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Top seven natural cures for cancer that got buried by the FDA, AMA, CDC

Top seven natural cures for cancer that got buried by the FDA, AMA, CDC
(NaturalNews) How do you keep the spread of cancer "growing"? Bury the cure. How do you keep 1.5 million Americans "infested" yearly with mutated cells that multiply uncontrollably? You breed cancer in food and medicine. Just in case you "doubters" and skeptics want some concrete proof, some evidence to take with you on your journey NOT to get cancer, here are some historical, proven facts to help you understand WHY you need to go 100% organic and research and use natural remedies, to build your immunity to disease with superfoods, herbs, tinctures and organic supplements. Let's begin this journey of truth and the not-so-healthy history of medicine in this bold country we call the "Land of the Free." 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Nearly 100 years ago, the AMA began removing nutritional education from medical schools in America. Mother Nature, on the other hand, has a CURE for everything and also offers prevention and immunity for everything under the sun. Sources for this article include: Related:  Alternative treatmentscancer cures

5 Tips To Ditch Needless Pressures & Let Feeling Good Be Your Guide Months after I wound up in the ER with blood clots in my lungs, I realized I needed to stop putting so much pressure on myself and start enjoying life a little more. Before my cosmic kick-in-the-butt, I'd been climbing the ladder at work, striving to be a perfect wife and friend, and trying to get Michelle Obama arms. I was spending a lot of time doing things I felt I "should" be doing. Can you relate? No wonder we all know what "adrenal fatigue" is! Sure, we need money to live, sleep and eat, but fulfillment comes from creating joy and serving others. I’m still trying to curb myself when I realize I’m grasping a little too hard for things that don’t really matter. 1. Between morning meditations, journaling, oil-pulling, yoga sequences, affirmations, dry brushing, and kale juicing, there’s a lot it seems like we should be doing before 9 a.m. You don’t have to buy into every evolving nutrition theory and change your food philosophy every time there’s a new New York Times best-seller. 2.

Science for stoners: What is marijuana “abuse?” America is reconsidering marijuana. But even as medical applications are recognized and Colorado and Washington roll out regulations for recreational use, the definition of “abuse” is still subject to debate. Until only a few years ago, any marijuana use was drug abuse. Refraining from pot was good. Using it was bad. Then, as medical marijuana gained recognition, users of marijuana ended up split into medical and recreational users, the worthy and the wayward, the legal and the criminal. Even with medical use laws, many people believed that “green cards” — medical marijuana permits — were often being issued to fakers, people using medical-use laws as a cover for their recreational interest in marijuana. But, as marijuana’s legal status changes, should the framework for what constitutes “abuse” change, too? Marijuana does not “fit in” as tidily as sound bites and political messaging require. Let’s say the stoner on the couch has a migraine. This tension is not the same thing as stress.

Facebook Chemotherapy-free cancer treatment uses body's own immune system to attack diseased cells (NaturalNews) A revolutionary breakthrough in cancer treatment that is being described as a "game-changer" would see the body's own immune system utilized to attack diseased cells, rather than rely on sickening chemotherapy, researchers announced lately. Scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York say they have successfully experimented with the new procedure, using 16 people who had advanced leukemia and had otherwise run out of treatment options. The researchers said the patients underwent targeted T cell therapy, which then eliminated the cancerous cells in most of the patients, CBS News reported. Dr. 'This was no fluke' "They took 16 patients with advanced leukemia, who had failed chemotherapy or not responded at all to chemotherapy, so they classically have weeks to months to live. Study senior author Dr. Following 15 years of study on the procedure, Brentjens said that "it seems to really work in patients with this particular type of cancer." Sources:

10 reasons to take spirulina every day (NaturalNews) We talk a lot about "superfoods" here at NaturalNews because there are literally thousands of nutrient-dense superfood options from which to choose, all of which contain a unique array of disease-fighting vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other healing components. But the one superfood that stands out among the rest -- and the one that you should be taking every single day for your health -- is spirulina, a special type of blue-green algae that is loaded with chlorophyll and a host of other life-giving nutrients. Spirulina is particularly rich in 1) infection-fighting proteins that have been scientifically shown to increase the production of disease-combating antibodies within the body. Since spirulina is composed of nearly 70 percent protein, the highest among all other foods, it is particularly effective at boosting the production of macrophages, a type of white blood cell that fights and prevents infection. Sources for this article include:

20 Things Happy People Never Do Our obsession with happiness is linked to our inner desire to feel connected and loved. When we're happy, we feel confident, purposeful and in harmony with our true self. However, what is often overlooked in this rush to reach a happy state is learning how to stay happy. The truth is, happiness is not just a feeling or a state of mind; being happy is actually good for you. People who are genuinely happy are healthier, kinder and have better relationships. Over the past few years, I've done extensive research for my next book. What it comes down to are the common habits that happy people avoid. If you want to stay happy, cut out these 20 habits in your life that happy people don’t do: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. If you want a more inspiration check out this free guide to help you tap into lasting happiness.

