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June has mastered a new word, and that word is eat. It’s one of many things I like about her. Because Brandon works most nights, I get up with June most mornings. I have developed a condition that my friend Andrea calls Bionic Mom Hearing, so I sleep with earplugs and a pillow over my head. It’s a sight I think you would enjoy. But she manages to wake me up anyway (MAAA!

Bacon + Chocolate = World Peace? December 29, 2009 at 1:47 pm When I was in 5th grade, my class went on an overnight trip to a pioneer farm. We took a tour of the farm, learned about the equipment and tools, and slept that evening in a real pioneer cabin. The next morning after breakfast, we were given our authentic pioneer chores. Mine was cleaning up after the farm’s pig, Susan Bacon Anthony. healty cooking - Sprouted Kitchen » A tastier take on whole foods. It was funny how similar in sentiment Hugh and my Valentine's cards were. They essentially said "I don't know how the hell we are going to pull all of this off, but I have you, and that's the only reason I believe we're capable and I won't die in the next few months." We get the keys to our house tomorrow and it's safe to say both of us are equal parts scared and excited. This apartment, my first home with Hugh, is tough to leave.

simply delicious home-cooked meals, etc.. ] When I bought the jar of Nutella last weekend I made a vow (yes I did) that part of the Nutella will be made into cupcakes. I’ve always planned to do that whenever I buy one but it never gets that far. Darn those nutella sandwiches and occasional spoon licking. Well, I finally made self-frosting nutella cupcakes and golly they were so beautiful and delicious. This self-frosting nutella cupcakes recipe was adapted from Connie of Pinoycook which she got from Baking Bites. IDEAS IN FOOD The Bitten Word (Photos, clockwise from top left: Bar Pilar, Little Serow courtesy of The Washingtonian, Le Diplomate, Rose's Luxury) Here's something we've been meaning to do for years (literally years) on this blog: share our favorite places to eat in Washington, D.C. Our Nation's Capital is flooded with deliciousness these days. Over the years we've gladly answered readers' questions about where they should eat when they visit D.C.

healty cooking - Using Herbs in Cooking- A guide to the Use of Culinary Herbs Today there has been a great surge of renewed awareness in herbs. A revival of the culinary arts and various ethnic cuisine has prompted new interest. Health conscious cooks have found that herbs contain no calories or fat - a fact of great importance to those on weight loss diets. Doctors even recommend the use of herbs and spices in salt-restricted diets to enhance flavor without adding sodium content. The Barefoot Kitchen Witch I haven’t been crocheting for very long, but I’ve practiced some stitches and I’ve successfully made a few things. My first great success was a hat: I learned to make a flower and a granny square: And then I made a hat and a scarf for Julia. The hat was double and single crochet stitches, and for the scarf I learned a shell stitch. You can’t tell from this picture, but the yarn is sparkly, like newly fallen snow…:

Food for Men - Eat Like a Man Blog This is a food blog for everyone, not just men. Even if you're not a man or you don't eat like one, we welcome you. It's just that there are foods that men love and there are ways that men eat that are just different, and we celebrate that. Every day, you'll find a mix of ideas, interviews, opinions, wisdom, tips, news, and recipes. Lemon Basil Shrimp Many folks like to work out. Me, I like to work outside. And when my garden is thick with leafy ferns in the spring and tall with lily-scented hostas about now, it’s all worthwhile. But much of the time, a yard with a garden is more about hauling than tending or even weeding. You know. Red Quinoa Salad I tried this last night and loved it! This dish can be used as a side or main dish- it's that filling. And the best part?

How to Dry or Dehydrate Fruit from Your Garden Dehydrating Fruit from the Garden How to Dry Fruit Learning how to dehydrate fruit (whether fresh from the garden, the farmer's market, or even just from the grocery store at in-season prices) for use in the off-season is one of the healthiest ways of preserving fruit. Dehydrating fruit preserves the nutritional content at a level that far surpasses that of canned fruit. Additionally, the process of drying fruit is often more cost-effective than freezing, as you don't use electricity in the long-term storage of your items. How to Dehydrate Fruit: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cups People tend to have this idea that everything in my kitchen turns out perfectly… That couldn’t be further from the truth! I’ve noticed lately that a lot of my friends are hesitant to cook for me. They’re afraid that the food won’t turn out perfectly or that I will hate what they choose to make. I wish they didn’t feel that way… I love sharing food with my friends and family, and I don’t want anyone to be intimidated!

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