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5 LinkedIn Company Page Tips to Enhance Your Marketing

5 LinkedIn Company Page Tips to Enhance Your Marketing
Do you use LinkedIn for business? Do you have a LinkedIn company page? In this article, I’ll show you how to get the most from your LinkedIn company page, in five easy steps. Why a LinkedIn Company Page? The benefits of a well-oiled LinkedIn company page include engaging followers with company news, updates, events and relevant content. There’s also the improved search engine rankings as LinkedIn pages often perform well in company searches. In fact, research shows that 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from companies when they engage with them on LinkedIn. Here’s how to make your LinkedIn company page work for you: #1: Optimize Your LinkedIn Page Showcase what your business has to offer. Use this page to tell members what you do best and give them compelling reasons to follow you. Remember that you can link to just about anything from your products and services page, including your latest and greatest white papers, case studies or how-to content. #2: Engage Your Audience

6 Tips for Finding Prospects on LinkedIn Are you using LinkedIn to connect with new leads and clients? Do you want to learn about social selling tactics on LinkedIn? Social selling is the use of social media to discover and connect with new leads and new clients. In this article, you’ll discover a 6-step process to find new leads and attract new clients on LinkedIn. Start social selling on LinkedIn with these 6 simple steps. #1: Make Your Profile Easy to Find Most of social selling requires an active outreach process. Remember that you’ll only show up in search results for people in your network. The more connections you have, the more searches you will show up in. #2: Create Strategic Alliances Next you’ll want to remember to network and build business relationships with peers in your industry. Find professionals who share a target market similar to yours, but don’t offer the service you provide. Before connecting with a prospect, ask yourself "What do I have to offer her?" #3: ‘Search’ for Opportunities #5: Build the Relationship

How to Build a LinkedIn Marketing Plan that Delivers Ongoing Results Are you happy with how you are using LinkedIn? LinkedIn offers companies multiple marketing opportunities, but which ones are right for your business? In this article I’ll show you five different ways to use LinkedIn to market your business. How do you do start? You’ll want to develop a comprehensive and consistent LinkedIn marketing plan for your business to achieve long-term, sustainable success. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporate brand or a small business, you can build a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy on a scale that suits your needs and objectives. Social Media Examiner strategy on LinkedIn includes updating the business page regularly. In order to have success with LinkedIn, you’ll need to make a long-term commitment to your plan. Remember to assess your resources first and determine what you’re willing to commit with regard to people, time and dollars. Here are 5 LinkedIn marketing ideas your business can integrate into your comprehensive marketing program.

LinkedIn Introduces Showcase Pages: This Week in Social Media Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? LinkedIn Announces Showcase Pages: LinkedIn’s new Showcase Pages “are dedicated pages that allow companies to highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the right community.” "LinkedIn members will be able to follow the specific brands and products they care most about that have Showcase Pages." Pinterest Introduces Place Pins: Place Pins “combine the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of a map online so you can share it with friends.” "You can access Place Pins from anywhere on your smartphone, too, which means you can find new places on the go and even get directions!" Facebook Updates Page Composer: “Two updates coming to the Page Composer will make it easier for page admins to schedule posts and upload photos.” Weekly Marketing Tip Other Mentions

Load a Portfolio to Linkedin Linkedin is not a very image-friendly application. If you are successfully displaying your work on any of the portfolio sites including Pinterest, you may not need to worry about Linkedin. However, lots of professionals use the site, and adding either or both of the two portfolio display options to your profile doesn’t take very long. Behance Creative Portfolio Display If you already maintain a portfolio at Behance, link to it using the Creative Portfolio Display application (More / Get More Applications / scroll — on my account, Behance is #10). Behance is the portfolio engine for Pantone, BTW. SlideShare At the time of this blog post, you can’t open a SlideShare account through Linkedin directly. Use MS PowerPoint or your choice of presentation software (most formats are supported) to create a deck with images of your work. Think about a useful file name if you are going to allow downloading.

How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile With Professional Portfolio Do you want to enhance the appearance of your LinkedIn profile? Are you looking for ways to get noticed and attract more business opportunities on LinkedIn? In this article, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. What is LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio? LinkedIn launched Professional Portfolio to showcase your unique professional story using rich visual content. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a photographer, a real estate agent, an interior designer or a marketer. At present, the key features of Professional Portfolio are available on the following sections of your LinkedIn profile: SummaryExperienceEducation Content can be added to your LinkedIn profile in the form of photos/images, videos, presentations and audio recordings. You can also link a range of documents and content types with Professional Portfolio. How to Get Started on Professional Portfolio First, select edit mode on your LinkedIn profile: It’s as easy as that.

