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Editeur d'ebooks et d'applications pour tablettes et smartphones - Europa apps

Editeur d'ebooks et d'applications pour tablettes et smartphones - Europa apps

Startup Spotlight: BookieJar looks to connect readers and authors Deyun Wu BookieJar wants to connect readers to the authors they love, helping readers discover new titles and allowing authors to more easily promote and publish their digital works. Founded by former Microsofties Deyun Wu and Bruno Botvinik — who sold the mobile search company MotionBridge to Microsoft in 2006 — the six-person Kirkland startup offers a number of services to readers and writers. Wu will be talking about that service and others as one of the presenters at MIT’s Northwest Startup Demo on December 1st. We chatted with Wu for the latest installment of Startup Spotlight. Explain what you do so our parents can understand it: “BookieJar is a social reading and publishing platform that offers complete and ongoing eBooks. Inspiration hit us when: “When I was still a program manager at Microsoft, I went to some nearby cci-fi book clubs from time to time. VC, Angel or Bootstrap: “We raised a small amount from friends and family. With our “Autograph Now!”

Applications éducatives pour tablettes et smartphones untitled - WeLoveWords Can ebooks fuel innovation? Startups explore the potential A group of startups met up this week in Redmond for the first Ebook Innovation Summit, a small gathering of companies involved in different aspects of the electronic book business — spending the day demonstrating their latest projects and talking about their common challenges. The summit highlighted the emergence of an innovative segment of the startup community, rising up in the shadow of, and working on ebook technologies for a variety of platforms. Roy Leban, whose startup Puzzazz makes puzzle books for Amazon’s Kindle, organized the event. He said afterward that he was surprised — and pleased — to learn that many of the startups in the sector face similar challenges, particularly in dealing with large partners, and in ensuring that they can provide top-quality content to their customers. Free content was also a big topic, with many of the startups finding that it can be worthwhile as an opener given the willingness of many readers to also pay for content in premium formats.

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