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Captain Tobias' Sword-Meeting with Cyrus the Restless

Captain Tobias' Sword-Meeting with Cyrus the Restless
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The Manifold Adventures of Professor Numinatus! and Cousin “Professor Numinatus, thanks. Oh, hello, baby universe person.” Doctor of Paleonumerology, Ancestor Flutes, and Eschatonica Wears chrono-goggles, has a Pocket Jill, sentient mothship named Cousin. Named after his cousin. Smells of bug musk; in fact, it’s a weakness of his Employed reluctantly by the Elder Council Solves the things that the Dragons Can’t Was the first person to establish the word and study of the TAL(OS) Can’t fight worth a [censored] Has a Secudan arquebus that shoots good ideas. Was once found meditating with a Borrowed Third Eye inside the Vault of the 1,008 Cyrodiilic Weapons of Rapture. Survived zero-sum. Amiel Casticus Nume and his cousin had a thing on the Topal once. He puts into ancestor silk the blood he wipes from her rapists just before he set them on fire. He has a hand made of keys. “I’ve stared at it and I remembered the Lessonates. His symbol is 11.

Emotional impact, emotional response Hello, I was 22 when I joined Bethesda Softworks. I was hired by Mark Jones after sending in a floppy (!) disk containing some images I had created using Deluxe Painter II (!), which I lied and said I created in Photoshop. Oh, right, and I sent the above via the post office (!) At the time, I lived in Huntsville, Alabama, and had a few illustration pieces published in various pen-and-paper products for Chaosium Inc. and Atlas Games, after a set of circumstances that mainly involved being pimped by Brom to his contacts (which nets an earnest "!")... And in the spirit of Modelo-swilled actual pitch for the aesthetic of Morrowind was "Mad Max crossed with The Dark Crystal crossed with Star Wars. Fuck, I'm getting ahead of myself. He liked my "Photoshop" images on the floppy and wanted to know if I would-- "YES!" Again. I would come to know how important that game would be, though. ...what the fuck was I saying? Um. And that's why Obama got elected. PS.

A«$--Oõî« Yéîî~1Ç­Ö½¸âgum¶ŸÅnþï.Mmsp [“The Confession of Boma Kuro, 143” went from script to final edit, but it was never broadcast for various political reasons. The series has been lauded as the “finest culmination of Hjalti’s nonsense in the Tamriels,” and won the IGSTAST in ­E­­­. Despite harsh criticism from other quarters, “TCI” was otherwise a darling among its audience both at home and in the armchair critiques of the Summerside liberal blogosphere, “full of daring attempts to encapsulate the Septim Empires in an intelligent and titillating serial format”. [This missing episode can be found in the Boxed Set of “Trans­Cyrod: Insurgency, the Complete Series” in both the Imperial and certain Aldmeri Markets. EXT. BOMA KURO (V.O.) EXT. The Governor’s Quarter is the most industrial section of WG­T­One. BOMA KURO (V.O. ­

Towards a Dragon'd Sea: Cathnoquey - Elder Scrolls Lore Towards a Dragon’d Sea: Cathnoquey Of all the Imperial Provinces described herein, Cathnoquey is the newest to join its ranks. Before being formally reorganized under the terms of the Veto of Charter and Decree of New Lordships [3E307], the archipelago was first established as a Third Empire Territory in 3E276 under Emperor Uriel V, “The Fighting Diamond”. Before that time, the “Kingdom” of Cathnoquey was an impressive egalitarian society of two quite divergent cultures, the tribal fishermer-flotillas of the Chimeri-quey, a loosely-organized coastal power of shore-khans, and the “untitled leaders” of the Men-of-Keptu-quey, who positioned their peoples mainly along an array of military frontier fortresses. It seems that the racial schism that still troubles Tamriel had never been a problem in Cathnoquey. We will never know how that system worked, only that it could be, and was, decisively dismantled by the Legions of the Red Banner. ANNOTATOR'S NOTEI was delighted to hear that Cmdr.

