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Seven Tips and Tricks to Get More Out of OneNote

Seven Tips and Tricks to Get More Out of OneNote
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Email your notes into OneNote with Today we announced three major OneNote developments, including One of our goals is to make it easy to get content into OneNote, no matter where you are or what app you’re using. is a big step towards that goal. Now, you can use any ‘Email this’ button to send content to OneNote. Email to OneNote is a great way to forward receipts, travel itineraries or documents that you want to keep track of from your mailbox. Try it out now To get set up just visit the email settings page and select the addresses from which you would like OneNote to accept emailed content. Now you’re ready to email content to OneNote quickly and easily! Get OneNote | Follow OneNote Top

Lens comes to iPhone and Android Just over a year ago, we introduced Office Lens for Windows Phone—and over that time the app has become one of the most popular free apps on Windows Phone, with an average rating of 4.6 stars (out of 5) from more than 18,500 reviews. Today, we’re releasing Office Lens for iPhone and Android phones. Office Lens is a handy capture app that turns your smartphone into a pocket scanner and it works with OneNote so you’ll never lose a thing. Office Lens for iPhone is available for free at the Apple App Store. Recognizes the corners of a document and automatically crops, enhances and cleans up the image. Before-and-after look at pictures of a receipt and a paper document captured and processed by Office Lens for iPhone. Before-and-after look at a picture of a whiteboard, captured and processed by Office Lens for iPhone, as well as the options you have to save, export or share with others.

How to Be Productive When Everything's Blocked at Work OneNote Clipper Installation Frequently Asked Questions Can I install on another device? Click here to email yourself instructions for installing the OneNote Clipper on another device. Where can I see my clips? Click the OneNote icon after your page has been clipped. Learn more about where your clips are stored in OneNote. What is actually clipped? The OneNote Clipper can capture an image of the entire web page as well as clean up pages with articles, recipes, and products. OneNote Clipper 2.0—introducing a more powerful and intelligent web clipping tool Today’s post was written by Avneesh Kohli, program manager on the OneNote team. Today, we’re introducing OneNote Clipper 2.0–a major update that offers enhancements for capturing web content into OneNote and enriching that content to make it more useful. The OneNote Clipper is the easiest way to save anything from the web to OneNote. Responding to some of the more popular requests from Clipper users, in this update we’ve added a redesigned user interface, a location picker, intelligence (for clipping just what you need, minus the clutter), and region clipping for Chrome. Redesigned user interface We’ve designed a beautiful new experience for clipping pages to OneNote in your favorite web browser. Location Picker By far and away, the most popular request from Clipper users was to add more customized clipping location options. The Location Picker is front and center in the new Clipper, so you can be confident in knowing that your web clips are going exactly where you want them to go.

Microsoft OneNote | The digital note-taking app for your devices Onetastic for OneNote Onetastic is a free multi-purpose addin for Microsoft OneNote 2010 and 2013 Documentation for Macro Language is now available. Click here to check it out. To learn more about Onetastic, watch this intro video: Want to learn more? It's Free! Onetastic is absolutely free! Download Now Explore awesome features of Onetastic Macros Automate routine tasks with macrosSearch & replace, Sort, Table of Contents... Macroland Download, rate, review and enjoymore macros at Macroland Learn more > OneCalendar View your OneNote pageson a calendar view. Image Utilities Crop or rotate your images and printoutsor select and copy text from them. Custom Styles Customize styles in OneNote just likeyou can do so in Microsoft Word Learn more > Favorites/Shortcuts Access your favorite pages from a menuor pin shortcuts to them on your desktop Learn more >

