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Must Watch Documentaries | Watch Free Documentaries | - Spread the Word The Belief in Authority is a Superstition "In truth, the belief in "government" is a religion, made up of a set of dogmatic teachings, irrational doctrines which fly in the face of both evidence and logic, and which are methodically memorized and repeated by the faithful. Like other religions, the gospel of "government" describes a superhuman, supernatural entity, above mere mortals, which issues commandments to the peasantry, for whom unquestioning obedience is a moral imperative." Social Media is Full of Fake Comments Reddit is being gamed by professional shills every day. Point investigates how widespread the problem of fake comments and fake votes is in their Reddit For Sale follow-up video. PR firms Create Propaganda for US Government Real Scientific Evidence of Controlled Implosion "The preconceived notion of NIST is that there's no evidence for explosives, as in there is no point in looking. Open-Sourced Blueprints for Civilization Inspiring Spoken Word On Freedom "This is my voice. T.

How to Fund Your Movie: A Guide to the Basics of Film Finance Financing is an important (and often dreaded) aspect of the making of any movie. Without money, films can't exist, but it's often the topic with the least amount of information floating around. If you're considering funding a movie or producing a film, Matthew Helderman has come up with a handy guide to get you started understanding all of the different ways you can get financing for a movie. This is a guest post by Matthew Helderman of Buffalo8 and BondIt. The difficulty in raising capital for any venture is two-fold: firstly, the market is crowded with opportunities that are currently earning strong returns. When raising capital for a film project -- even more elements come in to play: talent, timeline, creative, and multiple financiers needing to feel comfortable with the structures and scheduling. Before we go any further, let's define the most common categories of film finance. Equity Pre-Sales Gap Tax Incentives Deferred & Crowdfunding Private Equity Agencies Strength of Team & Experience

Movidiam. Connect, Collaborate, Create. oakland Documentary Heaven | Watch Free Documentaries Online Her Shadow A short film that follows a young girl who is sent to live with her estranged Aunt due to her father's gambling addiction. Her Shadow follows 17 year old Maura as she is forced to live with her estranged Aunt after her father is sent to prison for embezzlement. She enters the household with negative preconceived notions, which quickly dissipate after she uncovers the truth behind her family's estrangement. As film students in our final academic year, we wanted to create a film that would challenge us and inspire us to create something incredible. We decided to tell a story that deals with family and the complicated relationships that come with it. After several months of blood, sweat, smiles, stole wallets, broken windows and tears, we have been able to self-fund the film through pre-production, production and post production. Each festival averages at around $30-$50 per submission with only a 1 in 20 chance of being accepted and we want to give Her Shadow as big of a chance as we can!

Marcela y el mar – Los suicidios de Sara | [BZ]Cine! MARCELA Y EL MAR es el primer episodio desarrollado en el proyecto “Los suicidios de Sara”, una película que se realiza sin guión, sin plan de producción y que se crea durante los viajes a festivales de cine o de producción realizados por su director Miguel Urrutia, director de Grupo Enmente ( precursor del mmovimiento “Cine recursivo” ( El proyecto se define la primera película Cowdsoursing (De creación colectiva) de BZCine.COM y un proyecto visionario, donde los actores, directores de festivales, productores locales y la gente en Internet modela y direcciona el resultado final de la historia. Si desea seguir otros episodios de este proyecto, lo invitamos a consultar la página oficial en o el fanpage en facebook Sinopsis Marcela y Luis son fotógrafos. Ficha téncnica Estado actual del proyecto Música El autor busca músicos que interpreten instrumentos indígenas y tradicionales de la costa atlántica. Diseño de sonido y mezcla

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