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Time Out: The Rise of Sensory Deprivation Tanks As it gets harder to live in the moment, without distraction, some swear by a forced shutdown. It's an environment entirely stripped of stimuli. Even gravity feels nonexistent, inside a tank filled with nearly a foot of water and just about 800 pounds of Epsom salt.

The Human Cognition Project The Human Cognition Project (HCP) is a collaboration between Lumosity’s in-house science team and various academic scientists, clinicians, and educators interested in understanding and exploring human cognitive abilities. HCP researchers receive free access to Lumosity’s tools and, in certain cases, limited access to select portions of Lumosity’s database of cognitive game performance. Currently, there are 43 ongoing HCP studies exploring topics such as age-related cognitive decline, interventions for PTSD, and the relationship between physical exercise and Lumosity training. The Deep Self » version 2a Pratyahara Tanks is the worlds first completely open source tank manufacturer. Our tank is constructed from 100% off-the-shelf parts. All construction details (tank plans) are publicly available. To build a pratyahara tank is simple. 2 360 gallon containment tanks – one will hold the water, one will serve as the top of your tankA large number of parts listed in my amazon store. I also recommend Doctors Foster and Smith because of their excellent return policies, technical expertise, and low prices on next-day Saturday delivery.7 pieces of plywood2-inch thick styrofoam2 inflexible rods – used to prop up the tank top while adding salt. pvc or hard wood dowels 4 1/2 feet long are good – picture … this is during your build phase.

Floatation Therapy Experts Report on Health Benefits and Emerging Market of Isolation Tanks Gothenburg, Sweden (PRWEB) May 22, 2012 International scientific and business experts discussed the benefits of floatation therapy at a recent conference hosted by Floatation International and the Swedish Floatation Association. Participants listened with enthusiasm as representatives from the Nordic nation talked about their efforts towards making floatation therapy a medical treatment covered by Sweden's national health insurance program. “We now have over 120 floatation centers here in Sweden”, says Catharina Jakobsson, Director of the Swedish Floatation Association. “This would not have been possible without the important scientific and medical research completed during the past decade”. Dozens of clinical experiments were conducted at the large universities in Kalmar and Karlstad, and researchers from both institutions spoke at the conference.

Saving Up for Self Build "COME HAVE A FLOAT!For years now, I've known about the many, many benefits of floating in an isolation tank. From peace and tranquility to pain and sore muscle relief to deep states of consciousness and reflection. Float Conferance 16th August 2013 10:00 AM - 7pmFloat Center Workshop Begins! For Workshop Guests OnlyThe Float Center Workshop is an intensive day of training, covering everything you need to know to start and run your float business.When we started Float On, there was almost no information or advice for people looking to run a float tank center. We have spent the years we've been running continuously experimenting and improving our center, learning first hand what works and what doesn't.This workshop is the information we would have loved to know when we were getting started. We will be covering everything from float tank maintenance, to float center construction, to float-specific marketing techniques that have worked for us.We'll be bringing in experts who are familiar with the float industry to cover specialized fields, such as insurance, legal coverage, and SEO marketing. 8:00 PM through midnight Portland Waterfront (at the Newport Bay Restaurant) Welcome Party

Brain scans show meditation changes minds, increases attention (June 25, 2007) For hundreds of years, Tibetan monks and other religious people have used meditation to calm the mind and improve concentration. This week, a new study shows exactly how one common type of meditation affects the brain. Using a scanner that reveals which parts of the brain are active at any given moment, the researchers found that meditation increased activity in the brain regions used for paying attention and making decisions. "Most people, if they heard a baby screaming, would have some emotional response," Davidson says, but not the highly experienced meditators.

10 Reasons Why You Should Float In An Isolation Tank The Isolation Tank [sometimes known as a flotation tank] is a unique form of therapy in which you’re floating nude for about an hour in a large container or pool filled with salt water. Most tanks use Epsom salt, which is what allows the subject to float. Think of it like the Dead Sea sans the religious mumbo jumbo. Sure it might be a bit strange at first; walking into a spa, stripping down to nothing and just being in your own head for an hour, but we assure you the experience is quite an interesting one. Floating Effective For Stress And Pain, Research Suggests Relaxation in large, sound- and light-proof tanks with high-salt water­floating­is an effective way to alleviate long-term stress-related pain. This has been shown by Sven-Åke Bood, who recently completed his doctorate in psychology, with a dissertation from Karlstad University in Sweden. The dissertation confirms what earlier studies have indicated: sleep was improved, patients felt more optimistic, and the content of the vitalizing hormone prolactin increased. Anxiety, stress, depression, and perception of pain declined. Those who took part in the research project all had some form of stress-related pain, and after only twelve treatments in the floating tank, their condition improved.

Health: Isolation tanks gain new popularity The author, Justin Moyer, takes the plunge into a sensory deprivation tank. This therapy is said to help people manage pain, battle depression and quit smoking.Katherine Frey/The Washington Post By By Justin MoyerThe Washington Post October 10, 2013 Cortisol Reduction Headache, Neckache and BackacheNot Sleeping wellFeeling TiredGaining WeightCatching Cold and Flu easilyCraving unhealthy foodsNot interested in SexGut / Stomach AchesFeeling AnxiousDepression When cortisol increases, your immune system cant work efficiently, Testosterone levels decrease, Sex drive stops and building muscle becomes difficult, blood sugars increase making you insulin resistant and you start storing Fat. Serotonin and Dopamine are reduced leaving you hungry for carbohydrates and your Gut becomes sensitive to foods.