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One Guy With A Marker Just Made The Global Warming Debate Completely Obsolete

One Guy With A Marker Just Made The Global Warming Debate Completely Obsolete

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Climate Change Will Probably Ruin These 9 Delicious Foods By 2050, So Brace Yourselves While the next four decades aren't likely to see an agricultural apocalypse, it's pretty likely that some foods will be harder to come by -- due to increased costs and decreased supply -- as harvesting becomes more difficult due to rising temperatures and irregular weather patterns spurred by climate change. Here are a few of the food items you should be most concerned about. A decent cup of coffee. The Arabica coffee bean comes from finicky plants growing in developing nations heating up around the equator. (There are other variants, such as Robusta, but most people agree they're gross.)

Crystal Tips and Healing Prescriptions - Crystal Guidance - Iceweasel SHARE this page: How to work with crystals for healing: Simply carrying your crystals with you or wearing them as jewelry is the easiest and an effective way of working with these crystal helpers. You can carry or wear your crystals when ever you feel the need or you can wear them all the time. That is totally up to you. For me personally, I wear my crystals for particular problems when they flair up. Justin Trudeau shares 'steadfast' Keystone XL support in D.C. - World Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau concluded his first visit to the U.S. capital on Friday after a series of meetings with White House officials and others and following a panel discussion a day earlier where he touted the benefits of building the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Trudeau appeared Thursday on a panel with Madeleine Albright, former U.S. secretary of state, and Julia Gillard, Australia’s former prime minister, at a conference hosted by the Centre for American Progress. The Montreal MP said during the talk that he supports TransCanada’s proposed pipeline that would carry crude oil from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast because it would be good for Canada and the U.S. He acknowledged that his position may have surprised some in an audience that would have included strong critics of the project.

Rising Seas While seas are rising globally, the phenomenon is not occurring at even rates around the world. A 2012 study by the U.S. Geological Survey concluded that sea levels along the East Coast will rise three to four times faster than the global average over the next century. While levels worldwide are expected to rise an average of two to three feet by 2100, they could surge more than six feet along the Atlantic seaboard. French Seam Instructions Learn how to make a French Seam and incorporate this strong and easy-to-make seam into your projects. Pillowcases are a great project to try it out on, since they will go through many wash cycles and pillow fights. Transcript:

Keystone XL and Canadian tar sands are incompatible with solving climate change The exploitation of the tar sands in Alberta, Canada - which may contain more oil than the entire world has consumed to date – has attracted considerable controversy lately. Massive expansion of tar sands operations are planned, but this cannot happen if many new pipelines out of landlocked Alberta are not built. Two such pipelines – Enbridge Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan Transmountain – would cross through British Columbia and have ignited such fierce opposition that they have little prospect of going forward.

Just what is going on in this climate of ours? Trying to understand what’s actually going on in the world’s climate seems like it might be truly impossible. For one thing, there are so many different factors at work. Everything from how light travels through the atmosphere to how the winds move the ocean around to how rain hits the ground has an effect on what actually happens on Earth both now and in the future. That also means there’s absolutely no use in looking at each piece individually … to understand what’s really going on, the climate jigsaw puzzle needs to be complete. That, says climate scientist Gavin Schmidt, is where climate modeling comes in.

The Afghan-Pakistan militant nexus - Iceweasel 5 February 2013Last updated at 06:04 ET The Afghan-Pakistan border region has become the front line in the war against Islamic militants. The area is a patchwork quilt of territory where militant groups have gained strength in some places but lost ground in others. The BBC's M Ilyas Khan reports. Kabul's writ has never run strong in the remote southern plains of Helmand province which is why it emerged as the most significant Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan immediately after the US-led invasion of 2001. Further south, across the border in Pakistan, lies the equally remote Noshki-Chaghai region of Balochistan province.

Stephen Harper’s environment minister casts doubt on climate change OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s environment minister is casting doubt about scientific observations of melting summer sea ice in Canada’s north. In a short televised interview on CTV’s daily political show, Power Play, Leona Aglukkaq suggested that scientific observations were not as important as the Harper government’s priorities in its new role as chair of a group of Arctic nations. When asked whether the ice was melting in the Arctic, considered by climate scientists to be part of the evidence of global warming, Aglukkaq said there may or may not be changes underway. UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Roll your cursor over any region to view potential impacts Africa Increased water stress for 75–250 million people by 2020 Loss of arable land, reduced growing seasons, and reduced yields in some areas Threats to low-lying coastal areas posed by sea-level rise Further degradation of mangroves and coral reefs Decreased fish stocks in large lakes