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Free Patterns and Tutorials

Free Patterns and Tutorials
FREE Patterns and Tutorials Click on a picture for more details on each pattern or select from the list on the left:

5 Fantasy Crystal Bicone Bead Jewelry Tutorials | Brandywine Jewelry Supply Blog Crystal beads are one of the most popular types of beads in jewelry making. And little wonder, with their beautiful colors and sparkle. They give class and elegance to your project, whether you are making earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Today I have tracked down FIVE gorgeous crystal bead projects for you to try. About your choice of crystals for these projects– Have you heard of Preciosa? Quality, Clarity, Sparkle, and Affordability too, Preciosa is a quality manufacturer of genuine czech cut crystal beads. For designs using bicone beads you will also need beading supplies such as beading needles that are small enough to fit through the hole of the bead several times and thread to string the beads on, such as FireLine. First, try a beginning beading pattern for a simply stunning crystal bracelet with small seed bead accents. Crystal Bracelet #14 “Cut nylon thread around 150 – 170 cm. Original Source : Be Jeweled Earrings Tutorial

How to Make Jewelry for Everyone - Easiest Fastest Bestest Endless Summer When my dad was a teenager he lived in Oceanside, near the beach, and was part of the surf community down there. He and his friends used to go to watch Bruce Brown's movies, back when that meant that Bruce himself would narrate the film footage from the back of the room with a microphone. If you haven't seen The Endless Summer you should check it out. It's a peek into the surf culture of the '60s. And I particularly enjoy it because it's funny to think that my parents were ever that impossibly young... Myself? Still, I love the laid-back beachy vibe. So, inspired by the beach, I've created some jewelry that every surfer girl needs (even if the only thing she surfs is the internet). Surfer Girl Necklace/Bracelet approx 23" long Supplies: Beads (I used some potato-shaped freshwater pearls that I picked up on sale. Thread all of your beads onto the hemp cord. Once all of your beads are on, make a slip knot in the front end of your cord (the end you were just using as you put the beads on).

DIY Fashionable Handmade Jewelry TutorialsHandmade-Jewelry-Club Wear these plain, fashionable ball drop earrings to add some delicate and sparks to your look night and day. These ball drop earrings are well-embellished and ideal for adding a subtle shine to your outfit. For jewelry enthusiast who like to be noticed, this fashionable and flowing design will dance beautifully around your ears and for your entire playful jewelry statement. This tutorial involves awesome and detailed instruction that shows you a specific instruction to create a stunning piece. You can get this Gloria’s fashionable statement for less, but with cool, simple-to-follow craft. Aimee shared a very simple way to create a fashionable statement in any outfit as well as, to form a unique necklace on your own. This necklace compromised a large, valiant, and chunky piece that exudes a feminine and refined touch. A great way to expand your fashionable jewelry collection and take your creativeness is to make several pieces by yourself.