Turn Outlook into a Project Management Tool with OneNote Integration Advertisement OneNote is one of those Microsoft products that seems completely useless when you first start using it, but it isn’t until you actually make use of the product that it’s true value starts shining through. As a task and project management tool, OneNote is one of the best tools out there. 5 Tips for Using OneNote as Your To-Do List 5 Tips for Using OneNote as Your To-Do List Is making a to-do list on your to-do list? Set it up in OneNote to make getting things done as straightforward as possible. Why not just use the Tasks feature in Microsoft Outlook, you ask? In this article, I’ll show you how you can integrate Microsoft Outlook tasks and Microsoft OneNote to better manage the complexities of the multiple projects you have going on in your life, or at work, at any given time. Where Outlook Tasks Falls Short I’ve used Tasks in Microsoft Outlook for many years. The biggest benefit to Tasks – its simplicity – is also its biggest drawback. Adding the OneNote Add-In to Outlook

Demo: What is OneNote? - OneNote Play Demo (Or download the demo.) You may experience a delay while the demo is loading. Many of us carry a notebook or notepad around to take notes for business, school, or personal projects. How to do it (text version): Problems watching the video? 10 Resources and Add-Ins for OneNote 2013 OneNote wasn’t the most popular application until recently, having more of a cult following than being known as a go-to app. Resources for OneNote 2013 are not many at this point, and some of those that exist — even those from Microsoft — aren’t always updated as often as you would hope. Still, there are some good resources for OneNote out there. Microsoft’s OneNote blog Although Microsoft’s OneNote blog currently isn’t updated very often, the site does have a good repository of webinars, tips, videos, and how-to articles that give you information about OneNote from the horse’s mouth. OneNote templates Even though currently includes zero templates specifically for OneNote 2013, chances are this will change in the near future. The best advice regarding how to use templates for OneNote 2007 or 2010 is to just try them. OneNote on Facebook Microsoft updates this page more often than it does so on Twitter at the official Office blog. OneNote on Twitter OneNote testing blog

5 Tips for Using OneNote as Your To-Do List Is making a to-do list on your to-do list? Set it up in OneNote to make getting things done as straightforward as possible. A to-do list can be a great way of ensuring you’re making progress — but it’ll only serve that purpose if its set up correctly. Use Shortcuts to Make Checklists a Breeze It’s easier to stick to a to-do list when you have the option of ticking off completed tasks — it’s not just helpful in an organizational sense, it’s a very satisfying way of quantifying just how much you’ve accomplished. Just highlight some text and press Ctrl + 1 to pair it with a checkbox. Embed Files to Keep Your Materials Handy A disorganized hard drive can result in wasted time when you’re working on the computer. Whether it’s a PDF you’ve been meaning to proofread or a video file that needs to be edited down, just drag and drop it onto a page in OneNote and you can add a link to its location on your hard drive. Link Tasks to Outlook Never Forget a Task Experiment with View Options Microsoft Office 365 users can now easily create websites using Wix For those of you who have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, we have some great news. You can now use the tools at to easily create websites from the comfort of the Office 365 platform. Wix is a web development platform that allows people with no coding skills or experience to create HTML5 websites. “Through free and premium subscriptions, Wix empowers millions of businesses, organizations, professionals and individuals to take their businesses, brands and workflow online.” Wix is currently serving over 59 million users worldwide, with hundreds of templates and an app market with plugins that integrate business management and e-commerce functionality into your website, all via a simple drag and drop editor. “Both Microsoft and Wix share the common vision of enabling small and medium-sized businesses to access and utilize cloud technology to operate all aspects of their business. Via: CMSCritic

11 New OneNote Features Teachers Will Love | Microsoft in Education blog While you’ve been busy teaching and innovating, the OneNote engineering team has been hard at work bringing improvements that make teachers’ lives easier. Here are some of the many new features released in the past few months that we think you will love! You can download OneNote for free anytime. Math teachers rejoice! With the new Ink Shape Recognition tool announced last November for iPad, iPad Pro, and the Windows 10 app, OneNote will recognize hand-drawn shapes from squares and circles to quadrilaterals and pentagons, as well as flowcharts and Venn diagrams, and allow you to automatically convert them into better, sharper versions of themselves. To turn on the feature, simply tap the new Convert to Shapes button on the draw tab. So you have an awesome OneNote with great content but want to present it, perhaps as a lesson plan, perhaps at a professional development training. Sometimes you have content you’d like to distribute to a specific subset of students.