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Dottie angel

Dottie angel
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Crazy Domestic Oh, Fransson! Today is my stop on the blog tour for the lovely and talented Jennifer Sampou's new fabric collection, Shimmer. Shimmer includes nature-inspired prints in beautiful earth tones, all with a little bit of irridescent, sparkling shimmer. Continue reading "Shimmer Fabric Blog Tour" » I really love the 14" center of the Aviatrix Medallion and I think it looks fantastic as a larger block. Continue reading "Aviatrix Pillows" »

make it for mom - mother's day roundup ohhhh, here it is folks! here's the monster of a post that's kept me up late the last few nights while i endure my braxton hicks.....the make it for mom mother's day roundup that i guest blogged over on "made" for celebrating mom! pop on over to made and check it out! To me, motherhood comes in many forms. being someone who thought she may never be able to have children of her own i learned through my own personal struggle that motherhood is in our lives in places we may not always want to look, such as adoption, in-vitro, surrogacy, etc., but it's there, patiently waiting. Being a mom is something that can be made. Row 11. rope necklace 2. leather chain necklace 3. leather bracelet 4. ruffled scarf Row 25. springy rings 6. zipper daisy 7. mother's day corsage 8. necklace Row 11. ruffle necklace 2. embroidered scarve 3. hair bandRow 24. no elastic headband 5. camera/cell/ipod pouch 6. skinny headband Row 11. (with some crochet thrown in for fun!)

crafting with love happy loves rosie All Things Lovely I am little obsessed with Instagram at the moment, especially since I'm doing the Photo A Day challenge. Friends sometimes ask what apps I use for all my photos so I thought I'd share my favourites. This isn't a sponsored post, just my favourite and most used apps. I take the majority of my photos just with the camera on the iPhone. I never use the camera in the Instagram App, and will only edit my photos in Instagram if I'm in a hurry. I do love the Brannan filter though. Mt first normal step is to open the photo on Afterlight. Once I've done that I often want to add a filmy grain to it. Once I've jazzed it all up, I'll either move it to Snapseed or Camera+. Last step is moving into Camera+ to add the border. What are your favourite apps?

How About Orange elsie marley Fil Hélène Point Comme... Il n'y a rien à faire, docteur, addiction totale et définitive , mes mains ne veulent plus lâcher mes aiguilles.... Tant mieux, cela me donne l'occasion de vous montrer plein de petites choses, oui, je sais, mes billets ne sont pas très fréquents, mais voilà, tricoter ou taper sur un clavier, il faut choisir , mais là, franchement les trucs à photographier commencent à s'amonceler, je prends donc mon courage à deux mains et laisse tomber mes aiguilles Je commence par encore un Honey Cowl, oui, oui, encore, cela fait mon troisième, vous ne verrez pas le second, il est autour du cou de garçon 2 et pas eu le temps de faire la photo qui convient...Celui-ci a été plié en une après-midi 5 pelotes de Mérinos d'Anny Blatt utilisée en double (la dernière pelote fut divisée en deux)aiguille circulaire n° 6,5160 mailles au montagelaine trouvée à La boîte à Tricots à Avignon Ah ah, vous vous demandez ce qu'est ce bout de gilet qui se cache sous mon Honey, me le faites pas Édit du 9 février ?

Torie Jayne

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