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Welcome to the Home of the 3D Internet, Virtual Reality and Comm

Welcome to the Home of the 3D Internet, Virtual Reality and Comm

Communities of Practice Welcome to the Web's first site dedicated to communities of practice, since 1995! If this is your first visit and just want to get a sense of what communities of practice are about, enjoy browsing our Resources . If you're a community leader, facilitator or executive who supports communities of practice, we recommend the announcement below. International executive workshop lead by Etienne Wenger and George Pór at the London School of Economics, May 4 - 5, 2004. If you are a community leader or facilitator in the private or the public sector, or an executive who supports communities of practice, knowledge networks, and other forms of self-organizing engines of value-creation, then you may have already asked the two inter-related questions below, as many of you that we talked with recently:

Virtual Design Center Main | Principle: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 Principle 11: Assessment should be designed to examine and foster inquiry, collaboration, and understanding in science learning Eddy Y.C. Lee, Carol K.K. Chan, & Jan van Aalst The original paper, entitled “Students Assessing Their Own Knowledge Advances in a Knowledge-building Environment,” was presented at the 2005 Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.[1] Darwin - Distribuited Agents for Retrieval the Web Network Dear UserYou are invited to post your Profile of Interest concerning all possible Internet resources: information, knowledge and entertainment, in order to improve our services. The 'units' of this profile are 'keywords', words or strings of words meaningful to you, like for instance: computing, skating, ice skating, management science, B2B matchmaking, professional accounting services, exotic flowers' breeding, archery… Of course you may search what we have available in any of those concepts by your own but as soon as our Expert System FIRST detects the presence of some other registered users that share in 'some extent' your profile of interest it will proceed to invite you to join them in a special group of affinities our intelligent Website will allocate a special private room for you, to be whole administered by yourselves.

MOOCs for the win! Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are getting attention on various blogs and news sites. I’ll try and synthesize the conversation over the last few weeks and describe the role of MOOCs in education. The Conversation so far… Clark Quinn kicked of the current conversation in MOOC Reflections where he explores the distinctions between the current generation of Coursera/Standford open online courses and the connectivist model that Stephen Downes, Dave Cormier, and I have offered. Clark states: The Stanford model, as I understand it (and I haven’t taken one), features a rigorous curriculum of content and assessments, in technical fields like AI and programming.

ePEARL click to enlarge The ePEARL Learning Process guides students through the creation process, allowing enough flexibility for truly creative work and just enough scaffolding to keep students on the right track. There is a text editor and an audio recorder for the creation of work. HTML Links Links , otherwise known as hyperlinks The Technology and Culture Forum at MIT - Home Page "We know so much about the technology of the world. But what we need now is a new technology of the heart." — Mel King, DUSP Professor Emeritus, February 2013 At Radius, our mission is to find that technology of the heart, the ethical center that holds us together in the midst of diversity and change. Radius is not simply a series of programs. It is a community of scholars and citizens who care deeply about the role of science and technology in bringing about positive change.

What a Web Designer Should Learn from Steve Jobs Recently, Steve Jobs announced that he has given up the CEO position from Apple but many people didn’t notice that he said he will continue to work in the company, believing that Steve Jobs have quit his soul project. I am sure that Apple will develop Steve ideas and his amazing vision won’t be ignored by the new CEO. Talking about Apple, the no. 1 company in the world, this is in fact the story of a single, but amazing individual, Steve Jobs. Along time he has created this brand, was forced to abandon it and a few years after, Apple was managed again by him. The second mandate was one that will enter into the history, the “iproducts” being turned into a nice reality.

20 Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have By Laura Turner In 2005 I wrote a similar article and have had requests to write an update. Technology has changed a great deal in the last 5-6 years. Although, realistically, you would not use all of these technologies, you should be knowledgeable in what each of the following technology is and how it could be/might be used in a classroom. \