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A Behind the Scenes Video

A Behind the Scenes Video

Gmail Manager Firefox Extension Gmail changed the rules of email, bringing to the game the idea of “virtually infinite” mail storage, innovative features, and the speed and responsiveness of a desktop client in a web-native application. It is not surprising therefore that people migrated to the Gmail system. But for those managing multiple email accounts for different purposes, migrating to gmail came with a tiny bit of inconvenience: by default, you can only login to one Gmail account at any given time in one specific browser. Of course you can have multiple browsers running, but then again, there are really not that many browsers out there, especially that can fully support Gmail (with its fancy AJAX implementation). Then Gmail itself provided two solutions to this problem: auto-forwarding and POP mail access + Mail Fetcher in Gmail itself. The solution provided above works, but for some who wants a clear separation of inboxes, a Firefox extension provides a simple, no-frills solution.

Google Apologizes for Docs Outage A software upgrade that went wrong caused parts of the Google Docs cloud-hosted office productivity suite to go offline for an hour on Wednesday, a situation the company is taking steps to prevent. The outage made word processing document lists, documents, drawings and Apps Scripts unavailable to most Docs users, including people who use the software for work. Apparently, presentations and spreadsheets weren't affected. Changes made to improve real-time collaboration capabilities in the suite triggered an unexpected memory management bug which in turn tripped the system. "Since resolution, we have been assembling and scrutinizing the timeline of this event, and have assembled a list of steps which will both reduce the chance of a future event, decrease the time required to notice and resolve a problem, and limit the scope which any single problem can affect," wrote Alan Warren, a Google engineering director, in a blog post on Friday. alone productivity suite that is also part of Apps.

A note GMail: enlevez les pubs et remplacez-les par l’activité sociale Rapportive est un plugin pour Firefox et Chrome qui vous permet d’afficher la fiche contact «sociale» de l’expéditeur d’un message. Sur Gmail, lorsque vous ouvrez un mail, la photo et les médias sociaux auxquels adhère votre correspondant s’afficheront. Rapportive s’insère là où s’affiche habituellement la pub sur Gmail. En plus des liens vers les différents réseaux sociaux, vous obtiendrez les derniers tweets de votre contact depuis la fiche Rapportive. Vous n’avez pas à révéler vos informations personnelles pour utiliser ce service. Liens: Rapportive: Via: The Next Web et Read Write Web

Apps Status Dashboard <div id="aad-nojs">Please enable javascript to see the table containing service performance information.</div> Apps <div id='aad-nojs'>Please enable JavaScript to see the table containing service performance information.</div> Apps Status Dashboard This page offers performance information for Google Apps services. Check back here any time to view the current status of the services listed below. Products covered by Google Apps Service Level Agreement and Technical Support Service Guidelines: Products not covered by Google Apps Service Level Agreement: RSS Feed All times are shown in your local timezone unless otherwise noted. No Issues Service disruption Service outage Google Home - Privacy - About Google - Support

Inbox (1748) - emilyabarney - Gmail Images and B-roll – News from Google Talks and presentations Visit Google’s official YouTube channel for videos of executive talks, events and products. If you’re looking for transcripts, webcasts or earlier videos dating back to 2005, visit the archive. Media content If you prefer a different format or size for high resolution photos, please send your request to For YouTube images, please see the YouTube Brand site. For broadcast-standard video and other multimedia files visit the Multimedia Press Room. Select photo category: <h4>Leadership </h4> Larry Page CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Vic Gundotra Senior Vice President, Social <h4>Everyday life </h4> A cube in Mountain View Googlers (and dog) in Mountain View A sandwich bar in our Mountain View headquarters. Slide in Zurich <h4>Product Logos </h4> Google Cloud Platform Icon