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Beddit Sleep Tracker - Follow and improve your health & wellness

Beddit Sleep Tracker - Follow and improve your health & wellness
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fuseproject diagnoses illness + treatment with kernel of life nov 28, 2013 fuseproject diagnoses illness + treatment with kernel of life fuseproject diagnoses illness + treatment with kernel of lifeimages are courtesy of fuseproject ‘kernel of life’ as a wearable device three colors of the ‘kernel of life’ upon opening, the device is embedded with a bio-sensor device is embedded with a four quadrant bio-sensing absorbent pad that can test the blood, saliva, urine and breath. reminders prompt information such as medicine intake and doctor’s visits the results are transmitted via bluetooth to a mobile application the cycle of the cloud-based test and treatment system nina azzarello I designboom Home - Hocoma Withings - Smart products and apps - Homepage Honeywell Life Care Solutions Healthcare system in India- Important facts you should know about - Healthcare IT Solutions India is the only country in the whole world that is performing development with large number of facts and this is also accepted by the other people that India is more powerful and also has a great knowledge in all the fields more than others. Healthcare software services may be a new concept for India and its population but with the help of Vedas and old books, this is making efforts in the medical field from the hundreds of years. Most of the countries have make a great research related to the medical field but do you know that what they are observing now with the help of hi tech machines, our pundits and writers of those Vedas have already mentioned in their experiences. India is a powerful country but now this is also accepted by the other countries strongly. In India, approximately 70 percent population is still living in rural areas and have to face lots of health problems and other related problems due to some circumstances.

Medical Alert System | MobileHelp® How tech and smartphones are transforming the infrastructure-intensive healthcare industry “When we were building Wockhardt Hospitals, for over 19 years we had close to 3,000 beds and were the second largest. And the largest hospital boasts of 7,000 beds. Currently, there’s a spend of close to USD 1,85,000 per bed. One of the biggest problems in the country is infrastructure development,” said Vishal Bali of Medwell Ventures at the Decoding Healthcare event by Unitus Seed Fund in Bengaluru this week. For a population of over a billion people, the healthcare market in India is growing at CAGR 17 per cent. Growing sector but many hurdles The Ministry of Health, Government of India, stated that in the 2016 financial year, there will be development of 50 technologies for the treatment of diseases like cancer and tuberculosis. There seems to be a global shift towards focussing on the preventive cure and wellness segment. “But the bigger equation of accessibility and affordability is what constantly plays healthcare,” added Vishal. Four Ps of healthcare Prescribing apps

Raiing Medical Company Analysis: 103 FDA regulated mobile medical apps | MobiHealthNews There are now more than 100 mobile medical apps registered with or cleared by the FDA as medical devices, according to MobiHealthNews’ just-updated report, aptly named: The 103 FDA Regulated Mobile Medical Apps. When we first published our extensive round-up of FDA regulated mobile medical apps in December 2012, we found 75 apps in FDA’s databases. This time around we added those that received clearance in 2013 as well as a handful of Class I devices we weren’t able to find in time for our last report. No mobile medical apps sought premarket approval as Class III devices in 2013, which was no surprise. “If we move up to the next level — Class III — that requires a premarket approval application. Actually, the FDA did once clear a mobile medical app as a Class III device — 11 years ago — way back in 2002. Learn more about the 103 FDA Regulated Mobile Medical Apps by getting your copy from the MobiHealthNews Research Store today!