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How to Free Yourself from Recipes with a Few Golden Cooking Ratios

How to Free Yourself from Recipes with a Few Golden Cooking Ratios
For baking, I got familiar with baker's percentages and that made life a lot easier. Similar to the ratios you mention, but more flexible. They are based on flour, so flour is always listed as 100%. Other ingredients are listed compared to that. So, for example, a simple bread might be: flour 100%water 66% (66% of the amount of flour used)salt 2% (2% the amount of flour used)yeast 1% (1% the amount of flour used) If you bake different types of bread, the formulas become easier to remember than recipes or straight ratios. Also, with a stock, don't forget to start the bones in cold water.

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An Ingenious Cookbook Uses Infographics Instead Of Words How do you make lasagna? Even though it’s not that complex of a dish, to spell out the methodology--the specific ingredients and the many small, easy steps of prep work--it would take me half a page of type or more. But for designer/illustrator Katie Shelly, writer of Picture Cook: See. Make. Eat., the recipe for lasagna looks a lot different. It’s a simple sketch that deconstructs lasagna into its discrete components. InkDot Embeds Your Photos Into Wood You know that picture you took that received a crazy amount of Instagram “likes”? How about the one that no one believes you actually shot? Yeah, that photo deserves more than a tiny phone screen. InkDot will take your prized photographs and turn them into displayable pieces of art for your home or office. Far from just simple prints on large pieces of paper, InkDot uses a proprietary gas ink infusion to embed you image into the fibers of a piece of wood, making something truly of archival quality. Plus, you won’t need a frame or any hardware—each comes ready to hang right out of the box.

What kind of sorcery illusion lets these two blocks be the same color? This has the same "problem", though. If you look at it the same way, the squares aren't the same color, it's just the lighting that is making they look like they are. Agreed. The principle is the same, but the execution suffers on the one mentioned in this article. The one you mention is my personal favorite. Cooking Easter Power Moves: 10 Ways to Cook with Cadbury Creme Eggs Another Easter means another chance to make Food52's homemade Cadbury Creme Egg recipe. But maybe you are one of those people who says, "Why the hell would I attempt to recreate something as… Eating History: The Art of Cooking with Saltines I can't imagine eating soup or having cheese at a party without saltines, but these snacking staples are good for more than just nibbling. There are recipes that take the humble soda cracker to …

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