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Hanty Panty / underwear making

Hanty Panty / underwear making

Robe douillette polaire beige - les chiffons de pucerone Une robe toute douce et chaude pour les grands froids Lip Balm Holder Lip Balm Holders are such a fun project to share with your friends. I first came across this idea when my friend pointed out Renee Ondrajka's cute Lip Balm Holders at Splitcoaststampers. You can view Renee's original Lip Balm Holder pattern here . 1. 2. Cut a 1-½” slot 1-¼” in from both sides of the card stock. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Timesaver Tip A : If you will be making more than one lip balm holder, you can save time by making yourself a template. Timesaver Tip B : Now with your actual inside piece follow step one and then trace the lines from the template onto your card stock with pencil. Timesaver Tip C : If you fold your card stock along the score line that intersects the middle of your pencil lines. Here are some lip balm holders that my stamp club hostess made for the guests at this month's club meeting. If you have a question, please leave me a comment and I will update my blog with your answer.

Boobie Scarves, PinSanity #1 Patron de jupe amazone . Mercredi 6 juin 2007 3 06 /06 /Juin /2007 16:21 Quand j'ai vu cette jupe "amazone"sur le magazine espagnol "Patrones " cet hiver, je n'ai pas beaucoup aimé :trop long, trop lourd ,pas portable à moins de faire 1,90m,de ne pas avoir le moindre arrière train et d'être sans arrêt en virvolte !! à une caricature d'un modèle de Vivien Westwood ...voir là .. à gauche cette jupe à rayures ! Donc :style adopté mais.... revu, plus court, un peu moins ample et simplifié au niveau couture !! (Vue de dos...mon arrière ..!! modèle expérimental oblige et ,de plus ,je trouve que ça lui donne un petit côté "samouraï" japonisant intéressant le noir ! Autres possibilités: faire de vraies jupes amazones .. des patrons à télécharger sur un vrai site de cavalières ici : , cherchez l'article du 1/03/06 ou bien encore ,carrément historique et en anglais:ici mais alors là : accrochez vous... à votre cheval .. !!

leather journal book tutorial-recover a journal This is an easy way to recover a journal and make it look pretty unique! I made this one for my brother-in-law, Nick. I hope he likes it! It took me about 2 hours to make. I cut extra straps of leather and wrapped them around the book. I'm glad I could make him something that he will record his experiences in and have as a family history for the rest of his life. Easy Pattern Drafting | Your Wardrobe Unlock'd by Cathy Hay “Using your individual measurements, a pattern is drafted by scratch using the most exacting of standards. It's very clinical and scientific. Everything is measured with a ruler to the greatest degree of precision possible, much like an engineering drawing, using a drafting square and a scale formula. It's extremely complicated, and everything must be checked and double-checked. There are slightly different methods you can use, but they all involve a lot of measuring and calculation. The bespoke clothing industry and the patternmaking industry make pattern drafting seem terribly complicated and mysterious, and why not? But let's cut them a little slack. Although patterns are made and sold for our convenience, available in a range of convenient sizes, most of us know that this still does not guarantee a well-fitting garment. And so the single most freeing skill that a sewer or costumer can have is to learn to draft his or her own patterns. Before we begin

Le Chasseur Fran ais N 607 Avril 1946 Page 166 Voici, pour les premiers beaux jours, un gentil corsage que vous pourrez-confectionner avec un lainage léger ou une rayonne unie ou à rayures. Si vous désirez quelque chose de plus habillé, vous pourrez l’exécuter en dentelle, dont l’achat ne nécessite pas de points. Mesures à prendre. — Entourer tout d’abord la taille d’un ruban étroit attaché très serré. Prendre successivement les mesures suivantes : Longueur de la taille devant (prise de la base du cou jusqu’au bas du ruban de taille). Longueur du dos (prise de la première vertèbre dorsale jusqu’au bas du ruban de taille). Demi-largeur devant (prise 3 centimètres au-dessous du cou). Demi-largeur dos (prise au quart supérieur de la longueur du dos). Demi-contour de poitrine (au plus fort de la poitrine). Hauteur du dessous de bras (prise de l’aisselle jusqu’au bas du ruban de taille). Tracé. AB. — Tracer une horizontale égale au demi-contour de poitrine augmenté de 1 centimètre pour donner de l’aisance. KK’. — Longueur de la taille devant.

8 Strand Spiral Braid A basic spiral braid is a great technique to know – it’s useful for anything from making friendship bracelets to making color matched cord for button loops or shoelaces. Supplies: - braiding disk pattern (download/print the disk pattern by clicking here) - cardstock - paper friendly glue - scissors and utility/exacto knife - string to braid with – I used embroidery floss in this example Print the pattern on cardstock or paper. Cut the hole through the center, and all of the little notches on the edge. Cut 4 strands of embroidery floss to fold in half, or cut 8 strands and tie them together in an overhand knot. 12 inches of embroidery floss made 7 inches of braid for me, but tension and materials will make that vary. Arrange your threads as shown, popping them into the cuts in the edge of the disk. Move the threads as shown in the following photos: Move the right thread from the top pair to the right on the bottom. Move the left from the bottom pair to the left at the top.