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Créer applications, jeux, animations… en Html5, pluridisciplinaires, multi-supports Ce premier site est en anglais et la prise en main est un peu difficile au départ, si vous souhaitez commencer à un autre niveau voir dessous Construct2. Ludei une plateforme qui permet aux développeurs d'optimiser et de publier des applications et des jeux HTML5. 2D inégalée et l'accélération de la toile WebGL pour les jeux dans iOS et Android. CocoonJS fournit 2D toile la plus performante et la mise en œuvre WebGL sur le marché pour iOS et Android. Cet environnement est une machine virtuelle JavaScript hautement spécialisé avec une mise en œuvre ultra-rapide de tout le nécessaire pour faire 2D toile ou WebGL jeux basés crient sur mobile! Le site Web : Voilà le site de Denis Galipot pour commencer développer en HTML5 sans code avec Construct2 : Faire un jeu HTML5 avec Construct 2 sans le code Bravo et merci à Ashley, et bien joué d'avoir choisit Construct 2 ! Pour aller plus loin : et encore : Animatron.

Assignments: AnimatedGIFAssignments Re-invoke an Absent DS106 Community Member So far, 2 people have completed this assignment.121 visits (starting Oct 2012). Submitted by: @iamTalkyTina If you are missing a member of the ds106 Digital Storytelling Community who has been a bit quiet of late, re-invoke their presence by making an AnimatedGIF re-invocation poster. Your re-invocation poster may have increased effectiveness if it includes, like a voodoo doll, some part of the missing member's residual ds106 Art. Thanks to my Still True Friend @cogdog for suggesting this assignment.

19Pencils - Quick and Easy Tools for Learning. Quizzes, Games, Websites and More! Animation The bouncing ball animation (below) consists of these six frames. This animation moves at 10 frames per second. There are some forms of animation that do not feature a rapid succession of sequential images, but these are usually not considered "true" or "full" animation. Animators are artists who specialize in the creation of animation. Animation methods include traditional animation, and methods that use stop motion animation of two and three-dimensional objects, paper cutouts, puppets, and clay figures. History[edit] A 5,200-year old pottery bowl discovered in Shahr-e Sukhteh, Iran has five sequential images painted around it that seem to show phases of a Persian Desert Ibex leaping up to nip at a tree. Ancient Chinese records contain several mentions of devices that were said to "give an impression of movement" to human or animal figures, these accounts are unclear and may only refer to the actual movement of the figures through space. Techniques[edit] Traditional animation[edit]

Cartoon Story Maker A quick look at the Cartoon Story Maker back to top... Features Features list character and background librariesimport your own imagestext bubbles and information boxesaccent key panelimport voice recordingsbuilt in recorder to add your own voice recordingsunlimited number of framescopy and paste framespreviewprint functionsaved stories can be opened and editedcopy and paste text from other documentshelp files (available online and included in the program) See the for more details. back to top... Cartoon Story Maker in the classroom Teachers can make cartoon stories to model language and cultural conventions.Students can make them as a stimulating and engaging way to practice their language skills. The Cartoon Story Maker has been designed with a focus on applying language learning. Students can: Teachers can: Cartoon Stories can be used: Installation and operation Installation To install and run the Cartoon Story Maker the computer must have the following: Operation Further Information and help

animated GIF There was a moment of epiphany that I had today and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with seeing the dazzling animated squares by John Johnston above. It was actually quite lucky that I saw this piece in my Tumblr feed which is filled with visual interestingness. But the post found it’s way to the surface thankfully and I couldn’t help but give a shout out for its wonderfulness, and apparently there is a method behind it – and I want to know what it is! And then for the billionth time I walked the hallway just outside of the classroom I teach and noticed the walls as squares – as in square pixels. And that they represented this unusual opportunity consider them as a concrete pixel display. These concrete blocks that were part of the unique architectural finger print of this odd public building presented an opportunity. There are these lovely graffiti GIFs out there, which capture a public mural’s ephemeralness by emphasizing the piece in transition.

Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software Cartoon Form of two-dimensional illustrated visual art Example of a modern cartoon. The text was excerpted by cartoonist Greg Williams from the Wikipedia article on Dr. Seuss. Fine art A cartoon (from Italian: cartone and Dutch: karton—words describing strong, heavy paper or pasteboard) is a full-size drawing made on sturdy paper as a study or modello for a painting, stained glass, or tapestry. Such cartoons often have pinpricks along the outlines of the design so that a bag of soot patted or "pounced" over a cartoon, held against the wall, would leave black dots on the plaster ("pouncing"). Print media Cartoons can be divided into gag cartoons, which include editorial cartoons, and comic strips. Political cartoons Political cartoons are like illustrated editorial that serve visual commentaries on political events. The pictorial satire of William Hogarth is regarded as a precursor to the development of political cartoons in 18th century England. Scientific cartoons Comic books Animation See also

Three Good Tools for Building Flipped Lessons That Include Assessment Tools In the right setting the flipped classroom model can work well for some teachers and students. I recently received an email from a reader who was looking for a recommendation for a tool would enable her to add an assessment aspect to her flipped lesson. Here are some tools that can accomplish that goal. eduCanon is a free service for creating, assigning, and tracking your students' progress on flipped lessons. eduCanon allows teachers to build flipped lessons using YouTube and Vimeo videos, create questions about the videos, then assign lessons to their students. Teachem is a service that uses the TED Ed model of creating lessons based on video. Knowmia is a website and a free iPad app for creating, sharing, and viewing video lessons.

How to Make Cinemagraphs — Still Photos that Move Like Movies Yup, that picture moves. Nope, you’re not going crazy! ‘Cause who said photos can only feature “still” life? Inspired by the moving pictures created by photographer and motion designer duo Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, we set out to make the magic happen. Make your pictures move like ours did with a some Photoshop magic! Make DIY Moving Photos! What Makes ‘Em Move? Photos can show movement when made into GIFs. GIFs stand for Graphics Interchange Format, and it’s a bitmap image format that supports animation. This magical movement hit the world wide web in the late eighties, so it’s nothing new. Then came along Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. So celebrate the smooth comeback of GIFs by making your own photos join the movement! List of Ingredients: A camera that can shoot videoA tripodIdeas for scenes to make into a cinemagraph! STEP 1: Scheming your Scene First, plan out a scene you would like to record. For your first round of cinemagraphs, try to keep it simple. Some helpful hints & tips: Huzzah!

Mosaically Comic Books Are Still Made By Men, For Men And About Men To say the comic book industry has a slight gender skew is like saying Superman is kind of strong. Comic books — much like the film industry they now fuel — vastly under-represent women. The people who write comic books, particularly for major publishers, are overwhelmingly men. The artists who draw them are, too. The characters within them are also disproportionately men, as are the new characters introduced each year. The big two comic publishers, DC Comics and Marvel, have taken note of this disparity and are trying to diversify their offerings. But these recent advancements don’t make up for the fact that women have been ignored in comic books for decades. Among comic-creators, the numbers are even more discouraging. Part of this strong skew towards male comic book characters — and male writers — may be due to whom publishers have perceived their audience to be. And yet, comic book convention attendance breaks close to even between genders, Aaron said. “Ms. Ms.

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