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TLG | IELTS Preparation Course structure & results Our course structure is unique with 1 hour IELTS elective classes that allow students to focus on a particular skill (reading, speaking/listening, writing) at a particular level (intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced), in order to bring all band scores up to the same level. Our students achieve consistently high IELTS scores – we are extremely proud to say that our average score stands at 7.0. TLG students' scores from IELTS results submitted in London in 2012 and 2013 Social Programme Experience exciting social, cultural and historical attractions while improving your English skills. Amazing Locations With campuses in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and across the Atlantic in Toronto, Canada, you are guaranteed a location rich in culture, beauty, and exciting night-life.

ForClass Spelling Bee Genius WIZ KID is Kids Preschool learning puzzle games kit for 2 - 6 year old kids FREE. App contains all the type of kids interactive learning games. ✔ ALPHABETS Learning :- Teach the kids about alphabets with images with interactive sound [age - 2 - 4 ] ✔ MATCH LETTER :- Kids can identify the big letters with matching small letters. Its interactive game where kids are given 4 random big letters and matching small letter and kids have to match all by drag and drop them in correct matching letters [age 2 - 4 ] ✔ BETWEEN LETTERS :- This game help kids to learn alphabets with in between letters in random orders. ✔ RHYME WORDS :- This game ask the question about rhyme word sound like and it gives options where kids has to identify the rhyme words sound similar. ✔ SPELLING BEGINNER :- This game help kids to improve spelling by seeing picture. ✔ SPELLING :- This game is same as above but in this game kids has to arrange all the shuffled letters in correct order by seeing picture.

Spanish Flipped Classroom, Are you getting started with "flipping or blending" your Spanish classroom? I am sharing my Flipping/Blending journey. Join me! Flipped Classroom Essentials Blended Classroom Essentials -Preterito vs Imperfecto- -Ser- -Subjuntivo- -Cognates- Flipped Classroom Certifications a platform that allows you to create organized lessons virtual with any media or document.MentorMob platform that let's you create playlists out of any document, website, media. Flipped Classroom Platforms Our blog! Our sponsors! Click image to access blog Click images to access sponsor sites

Online Web Html Form Builder and Form Maker: Form2pay 6 Essential Tips for Planning an Effective Online Course | EdSurge News Most edtech conversations often focus on “tech”— the new apps, data systems, assessments and other technologies. But the “ed” discussions — particularly the art of teaching with these tools—are often remiss. Over the last two years, I taught online courses on Python programming and iPhone App Development at Udacity; over 100,000 students registered for them. In the first of my four-part series, 20 Tips for Teaching Online, I’ll focus on several aspects of online course creation, including planning, techniques for teaching, community building and assessments. 1. “Where do I begin?” I have found that using guides like the Backwards Design Template (PDF) can add structure to this process. 2. Think back to the time you were learning to drive. When designing an online course, I recommend that you pinpoint the component skills your students need to learn to master the content. 3. For many online courses, students sign up a few weeks before the course officially launches. 4. 5. 6.

Teacher Resources: Quizinator for Teachers, Instructors, and HomeSchoolers Are Your Teachers Ready for Student Centered Learning? Here’s How You Can Tell | EdSurge News EdSurge Newsletters Receive weekly emails on edtech products, companies, and events that matter. Creating an environment in which personalized or student-centered learning can succeed isn’t easy. School Improvement Network works with school districts to help them implement student-centered learning, and the first step in this process is assessing a district’s readiness in moving to this strategy, says Transformation Manager Rachael Turner. School Improvement Network does this by surveying and interviewing teachers and administrators to understand their attitudes, current practices, and comfort level regarding the various aspects of a student-centered learning environment. Based on this process, here are five questions to ask as you evaluate your own teachers’ readiness for student-centered learning: Are teachers trained in small group instruction?

Online Testing Free Quiz Maker Create the Best web-based quizzes ClassMarker