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AprillAprill - Design Inspiration Vardag emmas designblogg - design and style from a scandinavian perspective Mobilier design, meuble années 50, design années 60, mobilier 1950 Canapé 210Vrai trois places, le canapé Red... BuffetInspiré du vaisselier des années... BureauPetit secrétaire élégant qui saura... CoussinMadura et RED Edition s’associent... White painted floor, back room. « Door Sixteen The floor in the back room is finished, and it is beautiful. I couldn’t be happier. What used to be the dirtiest, most neglected and depressing room in the house is now unbelievably peaceful, clean, and fresh. I saw the floor in the daylight for the first time on Saturday, and it was like one of those dreams you have where you discover a room in your house that you never knew was there before. Amazing. This is the wall that I’ll be using the black-on-black Fir Tree wallpaper on. I’m still not sure what this room will be used for (our bedroom, maybe?). Now we’re ready to have our radiator (which we had sandblasted and powdercoated back in June) reinstalled. For those of you wondering what I used to paint the floor, this is the product lineup, and these are the steps I followed: (1) Pull all carpet tacks, staples, etc. from floor. (2) Patch all holes with wood filler. (4) Sand floor. (5) Install shoe molding at baseboard. (7) Apply primer. (9) Apply three coats of paint.

Papier Tigre Bidouilles Ikea | Des produits Ikea et beaucoup de bidouilles : DIY, mod, hack de BESTA, EXPEDIT, PAX... Papillon, Farrow & Ball peinture et papiers peints ovgalerie the style files mackapär Ma Petite Série Déco Ensuite artes y mas!!

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