, I was unable to leverage technology for better “personalization” in my classroom, and so I leveraged relationships, instead. I “personalized” by getting to know my students deeply--beyond just their academic strengths and weaknesses. By knowing what was going on at home, their emotional triggers and what motivated them, I was able to make sure their needs were met beyond my classroom - which led to much greater academic success within it. Now, I am an Assistant Principal at Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School, and my school has all the technology I was missing.

Gamestorming » About Creativity and invention has long been seen as a “black box.” As business people, we don’t typically try to understand this process. We fully expect that when designers, inventors, and other creative people go into a room with a goal, they will come out with more or less creative discoveries and results. Although when we watch them at work, we can observe some combination of sketching, animated conversations, messy desks, and drinking. But the fundamental nature of what happens in that room remains mostly a mystery. It’s easy to leave creativity to the creative types, and say to yourself, “I’m just not a creative person.”

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