Return false █╪₧HHH.;--?-/--ul-......0. Infrasleeve B6-125: Channel granted. Though its existence was never questioned, the invisible walls of Empire have kept the above document beyond the reach of the Society for far too long. Now that the Society once again has a foothold in the free North, we would like to celebrate the occasion by transmitting the remainder of the aforementioned unpublished Pocket Guide. Attached: PGE-kht04fg, key=tamrlc_common, content=manuscript Tenders To The Mane: Lleswer The province of Lleswer and its heterogeneous catmen have always played a relatively minor role in the history of the Septim Empire or its prefigurations. Negligent observers have often analyzed the short-lived "monarchy" of Esjita and Keirgo as a megalomaniac fantasy of its incompetent joint-rulers, who to sought to ape the Cyrod Empire in outward appearance rather than function. Against all expectations, the resulting ethnic turmoils were soon quelled by the spiritual leader of the catmen. "Welcome.

Llénnöcöcönnèll, the Anachronisle - Elder Scrolls Lore Llénnöcöcönnèll, the Anachronisle An island at the southernmost end of the Cathnoquey chain, formerly known as "Llénnöc" (Quey for "south-but-we-mean-west") when it was an independent state during the Second Empire. After the famous surrender of Akaviri forces at Pale Pass to Reman Cyrodiil, Llénnöc was quickly annexed as Imperial territory to help facilitate the capture of any Tsaesci military-leaders seeking to evade their failed invasion by means of the north-but-really-east sea straits. When no such nets bore fruit-- perhaps since the Tsaesci indeed never invaded by sea and therefore did not use it for retreat-- the Imperial Dracocryptography & Authentifications Congress petitioned to the Elder Council that the native government be further reorganized "to alleviate the sleeve-strain of invaluable but atrophying memospores". The Empire has never relinquished its holdings on the Anachronisle.

Michael Kirkbride Storytime I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone FSL Professor Numinatus! Issue One: “Meanwhile, in the Empire” A story in 16 pages Page 1 Panel 1 - Wide across the top of the page. Voice One: The chronocules are acting jelly on the eyeball again, sir.Voice Two: I can see that plain enough, corporal. Panel 2 - A staunch Admiral looking down at a gel-screen, a pool of liquid sitting in a brass and wire bowl sent into an intricate console. Admiral: Really? Panel 3 - On the gel screen, its contents leaking onto the console as the fat, crazed face of the Morbâd tries to materialize. Morbâd: Admiral Beauchamp? Panel 4 - As Panel 2, neither the Admiral or the Nibenese clerk have moved at all. Admiral: I most certainly will not. Panel 5 - As Panel 1: Everyone is shaken by the Morbâd’s gigantically-loud declaration, which appears in every gel screen or window port. Morbâd: WE HAVE TO FIND PROFESSOR NUMINATUS! Page 2 PROFESSOR NUMINATUS [BALLOON]: Why all of the yelling? TITLE CARD: Meanwhile, In the Empire

Dominion Prism Textract (A.) In General. An Anuielectorate may serve on any other Anuielectorate if Subdivisions within the Prism allow for a Submissions Allowance [Anullowance] into the Dominion within the scope of Article 002851226: (1) to produce and/or aurbic-imprint an ancestral palm-writ for the Submissions Anullowance or its representative to inspect, copy, test, torture, or sample the following items in the responding Anuielectorate's possession, custody, or control: (A.) any draconated Tower Scroll(s) or Dreamsleeve-stored Memospore — including writings, drawings, eyegraphs, charts, inscriptions, echopages, images, and other chronocule or chronocule compilations — stored in any medium from which Memospore can be obtained either directly or, if necessary, after TAL(OS) Biting by the responding Anuielectorate into a reasonably usable form; or(B.) any draconated tangible Majickas; or (B.) (1) Contents of the Submissions Anullowance. (2) Responses and Objections. (A.) (AND) Nonparties.