5 Ways to Visually Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile using Professional Portfolio 1.1K Flares Twitter 125 Facebook 42 LinkedIn 97 inShare97 Google+ 13 Pin It Share 752 752 Buffer 49 1.1K Flares × LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. With 225 million+ members it is the perfect platform for managing your professional identity, building your professional network and engaging with connections. But it’s time to give your profile a Makeover. In this post, I will discuss 3 reasons why LinkedIn is a Visual Platform and 5 Ways you can start visually enhancing your LinkedIn Profile by using the Professional Portfolio feature. I know…I can hear you from here, thinking “LinkedIn isn’t Pinterest. But things have changed in the world of LinkedIn with the introduction of what is called “Professional Portfolio” earlier this year…and for this Visual Social Media Fan, it’s a very positive change. Let’s start with a quick Slideshare presentation from LinkedIn about the Professional Profile and what it means for you: #1 LinkedIn IS a very Visual Platform Crazy hey?

Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator How to Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Are you wondering how to use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates? Does your business have a LinkedIn company page? Do you want to grow your following outside of your company page? In this article I’ll show you 6 steps for creating and measuring the impact of your first LinkedIn Sponsored Update. Why Sponsored Updates? If you’re one of the 3 million companies that have a LinkedIn company page, you’ll know that you can post updates directly from your company rather than as an individual. And now, just like Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories on other social sites, LinkedIn has launched its own Sponsored Updates function, which runs on the same principle. If you’re a B2B marketer, Sponsored Updates allow you to promote your message to others outside your company page following. Here’s how to use Sponsored Updates: #1: Create Your Post Post your update to your company page as normal. Select an update to sponsor by clicking the Sponsor Update button. #2: Name Your Campaign #3: Target Your Campaign Conclusion

Six Ways to Grow a LinkedIn Group, Tips From the Pros Are you part of a LinkedIn group that has stalled? Do you want to create a LinkedIn group? LinkedIn groups can be a great way to network with your customers, peers and other professionals in your industry. But it can be challenging to grow your group and get the people you want to join and participate in the discussions. We asked the pros to share their best tips to grow your LinkedIn groups. Follow these tips and you’ll find it easier to create the type of community you’re looking for. #1: Use Email to Send Invitations That Convert Viveka Von Rosen You’ll need to send out invitations to get your contacts to join your LinkedIn group and LinkedIn has a form for you to do this. The default LinkedIn message that’s sent when you fill out the form below is: “Subject: Name invites you to join Group” and “Welcome Message: I would like to invite you to join my group on LinkedIn.” Standard LinkedIn group invitations can be boring. Let’s face it. Let’s take a look at how this works. Mike Delgado

How to Use the LinkedIn Contacts Feature Are you looking for a smarter way to stay in touch with your most important business relationships? What if you could store all of your contacts in one place? Well now you can with LinkedIn Contacts. In this article, you’ll discover how LinkedIn Contacts looks and take a tour through its features. What is LinkedIn Contacts? LinkedIn announced the new LinkedIn Contacts in April. This new feature brings together all your address books, emails and calendars, and keeps them up to date in one place. From these sources, LinkedIn will automatically pull in the details of your past conversations and meetings, and bring those details directly into your contact’s profile. Contacts hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet, so you may have to check back later or join the waitlist. To see if you have this new feature, click on Contacts in the top navigation. The first screen in the new LinkedIn Contacts feature. Manage Your Network With LinkedIn Contacts Sync Your Contacts and Calendars New Search Functionality

Essential LinkedIn Marketing Resources, A Complete Guide Social Media Examiner Do you want to learn how to present yourself and your business on LinkedIn? Are you looking for a resource to guide your LinkedIn marketing efforts? Whether you’re using LinkedIn as an individual or as a brand, here you’ll find expert articles to help you develop a LinkedIn marketing plan and find prospects and leads. Each of these articles will help you understand and master a specific part of the LinkedIn networking platform. Create a Presence for Yourself How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile With Professional Portfolio: Find out how to add images and embed video and SlideShare presentations to your LinkedIn profile so you can highlight achievements and awards, provide social proof and make links to articles more visually interesting. Add Professional Portfolio to stand out from the crowd. 6 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections: Explore best-practice and etiquette tips that will help you avoid common networking mistakes on LinkedIn. by Steve W. Martin | 8:00 AM April 5, 2013 I recently interviewed 54 top salespeople about how they use LinkedIn to research accounts, prospect for leads, and generate sales. All of the study participants sell technology-based products to the IT departments of mid to large size companies. The study included three types of salespeople: 33% were inside salespeople who sell exclusively over the phone, 41% were outside field reps responsible for acquiring new accounts, and 26% were outside field reps who managed existing client account. The results suggest there are four basic LinkedIn user classifications: Enthusiasts: Twenty-five percent of the study participants would be classified as “Enthusiast” LinkedIn users. Casual: Forty percent of participants would be classified as “Casual” LinkedIn users who access their account on a regular basis. Personal: Fifteen percent of participants would be classified as “Personal” LinkedIn users. Here’s how data from the first two groups breaks down: