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Subnormality Creative Process Print (24x16) A map of the motion sickness-inducing Artistic Journey that no manic-depressive, self-loathing bundle-of-nerves creative professional should be without. Now you too can trace your progress as you bring your erotic musical space opera from conception to production to Oscar night! Print Info: Approximately 24" x 16", printed on super-duper-high-archival quality enhanced matte paper in our own new in-house printing area! Datavisualization How We Visualized 23 Years of Geo Bee Contests 11 Jul 2011 Inside, Opinions BarChart, Flash, Interactive, Mapping, Timeline We created an interactive visualization of the National Geographic Bee Contest's history.

Intefeel / Tsubasa Iwahashi Architecture Architects: Tsubasa Iwahashi Architecture Location: Osaka, Japan Project Area: 4,281.12 sqm Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Takumi Ota Nature enriches the person. Nature stimulates person’s senses, and brings impression and pleasure. We will be able to obtain energies and a relief-manning original by being in the average of nature. It is located in a natural, rich environment that faces the Osaka bay, and every day can be spent while feeling the change at the four seasons. And, consideration to make a lot of places of the space pleased with all scenes of the living with senses is performed. Dr. McNinja BATTLEMAGNETS The Adventures of Dr. McNinja are now on your refrigerator with Dr. McNinja BATTLEMAGNETS. Finally Judy can know the thrill of surfing Robo-Dracula, and King Radical can kick a zombie ninja in half.

30+ Modern Thank You Cards There are always plenty of reasons to say thank you and now you can do it in a less Hallmarky kind of way. Here are 30 (yes 30!) of my favorite modern thank you cards: The Retro Dot letterpress card from Night Owl Paper Goods brings one of my favorite color combinations together: turquoise and red. The eco-friendly card is printed on 100% cotton paper made from the textile industry’s recovered fibers. How could I do a roundup without including this Frank Lloyd Wright Greenwich Letterpress “Thanks for the advice… you’re always [Frank Lloyd W]right” card?

ColorPicker 3.1 Instructions: This color picker will help you fine tune the hex color codes for your web page. First choose whether you wish to play with the Background Color, Text Color, Link Color, Visited Link Color, Active Link Color or Hover Color and check the appropriate round radio button. To choose a color, you can click on the color chart, or the Red, Green or Blue bars at the top. The chart contains 216 separate colors along with a gray scale. lbumes web de Picasa - A non-4AD tribute... +You Search Images Maps Play YouTube Drive Art Print by FCRUZ New All « PrevNext » Printed “Teaching Machine”, 1894 “A series of large-format posters designed to help teach math skills to young students, published as part of an extensive set, referred to as a “teaching machine” by the publisher, the Diamond Litho-Publishing Company of Minneapolis.” - Gene Gable

Popular Threadless Art Prints Popular Threadless « PrevNext » 2012 Modern Calendars This Typodarium desktop or wall tear-off calendar is amazing. It features 366 different typefaces from 252 designers that live in 32 different countries. Each page features all of the information about that particular typeface design and where it can be licensed. The calendar can be purchased from Slanted. Calouette’s 2012 Modern Circles Wall Calendar is printed by hand in the USA in 4 different colors.

Famous Book Quotes Poster Illustrations by Evan Robertson - WE AND THE COLOR Literary quotes of famous authors such as Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, … illustrated by New York-based graphic designer Evan Robertson for a poster series. You can buy these and some more prints of the series here. Book Quote Virginia Woolf Poster Illustration by Evan Robertson Book Quote E. E. 40 Architects’ Business Cards for Delivering Your Message the Creative Way Dear architects, if you ever felt like you needed a head start with a client or are simply on the lookout for a creative way to get to get your message across, today’s post is for you. After some serious research, we gathered a series of architects’ business cards that defy patterns and stand out in any wallet. As you can see in the photos below, most of them feature architecture-related imprints, others even come with an integrated small 3D house.

Great Peoples of the Past on maps from around the world National Geographic put out six maps in a series titled Great Peoples of the Past between 1996 and 2002. These maps described six great early civilizations that existed in our past around the world. This included the Mongols, the Romans, the Mesoamericans, the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Inca. These maps are filled on both sides with beautiful physical maps, illustrations and notes and write-ups on these great civilizations.