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Effective Apps And Web Tools For BYOD Classrooms

Effective Apps And Web Tools For BYOD Classrooms
Your school probably doesn’t have enough money to give each student an iPad. There. I said it. I hate to be the bad guy in this situation but it’s news that you should know. So what’s a tech-savvy teacher to do? How about try out a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classroom setup? The only issue is managing the plethora of devices and figuring out how to do certain activities on different platforms. Thanks to a fabulous chart from MakeLearn, it’s easy to see how you can do it all no matter what platform your students are using. Pretty slick, eh? The following visual details just 5 key BYOD activities but there are, of course, plenty of other projects you can take on. byod c

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20 Awesome BYOD and Mobile Learning Apps We have now been Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for three years, and boy, do the students bring it. They bring it all! We have iPads, Surface, iPhones, Droids, Chromebooks, Macs, and PC laptops. Here's my current thinking. 10 Unique Lesson Ideas for BYOD and BYOT - Getting Smart by Getting Smart Staff - bring your own device, bring your own technology, BYOD, BYOT, cell phones for learning, ipads in the classroom, lesson, m-learning, mobile learning, texting in class Bring your own device (BYOD) and bring your own technology (BYOT) policies are growing in education and the workplace. Teachers are taking advantage of mobile devices for “m-learning,” putting those mini computers in kids’ backpacks and pockets to use. Here are 10 lesson ideas for BYOD and m-learning in the classroom. Answer Poll Questions Through TextPoll Everywhere allows teachers to create a multiple choice or open-ended poll question. Then, students can text their answers and watch the poll populate on the screen. Click here to answer our poll question.Ask Google QuestionsGoogle SMS allows you to look up words in the dictionary, inquire about dates in history and find the capital of a foreign country by simply texting a question to GOOGLE or 466453.Provide Classroom Instruction On QR-CodesWith simple QR-Code generators like Kaywa QR-Code, you can provide links to educational content that students can access on their smart phone or tablet.

Top 10 Apps in an Established 1:1 iPad School The Stephen Perse Foundation has had a 1:1 iPad programme running for two years now. Whilst there are many subject specific apps utilised for learning, it is interesting to note how the top 10 apps are all multipurpose. The list below also includes an indication of how workflow is developing for the school and how an app is chosen when and where it is appropriate. For more information about how we are using the iPads as a tool for learning please visit Explain Everything

BYOD: Resources for Making it Happen This page includes a variety of ideas and suggestions for making a bring your own device (BYOD) program work at your school. Some of this material was assembled by a group of teachers and tech trainers in our school district as a summer project. Since most of our BYOD resources lie behind the district firewall, I’ve included that material here directly. A growing collection of additional articles and resources can be found in my Delicious feed. 7 Ways to Create and Deliver Online Quizzes Creating and delivering quizzes and tests online offers a number of advantages over paper-based quizzes and tests. Many online quiz services allow you to create quizzes that give your students instant feedback. Some of the services provide the option to include picture and video prompts in your quizzes. And all of these services save you the hassle of printing your quizzes. Here are seven ways that you can create and deliver quizzes online. Blubbr is a neat quiz creation service that you can use to create video-based quizzes.

Featured: 20 BYOD Resources We recently received an interesting referrer to our article Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in Schools – Considerations. On closer inspection, we found an article on titled ’20 BYOD Resources For The 21st Century School’ which included a link to our article. However, we had difficulty opening the site, and one would hope that this is only temporary. A search on Google using the keywords ’20 BYOD Resources For The 21st Century School’ did yield some results including one on Doug Woods website ( who has curated the post.

7 Indispensable Apps for Creating Books with your Students Today in this post, I am updating a list of iPad apps ideal for creating books with your students and which I have published a year ago. The list comprises some really practical apps every teacher intent on using iPads in classroom should consider trying them. 1- Book Writer Dragon Dictation: app of the week lesson plan Mini app lesson plans will help your students become more productive. This is an important concept for BYOD or BYOT teachers. You can do this lesson in 5 short minutes.

The Comprehensive Google Drive Guide for Teachers and Students January 26, 2014 Google Drive is one of the fundamental tools in our digital toolkits as teachers and educators. Whether you want to compose a document, create a presentation, design a sheet, or share a beautiful drawing you made, Google Drive provides you with the tools to do that on any device and anywhere you are with an internet connection . Given this huge importance of Google Drive for teachers, I have created an entire section here packed full of tips, tricks, ideas, and third party tools to enable you to better tap into the full educational potential of this platform. Today, I am sharing with you a treasure trove of practical guides on how to use each tool in Google Drive. This is the same list I have been using to create guides I share with you here in this blog. All the guides below are created and shared by Google help centre.

10 Current Lesson Ideas for BYOD and BYOT - Getting Smart by Alison Anderson - BYOD, BYOT, edapps, edchat, EdTech, elemchat, highschool, midleveled, mlearning Two years ago, we wrote about how bring your own device (BYOD) and bring your own technology (BYOT) policies were growing in education and the workplace. Teachers are still taking advantage of student owned devices for digital learning – anytime, anywhere. We noticed the original post was still one that is read on Getting Smart quite frequently, but some of the tools and descriptions are out of date. For this post, we kept the categories the same, but updated the tools and the capabilities. 31 iPad Apps For A Smoother-Running Classroom 31 iPad Apps For A Smoother-Running Classroom A smooth-running classroom is about, among other things, organization, workflow, and classroom management. Organization is about resources, priority, and consistency. Workflow is about clarity, tools, and consistency. And classroom management is about relationships, trust, and consistency.

Student Assessment in the BYOD classroom with AnswerPad AnswerPad is a free assessment tool that allows teachers to score and grade paper quizzes online. Unlike other tools, such as Socrative, the questions need to be presented to the students separately. This would usually be done via a paper-based quiz as normal so the students could work at their own pace, but you could display questions on the IWB and work through at class-pace. AnswerPad lets you set up an electronic answer sheet for your paper test, using any of the eight different question types. Teachers would log into the website, add the question type and style (True/false, multiple choice etc), then choose the correct answer. The students can then work through the quiz on paper but submit their answers electronically.

3 iPad Apps for Kids to Design Creative Animations February 23, 2014 Just a few weeks ago I shared here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning a list some of the best iPad apps to promote creativity and innovative thinking in your students. Today, I brought you three awesome apps that are specifically geared towards a younger audience . These are basically iPad apps that you can use with your kids to boost their creative thinking through empowering them with the tools to create short animated videos and drawings. Chalkup- A Wonderful Google Drive Tool for Teachers February 6, 2015 I just learned through an email from Justin Chando about this interesting update to Chalkup. The folks in Chalkup have finally made the move to Google Drive and created a seamless integration of Chalkup with Google Drive. Chalkup is a great web tool that allows teachers to create classes and share different study materials on a message board that students can access in real-time. Chalkup lets you post discussion prompts, add comments to discussions, distribute announcements and assignments and view files.