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Design - Creative Vision We focused the design of Android around three overarching goals, which apply to our core apps as well as the system at large. As you design apps to work with Android, consider these goals: Enchant me, Simplify my life, and Make me amazing Enchant me Beauty is more than skin deep. Android apps are sleek and aesthetically pleasing on multiple levels. Simplify my life Android apps make life easier and are easy to understand. Make me amazing It's not enough to make an app that is easy to use.

Everything You’ve Been Told About Mobile App Design By Developers Is Bullshit | Usability Counts | User Experience, Social Media Or, Design Your Own Mobile Application With These Nine Easy Steps… 2011 is the year of mobile. This year is the tipping point that’s really going to turn the World Wide Web into a “platform doesn’t matter” medium. If you’re doing User Experience and you don’t have a mobile app in your portfolio, you’d better get cracking. We’ve been working on a few applications as prototypes (iPad, iPhone, and Android), and I’m at version 1.1 of Pick An Excuse (finally iOS 3 compatible). If you have even an inkling of an idea, you should work on your own application — just for the experience. It’s All about Context, Baby I do all my best user research at the local bars here in San Francisco, California. Watching people use devices at Tony Nik’s is one of my favorite pastimes. Why? It’s because of the context. The fun thing about it is that all I have to do is ask a few questions, and they’ll tell me everything they love about their device — without having to buy them a drink. Keep It Simple Make It Social

iPhone & iPad: How to Make a Great App in 6 Easy Steps Last Updated Apr 5, 2011 2:01 PM EDT Think you could make a fortune building an iPhone or iPad app? You might be right. The web is riddled with stories about young developers who have made a mint by offering their games and applications through the iTunes store. Consider Freddie Anne Hodges, 12, who was "obsessed" with two things -- how tall she was getting and her iPhone. The message: If a Dallas-based middle-schooler can create an iPhone app, so can you. You just need to follow 6 easy steps. Step 1: Find your niche © 2011 CBS Interactive Inc..

Embracing the UX Spectrum As an industry, we have the tendency to think and talk about user experience design in either a Web or a software context, where the demand to humanize complex interactive systems has been the highest. But if we define a user as a person who uses a thing or a system, then the Web and software contexts represent just one space in which people have a “user experience.” Other equally important contexts abound, including products and services, advertising and marketing, gaming, and events and environments. In all contexts and throughout history, empathy, creativity, and systems thinking have played important roles in designing user experiences. But until the creation of complex software systems, the role and deeper practices of a UX designer weren’t necessary. With new technologies prominent in so many new contexts, UX designers are becoming more integral to the creation of systems and things outside of our Web and software spaces. Products and Services Advertising and Marketing Gaming Conclusion

HERSHEY'S Cocoa Bath Set HERSHEY'S Cocoa Bath Set Shared By: Savage Zoe 934 people like this ViewWishShareLike People Who Liked This Item Also Liked: Pyrex 6021224 Storage 10-Piece Set, Clear with Blue Lids Euphoria By Calvin Klein For Women. International Playthings My First Purse in Purple Every Thing On It e.l.f. Kleancolor Nail Lacquers 6 Color - *NEW* Pastel Spring Collection Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher Fashion Headbands MAC Lipstick Saint Germain OPI Nail Lacquer, Ski Teal We Drop, 0.5-Fluid Ounce View All Trending Gifts Chococo Dorset Luxury Chocolate Easter Dinosaur Egg 6 people like this ViewWishShareLike Found By #{text} Mapping In 1932, Charles O. Paullin and John K. Wright published Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States, a reference of almost 700 maps about a varied set of topics, such as weather, travel, and population. The Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond brought the atlas to digital life. In this digital edition we've tried to bring—hopefully unobtrusively and respectfully—Paullin and Wright’s maps a bit closer to that ideal. Not only are the maps overlaid on a slippy map, but the lab also added simple interactions with tool tips and animation so you can look more specifically at the data. I could spend all day (or several days) looking through this.

My first iPhone application Last month I wrote about some resources for learning Objective-C that I was using to learn how to write iPhone applications. Judging by the number of comments on that article, I thought that I should write a follow-up post about my progress and the status of my first iPhone application. Since I had a few programming classes in college (VB, C++), the logic of loops and decision statements was not a big hurdle. By using the learning resources like screencasts and books, I was able to get a better grasp of object-oriented programming (OOP) in general, and of course the syntax specific to Obj-C. When I felt comfortable with the basics, I started writing my first iPhone application. And then I made a rookie mistake... using floating point numbers for representing money. With my first program complete, I decided to try to submit it to Apple for review in hopes that they would put it on the App Store.

Tendência de UI: Flat Design - Choco La Design Flat design, ou “design plano”, é uma estética visual de interface que deixa de lado tudo que seja desnecessário visualmente. Sombras, drop shadows, relevos, […] Flat design, ou “design plano”, é uma estética visual de interface que deixa de lado tudo que seja desnecessário visualmente. Sombras, drop shadows, relevos, texturas e gradientes são deixados para trás, favorecendo layouts limpos, tipografia nítida e cores sólidas. Similar ao Microsoft’s Metro UI, essa nova tendência em design visual vem adquirindo cada vez mais adeptos, que seguem ao pé da letra a máxima “menos é mais”. O estilo vem sendo tão adotado que existe até um site de curadoria de sites que utilizam como estética o flat design. Sendo assim, nós resolvemos fazer uma seleção dos melhores sites que podem te inspirar em seu próximo projeto.

Tom Cruise plumbs the secrets of post-apocalyptic Earth in the first Oblivion trailer 1) Define "quality" as it looks as slick as every big budget trailer 2) Yeah. Don't know who those women are. Certainly didn't see one in a Bond film. And that black guy who's played everyone from the president to god, with a distinguished voice in every other commercial and won an Oscar is no one. 3. 4. 5. No, I meant the trailer, here, was all pixelated. Haven't seen the Bond movie. The ship has weaponry so they must at least allow for the fact it could get into a situation where they'll be used. I'm not nitpicking, I'm very much looking forward to seeing it. Please don't be so angry.... Personally I'm sort of glad modern trailer are "bad" in that they show us a lot of pretty stuff both explain very little. A few years ago, the big complaint was that all trailers revealed the whole story and showed the best parts. At least this trailer has people talking.

Guide to Website Navigation Design Patterns In web design, there are certain common design patterns that are used for interaction. Site navigation has a wide variety of common and familiar design patterns that can be used as a foundation for building effective information architecture for a website. This guide covers popular site navigation design patterns. For each site navigation design pattern, we will discuss its common characteristics, its drawbacks, and when best to use it. Top Horizontal Bar Navigation Top horizontal bar navigation is one of the two most popular kinds of site navigation menu design patterns out there. The top horizontal bar navigation design pattern is sometimes paired with drop-down menus whereby hovering on a navigation item reveals second-level child navigation items. Common Characteristics of Top Horizontal Bar Navigation Navigation items are text links, button-shaped, or tabbed-shapedHorizontal navigation is often placed directly adjacent to the site’s logoIt is often located above the fold Tabs Navigation

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