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Lucky Mojo: Hoodoo, Magic, Mojo Hands, Occult Shop, Sacred Sex,

Lucky Mojo: Hoodoo, Magic, Mojo Hands, Occult Shop, Sacred Sex,
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Download Occult, Esoteric, Magic, Rare Books And Texts. Grimoires, Spellbooks, Manuscripts For Free Magickal Education for Youths & Adults alike! | Grey School of W Occult Underground - Portal to Esoteric Knowledge National Geographic: Minerals, Gems Information More than 4,000 naturally occurring minerals—inorganic solids that have a characteristic chemical composition and specific crystal structure—have been found on Earth. They are formed of simple molecules or individual elements arranged in repeating chains, sheets, or three-dimensional arrays. Minerals are typically formed when molten rock, or magma, cools, or by separating out of mineral-rich water, such as that in underground caverns. Rocks themselves are made of clusters or mixtures of minerals, and minerals and rocks affect landform development and form natural resources such as gold, tin, iron, marble, and granite. Silicates—including quartz, mica, olivine, and precious minerals such as emeralds—are the most common class of minerals, as well as the major components of most rocks. Gemstones Many minerals form beautiful crystals, but the most prized of all are gemstones. Historically gems have been divided into precious and semiprecious classes.

WitchVox This week the Witchvox staff would like to honor the work of Bronwen Forbes and thank her for her light, her wit and her incredible service to our communities. We claim this space and time to point you to her most popular Witchvox articles and other testimonials around the Pagan 'Net. I regret to announce that Bronwen (Rhomylly) Forbes, 48, passed away late Sunday night, April 10th, due to heart complications apparently brought on by the chemotherapy she was undergoing to treat her inflammatory breast cancer. She died in the arms of her husband, Alex, and our prayers and thoughts are with him and their daughter, Rose. A writer and craftswoman, she is the author of two books for Llewellyn: the amazing Make Merry In Step and Song: A Seasonal Treasury of Music, Mummer's Plays and Celebrations in the English Folk Tradition, and the forthcoming The Small-Town Pagan's Survival Guide: How to Thrive in Any Community, due out this June. Farewell, Rhomylly, and a fair wind for your journey.

The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows Tutorial « APOCalyptic PRODuctions About the book: The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows, written by Aristide Torchia, Venice 1666. A book purportedly based on the abhorred Delomelanicon(a tome said to have been written by the Devil himself!). Torchia, along with his blasphemous works, were put to the flame in 1667. But Torchia revealed that he had left one copy behind. The problem is that three copies of the “Nine Gates” are known to exist, one owned by Victor Fargas, one by the Kessler Foundation, and one recently acquired by Boris Balkan. This is the premise of Roman Polanski’s film, “The Ninth Gate”. I have had a large number of requests for a guide on how to make your own Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows. This is not a project for the timid. I will not make the book for you. What you will find here is some of the text and engravings and some mini-tutorials about how to age the pages (if you’re printing on white paper) and even how to recreate a binding of sorts. Just to answer some of the questions up front.

Phases of the Moon Enter a year between 1700 and 2035 in the form below and press the "Get Data" button to obtain a calendar showing the dates of the primary phases of the Moon for that year. Definitions For definitions of the phases, see the explanation of Phases of the Moon and Percent of the Moon Illuminated in the Astronomical Information Center. Time Format In the output table, d, h, m indicate day, hour, minute, respectively, of Universal Time. Computing the Phase for a Particular Day Several of our Data Services will compute the fraction of the Moon illuminated for particular days. The Occult - Occultopedia: The Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia Welcome to Occultopedia, the premier internet index of the paranormal, occult and inexplicable. In addition to being the foremost online destination for information about the supernatural, unusual phenomena and the occult, Occultopedia also features a variety of resources for the pagan community, new age buffs, unexplained phenomena enthusiasts, curious minds, and skeptics as well.Occultopedia is the genuine article, the original and the best internet index of the extraordinary and uncanny, shamelessly copied by many, but never equaled. Online since 1995 — at first in a free web space provider, and in 1997 finally with its own domain name and hosting — Occultopedia still is the principal online resource for those looking for the unexplained, the curious and the unusual. Occultopedia is a work in progress, and is not completed. There are so many aspects to the occult and the extraordinary, it would be next to impossible to actually finish such a project.