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Twitter in Plain English

Twitter in Plain English

Twitter Handbook for Teachers How to Quickly Check Tweets Related to Any Web Page | Search Eng The idea of giving the opportunity to leave off-site comments to any page has been hot for a long time: that’s how many social bookmarking / sharing sites work (like StumbleUpon where people “review” and tag pages within the system), that’s what Google Sidewiki concept is based on and that’s how Tweeting any page works… Why it has been popular is quite clear: people are saved from the trouble to log in or filling the comment form and are given the opportunity to use their favorite web environment and instantly share their comments with their online friends. The question is how we, bloggers and Internet marketers, can keep track of those comments and utilize that off-site conversations around our web pages. This post looks at one part of the question: possible ways to keep track of Twitter conversations related to any web page: Kutano Install the addon (and restart your browser). Best features: BackTweets

Kari Henley: Are Facebook Friends "Real" Friends? Well, I have to say one thing - HuffPost readers rock! This is one spirited group and thanks to everyone who joined in on the lively debate about "Facebook and Kids" last week. Clearly there is a lot of energy, pent up emotion, generational gaps and strong opinions regarding the "tipping point" of Facebook and other social networking sites. Today I'd like to explore why social networking in general has touched a collective nerve. Yet, this prism has many sides. "But do you really consider these relative strangers to be your 'friends?"' So, what gives? Let's look at Wikipedia's definition of Friendship: Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more people. How about the definition of community? 1)Group of people sharing a common understanding who reveal themselves by using the same language, manners, tradition and law. 2) The condition of having certain attitudes and interests in common. As always, I love to hear your comments and thoughts.

The Beginner's Guide to Twitter Update: This post was updated November 2013 to reflect current statistics and tools. Do you have a parent, friend or colleague ready to ditch his or her digital training wheels and head into Twitter's open wilderness? These pointers should get them started. And even Twitter experts might benefit from a quick refresher on the platform's valuable tools. First, the basics: What is Twitter all about? It's a platform wherein users share their thoughts, news, information and jokes in 140 characters of text or less. On Twitter, following someone is not necessarily an admission of friendship, but nonetheless affords interaction and conversation — at least in short bursts. The first step is to understand and master the vernacular. Tweet: A 140-character message.Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else's tweet.Feed: The stream of tweets you see on your homepage. Twitter has a great online glossary that you can refer back to, should you get mired in a vocab morass. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Disruptive Conversations: The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007... (aka Why and How I use Twitter) UPDATE - April 9, 2008: Four months later, I revisited the ways I've learned to use Twitter and added a few more. How have I learned to use Twitter in my online communication? Let me count the ways... After Chris Brogan posted his "Twitter Revisited" piece last week and on the same day Jeremiah Owyang talked about popularity and Twitter, I put some thought into how Twitter has substantially changed the ways in which I communicate online. Some of this I talked about in my segment into Mitch Joel's Yuletide podcast, and some of it listeners to For Immediate Release will hear in my report into today's FIR. In this post, I want to lay out in a longer form (< 140 characters!) 1. This morning (US Eastern time) former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Most days are certainly not (thankfully!) In fact, there are many days when I don't read RSS feeds at all, but instead find myself relying on information passed along through the Twitterstream. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

edchat / FrontPage How To Use Twitter for SEO May 29, 2011 How To Use Twitter for SEO By Kristina Weis in Featured Links Tweeted on Twitter Matter for SEO It’s official. To put this new factor in perspective, Google uses hundreds of signals to determine how it should rank a website. Getting people to link to your site is really all about having great content that people want to share, whether on their blogs or websites, or on Twitter. Many companies have been employing social media as a part of their marketing strategy, and for good reason. Note for those who are not familiar with Twitter: “tweets” are the 140-character (or less) messages that people post on Twitter. How Can I Use Twitter To Help My SEO? The ways of search engines are mysterious, and people are always trying to figure out which specific tactics will help more than others. Based on case studies, the more quantity and quality of tweets that link to your website, the more of a lift you can expect to see in your search engine rankings for the linked-to page or pages. 1. 2.

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? - Stephen Marche Yvette Vickers, a former Playboy playmate and B-movie star, best known for her role in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, would have been 83 last August, but nobody knows exactly how old she was when she died. According to the Los Angeles coroner’s report, she lay dead for the better part of a year before a neighbor and fellow actress, a woman named Susan Savage, noticed cobwebs and yellowing letters in her mailbox, reached through a broken window to unlock the door, and pushed her way through the piles of junk mail and mounds of clothing that barricaded the house. Upstairs, she found Vickers’s body, mummified, near a heater that was still running. Her computer was on too, its glow permeating the empty space. The Los Angeles Times posted a story headlined “Mummified Body of Former Playboy Playmate Yvette Vickers Found in Her Benedict Canyon Home,” which quickly went viral. Also see: Live Chat With Stephen Marche The author will be online at 3 p.m.

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quot;cartoons drawn on the back of business cards&quot;: my increasingly twitter&#039;d world February 29, 2008 my increasingly twitter'd world [follow me on twitter] [In case you haven't figured this out already:] Besides my blog and my e-mail account, the other main tool I use to communicate with the online world is Twitter [I don't really use Facebook anymore, but that's a story for another day]. The general M.O. these days is, I use gapingvoid for publishing my cartoons and my more permanent, "archival" written stuff. Yesterday, I joked on Twitter, "Note to World: If you're not on Twitter, I don't want to make friends with you." [In Conclusion:] Twitter is now the best way of [a] keeping up with what I'm doing on a day-to-day basis and [b] getting my attention. [PS. Posted by hugh macleod at February 29, 2008 5:02 PM | TrackBack I've been following you for a while on Twitter and really warming up to the service as a whole. I'll be sure to follow back. I've noticed the same thing with my own communication habits lately. Fully agree with everything above.

Twitter for Teachers: Home - Twitter for Teachers Export Twitter Followers and Friends using a Google Spreadsheet « MASHe Note: Twitter recently wrote to me reminding me that methods of obtaining and exporting Twitter content obtained via the Twitter API is prohibited by section I.4.A of our API Terms of Service ( ), specifically:You will not attempt or encourage others to sell, rent, lease, sublicense, redistribute, or syndicate access to the Twitter API or Twitter Content to any third party without prior written approval from Twitter. If you provide an API that returns Twitter data, you may only return IDs (including tweet IDs and user IDs). Following clarification from Twitter I making this template available again but please note. By using this template you agree it is for personal use only and the data is not made publicly available. Recently I’ve noticed a growing number of people arrive at this blog having searched for ‘export twitter followers’. *** Google Spreadsheet to Export Twitter Friends and Followers *** Benefits of using Google Spreadsheet

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