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Packaging, Branding and Design News for the flexible, plastic, and corrugated packaging industry

Packaging, Branding and Design News for the flexible, plastic, and corrugated packaging industry

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35+ Unique & Interesting Product Packaging Designs Whenever we're going to buy a product, especially the new ones we will inevitably pay more attention to the packaging of the product itself. Product packaging has tremendous power to grab our interest. It combines art and technology for protecting products for distribution, storage, until finally reaching the end user. Over the years, graphic designers and product designers have been creatively inventing new forms of packaging to maximize the function of a product packaging. For the past decade, hundreds of award winning packaging designs have been showcased and displayed in public.

Electronics Limited Edition Fedrigoni Leica March 11, 2014 | 5 Comments Designed by Geometry Global | Country: Germany “A piece of paper merges an extraordinary packaging concept and an exceptional product into one. Sold in Fedrigoni showrooms only, the limited Edition of Leica Cameras is wrapped so intimately by fine paper, the “unboxing” reminds of a paper sample book and turns into a Fedrigoni brand experience. Finally, the paper also replaces the cameras traditional leather banderole and becomes an integral part of it and not just its packaging.”

Google rolls out a new design for its campus bike When it came time to redesign the colorful bikes scattered about Google's massive Mountain View, Calif., campus, the company knew exactly who to turn to for next generation of its GBikes: Googlers themselves. Last fall, the company launched a competition among employees to replace the 2-year-old fleet of bikes available to workers at the Googleplex to pedal from one building to another. The idea was to come up with a user-friendly, low-maintenance bike. - Visual Arts Magazine, graphic design, illustration, photography, interviews, inspiration, tutorials Effective packaging design breaks the standard rules and conventions to which we are accustomed, give to the products a unique value to distinguish themselves from the rest. Here we have selected for you another 20 Packaging designs that you can use as inspiration.

Awesome Package Design Concepts Made By Students This type of design has a special place in TDM because we love to see creative minds at work. Below you can see the work of some of the best students designer in the world. Yunyeen Yong Vinh Pho Designing the ultimate utility bike Inspiration comes in many forms. Just ask the team of designers at Ziba design consultancy in Portland, Ore., and bike builders at nearby Signal Cycles, who are working together to create the ultimate utility ride. The group of five took a Franken-bike out for a spin this spring. It was a standard hybrid bike, the kind you see commuters pedaling to and from work everyday, with the notable exception of a sidecar, just off the right side of the rear wheel and just big enough to fit two bags of groceries. The sidecar had no gloss, no fit or finish. In fact, it was anti-gloss.

2009 Pentawards Top Winners : Lovely Package® . Curating the very best packaging design. October 3, 2009 | 43 Comments The international jury of Pentawards, the first world competition devoted exclusively to Packaging Design, chaired by Grard Caron, announced its winners for 2009. KLEENEX – Diamond Award, Best of the Show Designed by Kimberly-Clark | Country: United States COCA-COLA – Platinum Award, Best of the Category Beverages Designed by Turner Duckworth | Country: United Kingdom KANPYO UDON – Platinum Award, Best of the Category Foods Designed by Nosigner | Country: Japan

Imaginative Package Designs - Design Imaginative Package Designs Packaging is a very important marketing strategy to glamorize a product in order to attract the consumer's attention. Often however, packaging can be neglected by business.