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Style Scrapbook: DIY: YELLOW CLUTCH

Style Scrapbook: DIY: YELLOW CLUTCH
March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy And because I like keeping my word, here is the step-by-step… C’mon, its Saturday, you have no school, no work, you probably have a party later today, but you are free right now, so get the fabric, scissors, pins and let the party begin!, then, you take your new clutch to tonight’s party? How does that sound? Laters! Traduccion: Y como soy una mujer de palabra, aquí esta el como hacer la bolsa, paso a paso … Es Sábado, no tienes clases, no tienes que ir a trabajar, ¡No hay excusas! Andy

DIY Tuesday: Mother's Day Gift Idea I decided to make a mini-book for my mama for Mother's Day (hoping she doesn't see this before then ;)) about "10 Things I Love about You." I decided to name this post "DIY Tuesday", since it's not really a tutorial, but more of a, well, a project that you can do-it-yourself :) *Edited to add (5/2/12): I changed the file so there is no longer a specific date on the "Happy Mother's Day" card at the end of the set. Now it can be used any year :) Enjoy! I made it pocket-size, 2"x3.5" (also business card size). I made a list of 10 things (of course there are way more than 10:)) that I wanted to include in the book. I designed some cards with the numbers 1-10 on them (see below) and then went through my stash of paper, old magazines, etc. to find images/papers to cut out to also go in the book.

DIY Turband DIY Gretchen Jones Necklace A couple of months ago, while visiting New York, we met the lovely Gretchen Jones and were fortunate enough to spend an entire day crafting in her über charming Brooklyn apartment. Not only is she […] DIY Woven Chain Bracelet Guest Post at iCandy - DIY Candy Sundress Anyway, it was left open to us, whether we wanted to present a dress which we had made,or some dress embellishment or other tutorials, as long as they had something in common with the series's theme. And here comes my contribution. I made a new free pattern for a simple A-line shaped shift dress with a scalloped circle neckline and low back just for this series. That is why I called it 'Candy Sundress'. I love this circle collar.

DIY dresser round-up DIY dressers are a theme on the blog this month - check out mine here! so on trend, i had to post a round-up of these DIY’d dressers that i found on – a fantastic site for upcycling projects. this first one is ikat print… which i love! you know how i love to decoupage! check out my decoupaged coffee table here. this dresser DIY is originally from Martha Stewart and i love the spin on a sketch of a vintage dresser decoupaged over a modern one! love this chevron print dresser and i love those giant knobs!

10 Ways to Wake Up Gorgeous image: Getty Sometimes looking in the mirror first thing in the morning can be… challenging. Messy hair, dark circles, puffy face. Unless you’re Karlie Kloss, chances are it’s not a pretty sight. But it doesn’t have to be that way, check out our tips for looking sexy when you wake up—even if it’s 6 AM. 1. DIY Proenza Schouler Scroll Necklace Were you blown away by Proenza Schouler‘s entire Fall 2011 Collection as much as we were? The juxtaposition of digitalized and geometric Native American inspired prints with decorative, Victorian-like statement necklaces was all kinds of genius. And of course, the jewelry had the wheels in our DIY minds spinning ever since. Erica of PS I Made This recently made a beautiful version of Proenza Schouler’s scroll necklace in white and today, we’re tackling a version in black . . . it’s all about the yin and the yang, right? You’ll need: The hardest part of this project is finding decorative mouldings that are small enough to use.

autumn collars I started this tutorial back in late September, right before things got really crazy with The Move, and never got sufficient “finished project shots”. Now that I’ve finally gotten that taken care of, I can share it with y’all! I think this is a great way to update a the neckline of various garments any time of year, but always seems especially fun to do during the winter. (Especially if you’re partial to plaids and lush velveteens–these work especially well!) Pimp your sneakers! 10+ DIY Ideas Posted by on måndag, april 16, 2012 · 5 Comments Pimp your sneakers! Get crafty and create your own personalized expression inspired by this Top 10 pick of awesome DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Sneakers, brought to you by from crafty corners of the DIY Blogosphere. Embark on a voyage of DIY discovery of studs, polka dot, super sparkly bling, chevron and budget versions of Miu Miu, Missoni and Prada designs! Links to full tutorials under each pic – Enjoy! DIY Missoni Sneakers from Refinery29 – DIY Tutorial HERE!

How To Put Your Hair Up In A Cute Bun Comb your hair carefully to eliminate any tangles or knots.Take some hair from the top of your head. 3. Tie off this hair with a hair elastic. 4. DIY Collar Tips You probably have guessed by now that we have a major soft spot for almost all things western . . . bolos, cowboy boots and the like. So when Balenciaga incorporated a modern take on western collar tips into their Spring 2011 Collection, we were beyond thrilled. Who knew these little metal tips are capable of brightening up any button up shirt?! With a pair of inexpensive decorative brass corners from the hardware store, we made our own Balenciaga-inspired collar tips that are to DIY for. Start by drawing 2 lines at 45 degree angles on the inside of each brass corner, creating a small wedge. Use the cutting pliers to cut out the wedges.

vintage flair: make a (faux) fur collar Be sure to scroll to the very end of this post for a giveaway! This tutorial has been rolling around in my sketchbooks and imagination for oh, a good year! I finally spent some time this past Sunday working it out and documenting my steps to share with you. Now that the weather is turning cold, it’s the perfect time to pull out some fun (faux) fur accessories to add a bit of pizazz to your cardigans and dress necklines. This is a super easy accessory to make and only requires hand sewing skills! I think these would also make amazing gifts–and their easy to customize with different closures and fur types!

DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet We’re nuts for nuts. Is there a more versatile and inexpensive DIY component than a hex nut from the hardware store? You can imagine our excitement when we first discovered Philip Crangi’s Giles & Brother Hex Collection. Honestly, nuts braided into jewelry is WTF genius! how to: pore strips You know those Biore pore strips you buy at the drugstore for about $12 a pop? Yeah, those. Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own homemade pore strips. Why? Because:

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