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Free Patterns and Tutorials

Free Patterns and Tutorials
FREE Patterns and Tutorials Click on a picture for more details on each pattern or select from the list on the left:

123BEAD - Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Tutorials, Projects & Kits The jewelry you make from this design is yours do with as you please. You may make it as often as you like without any restrictions. For example, you can make this jewelry for yourself, for friends, or to sell. While I assert no rights over the finished jewelry made from these instructions, the photography/images and text on this page are copyrighted as follows: Copyright Erin Weik. This copyright applies only to the document above, and does not apply to the rest of the website content, images and text, for which I retain full rights.

How to Make Jewelry for Everyone - Easiest Fastest Bestest Gemstone Properties » Spirited Stones Throughout history gemstones have been used for their healing properties and in spiritual practices. The energy that the stones imparted to their wearers made the rare and beautiful gems precious. Today, science recognizes the inherent powers of gemstones in the technological uses of crystals in watches, lasers, and computers. However, the more subtle influences, such as their ability to promote physical healing in the body, or their power to help balance human emotions, elude modern science. Read about the fascinating healing properties of gemstones below. Agate Agate comes in a variety of colors. It is said to enhance one’s perceptiveness and to stimulate analytical capacity. Agate is believed to help discern truth, accept circumstances and encourage honesty. Use it to improve memory and concentration, enhance personal courage and increase stamina. Agate – Blue Lace Blue Lace Agate is considered a stone of communication. Amazonite Amethyst Ametrine Angelite Apatite Aventurine Azurite Bloodstone

Charms Of Light - Healing with Energy, Light & Love by Caryl Haxworth Charms Of Light was created by Caryl Haxworth to bring healing and beauty together. Caryl is spiritually guided to provide healing with energy, light and love ~♥~. A natural intuitive and healer, Caryl offers a range of healing products and services which will help you to attain a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. At Charms Of Light you will find beautiful and unique, handcrafted gemstone Healing Jewellery, Healing Gifts and Healing Art, all of which Caryl has created with love and an intent to heal. Please feel free to take a look around. Caryl's personal website at,, offers her intuitive healing services which include: Intuitive Consultations & Guidance, Reiki Attunements, Reiki Healing, Angel Attunements, Angel Card Readings and Workshops. The birthstones for March are Aquamarine & Bloodstone. Special requests, Commissions, International customers - always welcome! We are in The Online Shopping Town

Gemstone Dictionary of Natural Magic Stones and Healing Gems Reynald Boschiero Lithothérapie Spirit Of ISIS Crystal Shop - Crystals, Minerals, Fossils Fair Trade Fair Trade Gems & Minerals eV