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The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index

The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index!/

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United Kingdom Peace Index « Vision of Humanity See the latest peace news and research Latest peace news,research and videos Contact us Children of the Migration - Television Skip to content Register Registering with NZ On Screen means you can: save favourites comment on and discuss titles receive updates via email about what's happening in the site – if you want to Register now India and its Youth : The Viewspaper Youth personifies caliber, potential, diligence, novelty and innovation. Blatantly, we all concede the fact that the youth have a broad perception of things and if guided by well-versed hands, they have the caliber to trigger the whole dormant government mechanism and make it operational in the real sense. However, in the present political scenario, we find very meager portion of youth in the political parties and within the political realms. There is a long running monopoly of old members in our political system. And when it comes to youth, they say they do not have the required experience and are too amateur to initiate and take national decisions affecting every citizen of our country. What a baseless allegation!

How’s life? Mapping Happiness Where is the happiest place in New York? by Hans Pul Where is the happiest place in New York? The above diagram maps “happiness” in the city based on the content of geotagged tweets. The diagram is structured according Manhattan’s grid, where red blocks represent “happy tweets”, while blueish blocks indicate a lower grade of happiness.

A tale of two brothers Lesbos, Greece Ali, 17 years old: I’m on my own except for my brother. I worry about him a lot. If I didn’t care so much about him, I wouldn’t have brought him with me. Our parents raised him and took care of him but now I’m the one who has to look after him. In the region where we are from there is the conflict in Syria, there is ISIS, there are many conflicts. International - the global coalition against corruption With governments committing huge sums to tackle the world's most pressing problems, from the instability of financial markets to climate change and poverty, corruption remains an obstacle to achieving much needed progress. The 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index shows that nearly three quarters of the 178 countries in the index score below five, on a scale from 10 (highly clean) to 0 (highly corrupt). These results indicate a serious corruption problem. To address these challenges, governments need to integrate anti-corruption measures in all spheres, from their responses to the financial crisis and climate change to commitments by the international community to eradicate poverty.

Unemployment in graphics 19 March 2014Last updated at 06:42 ET Continue reading the main story Latest news: The number of people out of work fell by 63,000 to 2.33 million in the three months to January, according to the Office for National Statistics. The unemployment rate of the economically active population is 7.2%, and the number of people in work is 30.19 million. European Migration: 08/09/2015, Behind the News We're taking you to Europe where right now more than a hundred thousand asylum seekers are arriving each month. Here's Emma to take a closer look at this issue and some of the kids that are caught up in it. EMMA DAVIS, REPORTER: This sight is becoming very common in a lot of European countries.

Rankings & Results « Vision of Humanity Latest peace news,research and videos Contact us Vision of Humanity is an initiative of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). IEP have offices in New York and Sydney. For more specific inquiries related to the peace indexes and research, please contact IEP directly. Media: Education: Data request:

University of Bradford : Web of Hiram This website began when Dr Robert Lomas of the University's School of Management, decided to create an electronic database of the Masonic material held in many of the University's Special Collections as part of his on-going research into the cultural origin of scientific ideas. As other material has been donated to this work it has been added to the archive. None of the rituals and statutes recorded in the data are currently in use.

The “I’m moving to Canada if they win” Guide to Moving to Canada The “I’m moving to Canada if they win” Guide to Moving to Canada You’re troubled by a recurring nightmare: a face you’ve repeatedly seen on the news taking the Oath of Office of the President of the United States of America. Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Head of the Executive Branch. Finger on the nuclear button. Outsourcing in India Please support our site by enabling javascript to view ads. MUMBAI, India – U.S. healthcare reform gave 32 million new Americans insurance, the new U.S. president a feather for his cap and a good seven years' boon to the workload of India's $61 billion outsourcing industry. India's Economic Times declared it the industry's "biggest bonanza yet" and "far bigger than the Y2K."