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A Responsive Web Design Tutorial for Beginners This is the second post in a series about Responsive Web Design, described in plain language from a front end designer. In our last post I wrote about three reasons responsive web design is something you should know about. We discussed the problems associated with the traditional method of designing a desktop and mobile version of a website. Essentially, there are just too many mobile devices hitting the market to tailor our websites to view well on them all. The thing I like about problems or challenges is that–if we let them–they make us better people and create space for innovation and solutions that may otherwise never be discovered. Designer and developer Ethan Marcotte was instrumental in solving this problem of device compatibility. In actuality, the problem is still being solved and responsive web design methods, tools and standards are still being developed and refined. Media Queries Responsive design uses a CSS3 feature called media queries. Break Points The Fluid Grid

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• Statista - The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies How to Break Through Fear and Self-Doubt Fear and self-doubt plague all of us. To the degree you can overcome your insecurities, you will experience freedom to be yourself and reach your full potential as an entrepreneur. The most important thing to understand is that everyone experiences these scary emotions to some degree, regardless of how confident and self-assured people may seem. After I made a recent presentation at Google's New York office, an audience member asked me, "How do you become so self-assured and confident?" I responded: "How do you know I am self-confident? We continued to talk about the importance of confidence versus fear, and I left the presentation alarmed over how big this issue is. 1. Related: 5 Sales Tips to Recharge During the Lazy Days of Summer 2. 3. Related: How Young Entrepreneurs Turned a Tweet from Richard Branson into $1 Million 4. 5. Related: Five Steps to a Successful Business Turnaround The author is an Entrepreneur contributor.

20 Best Responsive Web Design Examples of 2012 The Boston Globe The largest responsive website to date, The Boston Globe handles loads of content effortlessly, keeping the site intuitive and the content easily accessible on the device of your choice. Smashing Magazine I love this site. I really do. Smashing takes advantage of horizontal screen real estate like few responsive sites do. Food Sense Clean layout, beautiful photography and playful iconography made me like this site immediately on my first visit. Andersson Wise Type designer, Jan Tschichold once said, ‘Simplicity of form is never a poverty, it is a great virtue.’ Sphero If you haven’t check out Sphero, you should. CSS Tricks It might be the conspicuous green frog that causes me love this site. Grey Goose The Grey Goose site shows that designing responsively does not limit our designs to columns of fluid text and images on solid backgrounds. New Adventures In Web Design Lancaster University Web Designer Wall Heathlife London & Partners Oliver Russell Ryan O’Rourke Fork

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App Market Intelligence, Data Report & Market Share | App Annie What is App Annie Intelligence? The most accurate market estimates available for app stores. Stay ahead of the competition. Get download and revenue estimates for every app, publisher, category and country, presented with the most powerful visualization and analysis tools. View Demo App Annie Intelligence can inform every part ofyour app store strategy. Competitor monitoring Follow the performance of competitors and monitor market share. Who uses it? 12 of the Top 15 publishers use App Annie Intelligence. Game & App Publishers Media & Entertainment Advertising Brands VC Firms Hedge Funds& InvestmentBanks – Chris Akhavan President of Publishing, Glu Mobile “App Annie’s market data allows us to make informed product decisions and is a great business development tool as we monitor growth in emerging markets.” Why App Annie? If your business is focused on the app economy you’ll need these insights to stay ahead of the game.

Dieter Rams Rams at the 50th Anniversary of Braun Innovation exhibition, Boston 2005 Life and career[edit] Rams began studies in architecture and interior decoration at Wiesbaden School of Art in 1947. Soon after in 1948, he took a break from studying to gain practical experience and conclude his carpentry apprenticeship. He resumed studies at Wiesbaden School of Art in 1948 and graduated with honours in 1953 after which he began working for Frankfurt based architect Otto Apel. Dieter Rams was strongly influenced by the presence of his grandfather, a carpenter. By producing electronic gadgets that were remarkable in their austere aesthetic and user friendliness, Rams made Braun a household name in the 1950s. In 2010, to mark his contribution to the world of design, he was awarded the 'Kölner Klopfer' prize by the students of the Cologne International School of Design. Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design[edit] Good design:[3] Notable awards and accomplishments[edit] Less and More exhibition[edit]

All about the design – top tips for designing mobile sites and apps from the professionals As mobile devices become increasingly capable and the mobile audience becomes increasingly sophisticated, companies are stretching the bounds of possibility when it comes to mobile sites, native applications and Web apps. It becomes all the more important to consider not just graphical design, but also the physical design of your mobile product. It is essential to know not only who will be using it, but how and where they will be using it. This is the fifth in our series of six app-related articles. See also:• Mobile applications: native v Web apps – what are the pros and cons? The following guide was compiled from the responses of the following mobile design and usability gurus: All these experts spoke at Design for Mobile in Chicago, USA, September, 2010. The anatomy of good mobile design 1) Putting things in context Understand, respect and design for your users' contexts. 2) The mobile context Mobile means ‘on the go’ and ‘away from my desk’.

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Localization Management Platform · Crowdin How to Approach a Responsive Design - Upstatement Blog So I’ve got a confession to make: When we started working on the new Boston Globe website, we had never designed a responsive site before. This shouldn’t come as some huge shock. I mean, raise your hand if you’d built a full responsive site back in November 2010. (You can put your hand down now, Mr. Here at Upstatement, we experimented with how to solve design and layout problems within a responsive framework. Ready? Choose Your Weapon Before laying down a single pixel, there was an important decision to make: What design program to use? Eventually design would be done directly in the browser — there’s no better tool for interactive design, especially when you’re working with fluid layouts (more on all that later). So we lined up the usual suspects from Adobe. Hands down, the answer was InDesign. Even better, InDesign’s internal logic parallels that of web design and development. InDesign stylesheets InDesign’s master pages palette Like the web, InDesign also has a notion of templates.

App Store Optimization (ASO): App Name And Keywords Last updated: January 10, 2016 You want your potential customers to be able to find you through search on the App Store because over half of apps are discovered this way. The first place that you need to start is selecting the right app store keywords and app name. Here are a few tips on how to define your app name and keywords on the iTunes App Store (go here for Google Play Store tips). Doing this well might not get you on the Top Charts, but you can still get a ton of downloads. As far as App Store SEO is concerned, your app name and keywords count the most. This is not a big secret, but if you have never gone through the process before, it can be daunting. Be Descriptive in Your App Name After your icon, the first thing your potential users will see is your app name. Make it count. For non-games apps, it means that your app name needs to be as explicit as possible from the very beginning. Basically, you need to find a good balance between keywords and branding. Image: Sensor Tower Updates

A Three Step Guide to Usability on the Mobile Web Designing mobile sites is a different kind of web design. Much like your first experience of designing for the desktop web, it can be both exhilarating and daunting in equal measures. So many possibilities, yet so many usability restrictions. Don't panic, we've been there too. This paper is our "101" guide to getting your design and usability principles right. We'll start by setting some mobile web design rules to live and die by... Five Rules for Designing Usable Mobile Web Sites 1: The mobile web is mobile2: Context is king3: The devices are (very) different4: Forget your dotcom thinking. Rule 1: The Mobile Web is Mobile Never overlook the obvious. Rule 2: Context is King When it comes to usability, context is everything. This point is critical to the success of your mobile site: your can no longer account for where your users are accessing your site from. Rule 3: The devices are (very) different Mobile devices are, of course, very different to desktop and laptop computers. Limit choices.