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other things: i have come to the conclusion a knitty crochet skirt is not to be mine. after numerous starts, lots of maths, several folks help, i have declared, enough is enough. so i am going to embark on a crochet skirt instead, it is to be made out of a glorified rectangle, for rectangles and squares are my friends. i see it in my head, whether i will ever see it on my body is quite a different thing. it has dawned on me, knitting is not my friend because i aim too big and too high. i have shifted my aim to smaller and lower, and am thinking this will be my break through. i have in my mitts a most marvelously peachy book called Lullaby Knits which i found at Tolt, once again whilst doing a bit of dusting and pattern shelf rearranging.

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All Things Lovely I am little obsessed with Instagram at the moment, especially since I'm doing the Photo A Day challenge. Friends sometimes ask what apps I use for all my photos so I thought I'd share my favourites. This isn't a sponsored post, just my favourite and most used apps. I take the majority of my photos just with the camera on the iPhone. I never use the camera in the Instagram App, and will only edit my photos in Instagram if I'm in a hurry. I do love the Brannan filter though.

Oh, Fransson! Today is my stop on the blog tour for the lovely and talented Jennifer Sampou's new fabric collection, Shimmer. Shimmer includes nature-inspired prints in beautiful earth tones, all with a little bit of irridescent, sparkling shimmer. Continue reading "Shimmer Fabric Blog Tour" » naughty shorts! Hello folks! I know its been a while. I have been having a world of trouble with our Internet service. Sheesh! I wouldn't even know where to start telling you about it so I am just not going to bother. Susie Harris: Inspiration...pass it on! *** Because someone asked..yes! I have one in my Etsy if you would like...smiles~*** Oh have I got a good one for you today {I hope}. What I want most out of this blog is to connect with you girls. My prayer is that you leave every post with a giggle,touched heart,new found friendship or INSPIRATION! And I have some for you!

artsy-crafty babe So yes, I’ve been knitting. You know how it is when the mood strikes. I blame the cold weather. Knitting just feels right in cold weather, doesn’t it? Because I tend to over commit myself, I decided to start off with something small, something easily finishable. I knit a cowl. Sweet Pickins Furniture Oh man, how i LOVE old doors!!! I am seriously a door hoarder!! But, im trying to start repurposing them to get them cleared out! A couple of years ago, i took an old single panel door,painted the frame white and then chalkboard in the middle and hung it horizontally on the wall for my craftroom.

angry chicken I made this arrangement last month. I forgot how pretty it was. I am trying to do at least one arrangement a month, if not every two weeks, using Trader Joe's flowers, or items from the yard. dip-dye lamp & pillow when summer rolls around, i try as hard as possible to freshen up the cave that is my apartment. while the darkness does help to keep rooms cool, the mood can get a little depressing if i don’t inject a jolt of summer here and there. if you have a plain fabric lampshade, pillow, or any scrap fabric lying around, then you can easily create a completely new set of home textiles that have a lovely airiness and fresh color. dip dye is a very easy process; you can adjust the color saturation in a snap by adding water or dye, and you just keep dipping until you like the results! it’s good to have a few scrap pieces of fabric around for color tests, and a nice outdoor spot or some tarp to work on (as you can probably guess, it can get a bit drippy). you can also mix dyes to make an amazing range of hues, so feel free to experiment. have fun! -kate CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! cost: dye: $5-10 buckets:$5

A l'ombre du marronnier I don't care for what Facebook does to my sanity, my time or my image. Before I dive into explaining all that, please don't take this personally if you're someone that enjoys Facebook. These are simply my ideas and experiences with the site. I don't aim to be a know it all on the subject. I simply am sharing my thoughts because I don't want those of you that have seen me pop in there to wonder what happened. Free Downloadable Templates, Forms and Samples » Templates see it clearly Learn more Free Downloadable Templates Templates, Forms and Samples Templates, forms and samples can be huge time savers.