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OnLine Learning with VLACS Why Do Students Like Online Learning? By Lori Martone Why do students thrive in an online learning environment? With the all the opportunities in the world today, learning takes all forms. making middle school math fun Engaging Tomorrow's Workforce Technology leadership is a source of long-term security. Raytheon is pursuing a multilevel strategy to ensure that our customers, our company and new generations of professionals have the leading-edge skills they need to thrive in today's fast changing world. Over the last decade, jobs in science, technology, engineering and math have grown at three times the rate of other jobs, according to the U.S. AIMS Puzzle Corner: Free Math Puzzles This week’s Puzzle Corner activity is a magic trick with a mathematical, as well as a slight-of-hand, component. I first came across this trick in one of Martin Gardner’s many books on recreational mathematics. I liked it so much that I have been stumping students, friends, and family members with it ever since. In order to make this trick work, you will need to practice it by yourself until the moves (illustrated at bottom) become automatic, before trying it out on someone else.

5 Free Digital Resources for Math Teachers The internet is full of great resources for math teachers, but often it’s difficult to find the time to dig through and find the best ones for your students. Today’s post focuses on some free resources to help math students visualize difficult concepts and manipulate numbers and variables to discover the language of mathematics. 1. Geogebra Geogebra is a free mathematics software application for teachers and students covering interactive geometry, algebra, and calculus. One to One Computing Blueprint In 2002, Maine initiated the Maine Learning Technology Initiative. Every 7th grader in the state received a laptop, which remained with that student through middle school. In 2004, when the first class of MLTI students reached the ninth grade, our district grappled with the question: what next? The Yarmouth School Department superintendent at the time, Dr. Ken Murphy, had heard Angus King speak and shared the then-governor’s belief that technology immersion could be transformational for teaching and learning. Since the state-funded program did not extend to high school students, Yarmouth chose to self-fund the laptops for Grade 9 and all high school teachers.

Challenge of the Week November 26 – December 3, 2010 A teacher announces that a test will be given on one of the five days of next week, but tells the class, "You will not know which day it is until you are informed at 8 am of your 1pm test that day". Which day will be the exam given? Submit your solution to challenge[at] Project Based Learning in Mathematics: Learning Activities in Math Designed to Extend Concept Awareness Teaching strategies which involve project based learning offer students the potential of gaining deep insights into mathematical concepts. Mathematics projects prompt students into developing and answering their own questions. This strategy assists students in developing higher order math skills that allow them to make the all important connections between one math concept and other math concepts.

Civil War Primer — by Pat Granstra » Blog Archive » The Other Wade Girl: Part I You know about Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty of the Battle of Gettysburg, but did you know another Wade girl was responsible for Jenny’s name going down in history? At Gettysburg Jennie Wade is both an icon and an industry. Each year thousands of tourists make hers the most-visited grave in Evergreen Cemetery.

Cyberchase . FREE Lucky Star Game Show Application for SMART Board Designed for grades 3-5, the CYBERCHASE Lucky Star game show challenges kids to compete for top scores while building important math skills. This easy-to-install application engages students using the hugely popular characters from CYBERCHASE and offers the following features: Motivational & Replayable Learning: 150 fun questions combine a mix of age-appropriate math and problem-solving to help students strengthen their skills in algebraic thinking, number and operations, geometry, measurement, and more. Think Pad: Students can represent their thinking as they solve problems on the Think Pad, a blank dropdown area that lets them use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard's pens to write directly into the game. Teens Tackle Real-World Math in Oklahoma How to bring high tech to your school at a low cost. Credit: Thomas Reis Math teacher Telannia Norfar came to teaching after earlier stints in telecommunications and journalism, so she appreciates real-world applications of learning. To make sure her ninth graders at Northwest Classen High School, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, see those connections, too, Norfar develops projects that put math concepts to work in authentic ways, and she adds technology to the mix whenever possible. In one project, students use algebra to analyze variable pricing of local cell phone plans.

Untitled Document Mary Virginia "Jennie" Wade A photo of Mary Virginia "Jennie" Wade. Mary Virginia [Jennie] Wade was born on May 21, 1843 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at her home located on the corner of 105 S. Washington St. and the crest of Baltimore Street, according to an article posted in the Gettysburg Times by Matthew Major. She was the daughter of James Wade, Sr. a local tailor, and Mary Ann Filby Wade. Jennie also had an older sister, Georgiana "Georgia" Wade born July 4, 1841, and three younger brothers, John "Jack" James born March 13, 1846, Samuel Swan born August 6, 1851, and the youngest, Henry Marion who was born February 4, 1855.

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