The detrimental effects of magnesium deficiency (NaturalNews) Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth and one of the most important for the human body. It is estimated that over 80% of Americans are deficient in it. Magnesium deficiencies cause a myriad of health problems that are very rarely ever diagnosed by most health authorities. Magnesium is critical for muscle and nervous system activation and intracellular energy production. 1) Insufficient dietary sources of magnesium2) Pharmaceutical drugs that interfere with magnesium absorption in the body3) Poor blood sugar balance that leads to poor magnesium uptake into the cells.4) Gut dysbiosis and intestinal permeability that leads to poor nutrient absorption in the gut5) Chronic mental, emotional and physical stressors Many individuals are dealing with magnesium deficiency due to all of the above mechanisms. Magnesium deficiencies have been shown to mal-coordinate immune function and cause an inflammatory response in the body.

How To Make My Tincture To Cure Cancer Chuck's prostate cancer disappeared. Rick's 10-inch tumor went away. Jack's advanced lung cancer cleared up. Those are some of the successes my recipe has helped to bring about. So what you've got here is almost like having the keys to the kingdom when it comes to better health. You can read more about my complete recipe on another one of my hub pages. To simplify things when I started sharing my recipe, I instructed people to grate the habaneros and garlic. Today, I'd like to share with you a simple way to make a tincture, which simplies your efforts. Making a quick, easy tincture prevents getting the hot pepper and garlic oils in the eyes. It is also plenty powerful. Making an herbal tincture is really, really easy. You need three things to make the tincture: Habaneros peppers, enough to fill your blenderGarlic cloves, one or two bulbsCheap vodka or brandy, or Apple Cider Vinegar with "the mother" (cloudy stuff at bottom) You'll also want to use plastic or rubber gloves. Voila!

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski talks about curing cancer Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed (NaturalHealth365) Since 1967, Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally recognized physician and biochemist-researcher, has been helping thousands of people overcome their cancer diagnosis. A pioneer in the development and use of biologically active peptides in diagnosing, preventing and treating cancer, Dr. Burzynski has a remarkable track record – especially with ‘incurable’ cases of cancer. On this episode of the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, Jonathan Landsman talks to Dr. Burzynski about how his unique protocol can help reverse cancer. Links related to the show: 1. 2. Kelsey Hill Kelsey and her family celebrated at this year’s Christmas party. Kelsey had kidney and adrenal (adrenocortical) cancer with metastases to the lymph nodes and lungs. She was in Stage IV when she began her treatment. Dustin Kunnari 21-year-old Dustin Kunnari is planning a wedding. Dustin and his parents never thought this day would come.

Unraveling food industry lies - Many honey and spice products are counterfeit (NaturalNews) It might be a hard pill for many people to swallow, but a significant segment of the food industry is built on a foundation of lies and deception. Grocery store and supermarket shelves everywhere are literally filled to the brim with products that claim to be one thing, but are really something else, including many unsuspecting food ingredients like cinnamon, honey, and saffron, for instance. Many commercially available herbs and spices are, in fact, imitations or flat-out fakes, despite what they might say on the label. And yet, because the chicanery has been masked so carefully and precisely, even the most savvy among food connoisseurs are getting duped by this phony spice and sweetener racket that is taking advantage of widespread ignorance about how to accurately identify genuine foods. Real honey is unfiltered, which means it still contains pollen, antioxidants, and various other nutrients and materials that identify it as genuine. Sources for this article include:

12 All-Natural Ways To Deal With Cellulite Although the word "cellulite" might sound like a health condition, it is in fact not harmful. Many doctors consider cellulite an absolutely normal occurrence. Cellulite is a “disease” invented by Vogue magazine. It's estimated that about 80-90% of women have cellulite. The reason why women get cellulite more than men is because of the vertical distribution of their collagen fibers between the dermis and muscle. Up until the late 60s, cellulite was just known as fat and was completely acceptable and considered normal in adult women. The good news is that it's possible to significantly reduce cellulite, if not get rid of it completely. Even though cellulite is completely normal, there are some all-natural ways to reduce its appearance if you choose to do so. 1. Warm water and lemon balances body pH, helps detoxify, hydrates lymphatic system, helps get rid of toxins and helps with weight loss. 2. Proper hydration is the key to keeping your tissues and lymphatic system clean. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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