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Processing Conçu par des artistes, pour des artistes, Processing est un des principaux environnements de création utilisant le code informatique pour générer des œuvres multimédias sur ordinateur. L'attrait de ce logiciel réside dans sa simplicité d'utilisation et dans la diversité de ses applications : image, son, applications sur Internet et sur téléphones mobiles, conception d'objets électroniques interactifs. Processing fédère une forte communauté d'utilisateurs professionnels et amateurs : artistes, graphistes, vidéastes, typographes, architectes, web designers et designers en général. Il est également utilisé par des enseignants en arts qui souhaitent familiariser leurs étudiants avec les potentialités artistiques de la programmation, les concepteurs du logiciel l'ayant pensé dès l'origine comme un outil d'apprentissage. Dessiner et créer avec du code informatique Processing permet également de programmer des circuits électroniques qui interagissent avec le milieu qui les entoure.

Make Circuit Boards with Vinyl Masks and Etching Hello everybody !!! One of the most aggravating things when creating DIY circuits is the making of the PCB. Up till now, DIY methods require alot of work and time on each board. If you have struggled with other methods of DIY PCB prototyping you've likely figured out the hard way that they can be frustrating - provide spotty results - and require alot of steps and work. Well here's another method to throw into the bag of tricks that might just work out for you! It's really only 3 steps and turns out perfect everytime!!!! WHAT YOU NEED: - Prepared vinyl mask (if you don't have a vinyl cutter - sign shops and many hackerspaces do!) That's about it! We will skim over how to design and cut the pcb design into vinyl and at this point assume that you have a cutter or know someone with access to one (local hackerspace or even a local sign shop!) See the additional pictures in this intro for some educational pictures of the preparation of a vinyl sticker in this step. Next Step!

Colour detection in Processing Colour detection in Processing This is part of a Processing project I’m currently working on. This sketch allows the user to select colours from webcam input. The input is then analysed and a rectangle is drawn around all pixels close to the chosen colour. Click here to see the video on Vimeo You can download the source code below: colour_detection.pde, CoordsCalc.pde Be aware though that in order to use it you should be in a well lit room with a good quality webcam. Keys: p to view the rectangles 1 to select the first colour 2 to select the second colour 0 to reset colours Like this: Like Loading... Cut Circuit Boards in Copper Sheets on Vinyl Cutter The circuits that you can cut on the Roland are limited by the width of the pen knife. As a rule of thumb, anything that you can cut with a lot of time and effort with an x-acto can be cut by the Roland, but if there are things that are too small for that they will probably also be too small for the vinyl cutter. To use the software that goes with a lot of the FabLab machines, save your circuit as a .png. If you're using Eagle as your design software, you can output the layers that you want to use as a monochrome image, and use a 500 dpi to make sure you get enough resolution to contour the part. Use the .png as your input, and after clicking the cam button select .camm (for the roland) as your output. For the vinylcutter you only need one contour, check all of the contour lines to make sure that none of your paths are being skipped.

animation animation Articles d'actualité Belgian Blender User Group (Bbug) @ Bruxelles 14/09/14 > 13/12/14 Le club existe maintenant depuis (...)La vidéothèque nomade et Cinésoep en décembre @ Bruxelles 06 > 21/12/14 samedi 6 + 13 + 20 décembre ///// 14 > 18h (...) Articles d'actualité archivés Exercices d'atelier Actionscript > Animation Créez un nouveau document (Menu Fichier/Nouveau). Sites 1H05 : A Graphic Playground, A Graphic Tale’s Book. 3DS max online Free 3DS Max Tutorials, Free 3D Backgrounds, 3DS Max Animation for the Web and much more. aardman Les studios d’animation Aardman (Wallace & Gromit ...) adrien m Créée en 2004, la compagnie AdrienM s’est donnée comme axes de recherche l’art du mouvement, autour du jonglage, et l’art numérique, comme outil pour explorer les imaginaires. advanced beauty An ongoing exploration of digital artworks born and influenced by sound, an ever-growing collaboration between programmers, artists, musicians, animators and architects. agency:collective albino blacksheep h5

Conductive Ink + Projection Mapping = Magic Storytelling As part of their presence at the inaugural Retail Design Expo, Dalziel and Pow created a space to stand out from the crowd, a conversation starter: experimental, innovative, playful, integrated, exploratory and, to many visitors, surprising. The idea came from the work they created for Portuguese childrenswear brand Zippy, magnified as a prototype to test ideas and push the range of interactions and feedback. Screen-printed illustrations spring to life when touched, as conductive ink triggers a host of playful digital animations – a mix of informative and charming content, from product information to brand stories to chasing ducks. Pushing the boundaries of storytelling within a space, making it fun and engaging, putting ideas before hardware. A total of 48 interactions and over 100 unique animations make up the broad spectrum of content on the stand, from simple sound toys to more complex exchanges that layer projection mapping and movement around a physical space.

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