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Canvas Photos, Canvas Prints, Canvas Printing, Canvas Photo Prints, Print Photos, Photos On Canvas

Canvas Photos, Canvas Prints, Canvas Printing, Canvas Photo Prints, Print Photos, Photos On Canvas
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Philadelphia Creative Agency | Websites Graphic Design | Brand Identity Design - MKJ Creative Welcome to - Share anything Swedish! Community of Sweden was started in 2007 and our members uploaded thousands of photos and stories and there were numerous of great discussions in our forums. However, as the world around us is changing so must we and therefore we decided to close down Community of Sweden permanently April 30, 2013. We’re now focusing our presence on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We have more than thirty different sites in ten different languages and we hope that some of these will suit you. Facebook Danish, Skiferie Sverige: Dutch, Volg Zweden: Danish, MereSverige: English, Outdoor in Sweden: English, I like Sweden: English, Try Swedish (food): English, History of Sweden: Twitter Pinterest Flickr

Morninghead: Man's 5-Second Hairstylist Sometimes, the last thing you want to wake up to is morning head. It's unruly and it's hard to handle, yet it must be calmed before leaving the house. It especially must be calmed before facing your ball buster of a boss and his smokin' hot administrative assistant. So you stick your head under the faucet to wet and tame the offending strands. And then one of several disgruntling things happens: The water is too hot, and you crack your skull against the faucet retracting it too quickly. Kickstarter entrepreneur Max Valvarde has an elegantly simple, 5-second solution to all of the potential false starts above. Once the cap is removed, styling perfectly dampened hair takes mere seconds. Wring the cap out completely after each use, and it will last for up to 30 go-arounds.

bomomo Shop for Unique & Handcrafted Gifts. Every Order Guaranteed. Meet Our Team - Castus Design Gary Hides Technical Director Gary founded Castus in 2005 and has been instrumental at every stage of the company’s growth. Now fulfilling the role of Technical Director, where he has the responsibility of making sure all development output is to Castus' high standards. Always throwing in great ideas to really help clients get to the bottom of their online marketing or development issues. Michaela Fletcher Designer Michaela joined our team in February 2012 as a Junior Designer. Rob Bates Web Developer Rob joined our team in June 2008 as a junior web developer and very quickly grew to become part of our elite development team. Rob specialises in Front-end Development, Email Marketing, Joomla! Coco Kitchen Accounts & Office Administrator Coco joined our team in November 2011. Jonny Rimes Jonny joined our team in January 2012 after developing his skill set at another South Yorkshire agency before working Freelance. Jonny is our WordPress guru as well as specialising in Joomla! Chris Shorter

WordPress Social Network Software ? Blog BuddyPress 2.0 Release Candidate Published on April 13th, 2014 by Boone Gorges The first release candidate (RC1) for BuddyPress 2.0 is now available (zip). At this time, BP 2.0 is in a string freeze – we won’t be changing any more text between now and the final release. Questions, comments, concerns, bugs, praise? BuddyPress 2.0-beta2 Published on April 8th, 2014 by Boone Gorges The second (and hopefully final) beta for BuddyPress 2.0 is now available (zip). Fixed a potential out-of-memory fatal error in certain activity stream views. #2768Fixed broken SQL query format on certain activity stream views. #5503Improvements to profile visibility settings appearance #5352Fixed a bug where blog comments were not synced to the activity stream when the comment author ! Plugin authors, theme authors, and site administrators with access to dev environments: please get out there and test! Questions? BuddyPress 2.0 Beta 1 is now available Published on March 29th, 2014 by Boone Gorges Goal of Survey 1.

Welcome — 25 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls Family portrait by Lori Andrews (via designcrushblog) We all have family photos that we love. Most of them live well in photo albums but the best of them could and should be displayed throughout the house. It’s one of those things that add a personal touch of coziness to any interior decor. Besides, nowadays there are so many cool ways to display them that your family photos could even become a real design element. Displaying pictures could be challenging but we can and will make the process more easy for you. mixed and matched family photos Family photo heart display Family photo ladder Family photo tree Family photos above your sofa Family photo clocks Family photos around tv Family photos on wires Modern family photo tree Family photos on the whole wall (via pinterest) A large family photo covering the whole wall (via poppytalk) LOVE family photo display on clothspins (via bios) Historical family photo display (via skonahem) String lights family photo display (via pinterest)

15 Creative and Innovative Websites Integrated with Facebook and Twitter Integration with Twitter and Facebook is a widespread practice on many websites these days, whether it’s to login to a site, interact with other users using shared information, communicate with followers, etc. In this post we present a selection of websites that have made excellent use of Facebook and Twitter’s APIs to achieve really creative and innovative interactive experiences, grabbing users’ attention to become viral sites with a great impact on social networks. Remember that Facebook and Twitter both provide the necessary information for API integration on their respective developers’ pages. My Life in 20 Days Rosebud Agency Heineken - Open your world Station Agency Find Your Story Tweet Map Conoce Valencia de una forma diferente Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney Tweet Flight All for Bear Zoom In No homo phobes Lost Phone Experiment De Hele Dag #Delenalseenbass Met Vine Tune Core4

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