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Online Etymology Dictionary Cliche Finder Have you been searching for just the right cliché to use? Are you searching for a cliché using the word "cat" or "day" but haven't been able to come up with one? Just enter any words in the form below, and this search engine will return any clichés which use that phrase... Over 3,300 clichés indexed! What exactly is a cliche? This is Morgan, creator of the Cliche Finder. Or, you might like my crazy passion project: Spanish for Nerds: Learning Spanish via Etymologies! Back to cliches... if you would like to see some other Web sites about clichés? © S. Special thanks to Damien LeriAnd to Mike Senter Morgan's Web page

bouletcorp CALLIHOO Writing Helps--Feelings Table Character Feelings You can describe your character's feelings in more exact terms than just "happy" or "sad." Check these lists for the exact nuance to describe your character's intensity of feelings. SF Characters | SF Items | SF Descriptors | SF Places | SF EventsSF Jobs/Occupations | Random Emotions | Emotions List | Intensity of Feelings

Absolute Write Hand-Drawn Coloring Book Reveals Mathematical Beauty Of Nature’s Designs With Golden Ratio Illustrations Rafael Araujo is a Venezuelan architect and illustrator. He uses nothing more than pencils, rulers, compass and protractors to create his incredibly beautiful and accurate reflections of Nature’s brilliance. Rafael’s illustrations highlight the recurrence throughout Nature of the “golden ratio”, represented by the Greek letter ϕ. Rafael’s work is unique in that he leaves intact the construction lines that form the mathematical framework for his illustrations, each of which can take him as long as 100 hours to complete. More info: Chambered Nautilus Shell Thanks for sharing! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Fibonacci Shell Blue Morpho Double Helix Butterflies Infinite Sequence Phoebis, Triple Helix Monarch Mirror Reflection Shell Detail DNA Double Helix Three Flat Spirals Blue Morpho Sequence Monarch, Triple Helix Diaethrea Sequence The Golden Ratio coloring book Waiting to be colored in Back cover of the Golden Ratio coloring book

Chris Dunmire's Creativity Portal / Explore and Express Your Creativity! / Writers Online Ukrainian Artist Travels The World Painting Doors In Watercolor While traveling around the world, it is possible to notice one thing – none of the doors are the same. Sometimes extraordinary, outstanding and mysterious doors often are perceived as an opportunity to get into some kind of magical world. Young artist Viktoria Kravchenko draw watercolours of doors worldwide and reminds that doors can also be artwork. More info: Facebook Yaroslav Val Street 49b, Kyiv, Ukraine Thanks for sharing! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Error sending email 6 Rue du Lac, Brussels, Belgium 29 Avenue Rapp, Paris, France Široká 912, Prague, Czech Republic 92 Quai Claude le Lorrain, Nancy, France Masarykovo nábř. 16, Prague, Czech Republic

Body Language and Smiling | Psychologia Smiling is a universal sign that someone is happy. It conveys a message that you are not dangerous, and asks people to accept you on a personal level. The most remarkable thing about smiling is its contagiousness – when you smile to someone, it makes them reciprocate by returning the smile. Interestingly it is true with both – sincere and fake smiles. According to some scientists, there is a neuron that affects part of the brain that is responsible for the recognition of faces and facial expressions. This neuron causes the ‘mirroring’ reaction when you see smiling or frowning faces. This explains why the more you smile, the more positive reactions you will get from others. You can differentiate real smiles from fake ones by the presence of characteristic wrinkles around the eyes. Because most of the people can’t consciously differentiate between fake and real smiles, they will still mirror you even if your smile was forced. Closed Smile Sarcastic Smile Open Smile Childish Smile

Artist Spends 100s Hours Drawing Hyperrealistic Art Using Renaissance Techniques You could be forgiven for thinking that these portraits are photographs, but believe it or not they’re actually drawings by Italian artist Emanuele Dascanio. Some of them take up to 780 hours to complete, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the artist’s amazingly lifelike creations. He draws them using a combination of charcoal and graphite and the subjects are often illuminated with a single source of light that gives every piece a certain renaissance quality about it. This isn’t just a coincidence however, as Dascanio was taught the oil techniques of the old renaissance masters by Italian painter Gianluca Corona. More info: Facebook (h/t: mymodernmet) Thanks for sharing! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Error sending email Watch the video here: