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Education Services Australia

Education Services Australia
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Resources Secondary Box – ELT – All your favourite English Teaching resources in one place – Cambridge University Press 'Programaciones Didácticas' for 'Next Generation' | Cambridge University Press Spain Added by: Secondary Box Here you will find 'Programaciones Didácticas' for 'Next Generation', available in Spanish and Catalan. Intermediate, Upper Intermediate... 'Programaciones Didácticas' for ESO and 'Interactive for Spanish Speakers' | Cambridge University Press Spain Here you will find the Programaciones available for ESO and 'Interactive'. Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Level 1... The Phrasal Verbs Machine Learn with The Amazing Phraso, our phrasal verbs expert. Pre-intermediate, Level 3 / 14-15... PAU Writing Practice | Cambridge University Press | ELT These authentic PAU Exam essay titles by Comunidad Autónoma will give your students practice in the... Speaking Practice | Next Generation | ELT Three different types of speaking worksheets per unit provide invaluable practice in this skill... Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper... Listening Practice | Next Generation | ELT Pre-intermediate, Level 4 / 15-16...

The e5 Instructional Model <div class='noindex'>You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.</div> Turn on more accessible mode Skip Ribbon Commands Skip to main content Emergency Closures Teacher Support Resources The e5 Instructional Model The e5 Instructional Model was launched in 2009. r 18 months, it is a reference point for school leaders and teachers to develop a deeper understanding of what constitutes high quality teacher practice in the classroom. 1. Develops shared normsDetermines readiness for learningEstablishes learning goalsDevelops metacognitive capacity 2. Prompts inquiryStructures inquiryMaintains session momentum 3. Presents new contentDevelops language and literacyStrengthens connections 4. Facilitates substantive conversationCultivates higher order thinkingMonitors progress 5. Assesses performance against standardsFacilitates student self assessment Disclaimer

Free Fonts - I Shot the Serif Welcome to I Shot the Serif, the webby home of Matthew Welch's fonts. My fonts are all free and available under an MIT-style license. Links The Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST) is the South Australian Government’s key agency driving employment, skills development, research and technology in the State. DFEEST works collaboratively to meet specific targets in South Australia’s Strategic Plan, with the goal to grow a vibrant economy and socially inclusive community by developing the State's workforce, skills base and lifelong learning opportunities, and by building the research and innovative capacity of South Australia. This site includes information on Skills for All which gives all South Australians access to world-class skills through a government-funded training subsidy, and for those who need it, plenty of support along their path to successful completion. We work with industry to ensure a stronger link between training and the skills our economy needs, while a demand-driven system enables students to select the training provider of their choice. website.

ESL EFL Teaching Activities Worksheets Games About the author : This website is maintained by Paul Floyd. I would describe myself best as a passionate amateur astronomer with 24 years experience (as at 2014) in running a range of education and public astronomy outreach activities. April 2012: I have just finished a simulated walk on Mars at the Victorian Space Science Education Center ( Contact details Email: Note that you are able to make a comment directly on each blog page. Professional background I am currently a primary school teacher with an active interest (and experience) in the teaching of Science in Primary schools. Prior to beginning work as as a school teacher in 2002, I ran my own education business (detailed below under the ‘Astronomy Education Activities) plus worked as an environmental education and outdoor education instructor on a casual basis with a range of organisations. I have two separate degrees – one in recreation management in planning and a second in primary teaching.

MyUniversity Moteurs de recherche d'images « libres de droits » — Enseigner avec le numérique Comme l'évoque le site Documentation Rouen, « les moteurs traditionnels de recherche, comme Google, Bing, Yahoo ou Ask offrent la possibilité de rechercher des images, mais les droits liés à l’utilisation de ces dernières ne sont généralement pas précisés : droit de l’information, droit de l’image, droit à l’image ». Des filtres par type de licence sont néanmoins parfois proposés par certains de ces outils. Des métamoteurs comme LibreStock et Photos for Class vont plus loin encore car ils permettent d'interroger en une seule fois une multiplicité de réservoirs. LibreStock s'inscrit dans cette démarche de collecte de reproductions placées sous licence CCO (domaine public) car il indexe différentes bases iconographiques spécifiques comme Pexels, Pixabay, Picjumbo ou Magdaleine. En complément, il est intéressant de signaler une autre initiative assez similaire baptisée Photos for Class. Sources Réseaux et médias sociaux

Monday musings on Australian literature: Writer-in-residence programs | Whispering Gums I’ve written before about Writers’ Retreats, which are sometimes framed as writer-in-residence programs. However, for this post, I want to focus not on those programs that are designed for writers to withdraw (retreat) to focus on a personal project, but on those for which engagement with the community in which they reside is a significant part of their role. I don’t know about you, but I come across these quite often out of the blue and love that they exist. Accor Hotels MGallery Literary Collection is a program in collaboration with Melbourne’s The Wheeler Centre. Bayside City Council Artist-in-Residence is open to visual artists, multimedia practitioners, writers and composers. Birrong High School Writer-in-residence was part of the ASA’s (Australian Society of Authors) Authors in Priority Schools program which aims to build “the narrative and literacy skills of school students, from K-12.” RMIT Writers-in-residence program is a fairly typical university program. Like this:

Certificate in Counselling - Counselling Courses courses - | STUDY Now Aust The Certificate in counselling is a comprehensive course for potential counsellors and perope looking for a career in counselling. It has three modules. Counselling Skills I Develop your ability to support or counsel others through the processes of personal growth and change. The course is divided into eight lessons as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Explain the processes involved in the training of counsellors in micro skills. Counselling Skills II 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Demonstrate the application of micro skills to different stages of the counselling process. Counselling Techniques Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy l: Freud (& Erikson); Jung Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy ll: Adler Humanistic/Existential Approaches I: Gestalt Therapy; Fritz Perls Humanistic/Existential Approaches II: Person-Centred Counselling; Carl Rogers Rational Behavioural Therapy: Albert Ellis Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Aaron Beck Behavioural Therapy: Solution-Focused Counselling:

Podcasts gratuits pour apprendre les langues Voici un répertoire de sites qui proposent gratuitement des flux de fichiers audio et/ou vidéo, voire de simples enregistrements (sans option d'abonnement) pour l’apprentissage de l’anglais, du français, de l’espagnol et d'autres langues principalement européennes. A condition d’avoir une certaine autonomie dans l’apprentissage, on peut y trouver de quoi se passer des exercices fastidieux de grammaire et des listes ennuyeuses de vocabulaire pour se concentrer uniquement sur la langue telle qu’elle est parlée et comprise par les locuteurs natifs. Les professeurs de langues peuvent également y trouver des ressources audio et/ou vidéo intéressantes à intégrer dans les cours ou à présenter aux élèves en tant que ressources complémentaires au support imprimé. Les podcasts proposés sont pour la plupart des ressources francophones et anglophones faciles d'accès. Pour les podcasts en langues asiatiques, voir notre répertoire ressources pour apprendre les langues asiatiques. Sommaire du répertoire