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18 advanced iBooks Author tips

18 advanced iBooks Author tips
EmailShare 118EmailShare Last year I started working with iBooks Author and made my first iBook to use in class. A year later, I now have about 8 iBooks under my belt. At the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute 2013 in Cork I was lucky enough to spend two times a whole hour with people from the Duarte team (the people behind some great iBook Author Text Books and The Inconvenient Truth Slideshow). Below I will share some tips and tricks that have helped me through the writing and designing process. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.” 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Related posts:

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Create a Simple Quiz in 5 Easy Steps The Quiz Builder widget is a flexible tool that allows you to create easy to use quizzes in your eBooks created with iBooks Author. We want to show you just how easy it is to create a customized quiz widget that feels right at home in one of the free iBooks Author templates. The tutorial is broken down into these 5 easy steps: iBooks author and amazing widgets for learning iPad Published on April 27th, 2014 | by Mark Anderson iBooks 2 which was launched back in January 2012 was a massive step forward in the world of reading and learning. We were all wowed by the presentation shown at the Guggenheim Museum with the ‘Life On Earth’ example. It had impressive 3D interactive images.

iBooks Author For Dummies Cheat Sheet In addition to creating an e-book for use on the iPad, you may want to use your iBooks Author e-book’s text elsewhere, such as to create versions of your book for distribution as Kindle e-books or as ePub e-books that can be read on more devices than just the iPad. iBooks Author lets you export the book’s text so that you can create a version of the e-book in other programs (such as Sigil for ePub e-books). You can also create a PDF version of your e-book that can be read on all sorts of devices that use Adobe Systems’ Adobe Reader software, as well as those that use the included Preview application in Mac OS X and the built-in Quick Look technology in both Mac OS X and iOS. The export process is simple — just follow these steps:

iBA Tips and Tricks 01 Change hyperlink color: There are many predefined styles with each template, and they are modifiable. Hyperlink color is one of those 'styles'. Follow this process to change: How to add interactive widgets in iBooks Author iBooks are the most tactile things you will encounter on a digital platform – they’re made for fingers. You can swipe through galleries and presentations, scroll up and down sidebars, play audio and video, rotate 3D models, and tap to open image pop-overs and zoom into parts of large photos. And it’s really easy to add these elements to your own iBook using the Widgets menu in iBooks Author. All of the widgets are customisable too, whether it’s changing the shape and layout of an embedded video or setting the running order of photos inside your gallery.

How iBooks Author Stacks Up to the Competition [CHART] With the announcement of iBooks Author last week, the world of self-publishing seemed to open up a little wider, especially for authors looking for an easy way to format and distribute their own content. At the same time, people raised concerns about the content restrictions of the iBooks Author tool. According to the contract in iBooks Author, books that writers charge for through the iBooks 2 store are subject to fees, which isn't new — iTunes does the same thing with apps in the App Store. But the contract also stipulates books created with the Author tool may only be sold in the iBooks 2 store, and nowhere else. While some writers may deem the Apple iBooks store an adequate revenue stream, others may not welcome the regulations. Still, self-publishing holds potential for many authors, especially now that 29% of U.S. adults own some kind of tablet or ereader.

10 Great Tutorials to Create Interacive eBooks Using iBook Author Are you planning to give iBooks Author a place in your classroom? The video tutorials below will definitely give you a hand. As you know by now, iBooks Author is one of the formidable apps available in the iTunes store. It allow users to create interactive ebooks and share them with the rest of the world. How to Create Web Widgets for iBooks Author iBooks Author provides HTML objects that can contain HTML snippets (what Apple calls web widgets), which let you run website-like functionality from an e-book. You can’t just copy the HTML code for a standard web page; you have to create what Apple calls a web widget by using its Dashcode tool, a free download from the Apple website (it does require that you register as a developer). To add an HTML object, choose HTML in the Widgets icon menu in the toolbar or choose Insert→Widget→HTML. To get the web widget code into a selected HTML object, you have a couple of options: Drag the Dashcode widget file from the Finder onto the object.

Downloads Windows | Mac | Linux Download the latest Jutoh release here. Until registered, it will act as a demonstration with a few limitations. 10 ways to use iBook Author in education EdTech Published on December 29th, 2013 | by Mark Anderson Obviously not exhaustive, but a few more ‘creative’ ideas for using Apple’s brilliant free piece of software, iBook Author rather than the traditional ways you might use it. 1 – An obvious use it to write your own iBook about your teaching practice, so that you can share your ideas with the wider education community. The end result is very professional, and with time spent, the skills needed to use it are not too hard to learn. If you want to extend your book further too, there are lots of widgets you can add in, such as the ones in iAd Producer and other third party widgets from other developers.

Introduction to Dashboard Reference This document contains reference material for creating Dashboard widgets. It documents the JavaScript objects available to widgets and the interfaces used to configure and extend the behavior of a widget. It also covers the Objective-C interface used to create widget plug-ins.