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Phraseum - language learning online

Phraseum - language learning online

Présentation de la formation "Utilisation du TBI en cours de FLE" Quels sont les vrais atouts du TBI pour le FLE ? Comment rendre l’outil pertinent pour l’enseignement de la langue en répondant aux questions : « Comment l’utiliser ? Quand l’utiliser ? Pourquoi l’utiliser ? » Dans cette formation technico-didactique de quatre jours, vous apprendrez à utiliser et à optimiser le TBI pour le cours de français langue étrangère. Une fois la formation terminée, vous serez définitivement décomplexé avec l’usage de cette technologie. Téléchargez le cahier des charges

idioms | The World is Your Oyster In my last blog post, I wrote about some of the vocabulary that we associate with the season of autumn. Words like apples, leaves, pumpkin, nuts, squirrels, trees, orange, red, soup, casserole, golden, chestnuts, mist and plenty more. In this post, I’d like to share with you 10 idioms that I’ve found related to some of the words above. 1. 2. 3. 4. “The CEO was given early retirement and a golden handshake of £800,000 when the company was restructured”. 5. 6. “Alex has really done well to turn his life around. 7. 8. 9. “I am nuts about that girl. 10. “Lisa squirreled away a lot of money while she was working and now she can enjoy her retirement”. That’s it folks! If you don’t want to miss any of my posts, be sure to subscribe to my blog and receive each new post via email. Ciao for now Shanthi Like this: Like Loading...

NetPublic - Accompagner l'accès de tous à l'Internet untitled Food and recipes - some activities to improve English using digital tools Talking about food and recipes can help ESL learners improve their: food related vocabularyoral skills (brainstorming, discussion, giving instructions)written skills (describing and giving instructions)knowledge of different cultures (learning foreign recipes, food and traditions)healthy habits Here's a great site with exercises and activities about cooking and kitchens: Some printables: Cooking worksheets: Vocabulary about cooking: Some British recipes: Recipes and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner): Cuisines by country: Students' task Choose one recipe and prepare it at home. Recipe calculator to calculate the nutritional information of a recipe: Healthy food to prevent heart disease (British Heart Foundation): What do you do to keep yourself fit? You have a lot of information about food and cooking, now. Click on the image to open Create your own web magazine with Glossi!

Un outil du web 2.0 pour étudier des langues étrangères. Phraseum permet de sélectionner, d’enregistrer et d’organiser des phrases et des expressions de mots rencontrés lors d'une navigation sur le web, à la manière d'un carnet de mots "à l'ancienne". by gosselinp Feb 17