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Community about the 'Pencil2D', an open-source animation software in development.

Community about the 'Pencil2D', an open-source animation software in development.

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Product details When you download and install Muvizu:Play you are required to accept an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) which concisely outlines the dos and don’ts of the commercial exploitation of footage from Muvizu:Play. But in the interests of plain language, here’s a summary of the rules: Muvizu:Play is a free trial of our software. How To Draw Hands - Tutorials - Draw As A Maniac So everybody knows that the hands and the fingers are one of the hardest things to draw. So here is a personal collection of different hand references, hope to enjoy it and never stop practice. Hogarth hand poses from Iron Giant (middle of page) Mickey Mouse Hand Model Sheet by Les Clark ca. 1932 Merlin hand poses via Deja View Hand drawing tut by uchuucacahuate on deviantart.

Express Animate Create motion animations and also add animations to your videos with this intuitive and user-friendly free software. Animate objects into your video projectApply digital effects to your animations and videosUse keyframes to create smooth motion transitionsExport finished projects as video, flash or animated gifs Express Animate is free animation software that gives you the ability to animate shapes, text and imported images. You are also able to enhance your movie projects in post-production using key-frame motion animation, masking, dummy objects and more. We hope you enjoy our free animation software so much that you will try our other Image and Design Software.

Draw Your Own Greeting Card and Save Drawing Process as Time-Lapse Animation -, Next Generation Greeting Service Draw your greeting card here - we will save drawing process as animation: ayame ayame URL : ( ´◔v◔`) Plotagon When Selfie-Improvement Apps Go Too Far The number of "likes" and comments that teens receive on their Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook photos speaks volumes. The effect on their confidence? Double-edged. According to a recent survey on body image by and the TODAY Show, 65% of teen girls feel that selfies and other flattering social media photos boost their confidence. But 53% also say that photos of themselves posted by others can make them feel bad.

Chibi drawing tutorials and gallery Chibi and Anatomy Tutorial Chibi Tutorial Draw a chibi bunny tutorial Chibi Tutorial of DOOM 2 Chibi LineArt Tutorial Cardboard Virtual Reality Virtual Reality Studio Vrse Appoints Former Rdio CEO As Its New COO By Janko Roettgers Former Rdio CEO Drew Larner has landed a new gig at Vrse, the virtual reality startup co-founded by renowned music video director Chris Milk. In conjunction with the appointment, Vrse also announced… Watch: Stephen Colbert Mocks Virtual Reality on ‘Late Show’ How to Draw Eyes: 25 Tutorials, Step-by-Steps, How-To’s and Reference Photos on How to Draw Human Eyes 9 Comments | August 11, 2011 Eyes… the window into the soul as they say. Below is a collection of resources on how to draw eyes to help you make sure your drawings have soul. Have fun!

People Are Creating Hilarious Photoshops of Taylor Swift at the Grammys Taylor Swift did pretty well at last night’s Grammy Awards, as she tends to do. She kicked off the ceremony with a live performance, picked up a few awards and even found time to throw some shade at Kanye. When a photo began to circulate showing Swift looking rather triumphant while hanging out backstage with her pal Selena Gomez, Redditors jumped on the chance to turn it into a series of memes.

JOBS: Multimedia Artists and Animators Multimedia artists and animators create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other media. What Multimedia Artists and Animators Do Multimedia artists and animators create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other forms of media. Work Environment Multimedia artists and animators held about 68,900 jobs in 2012.