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DESIGN 21: Social Design Network

Top 5 Content Management Systems for Freelancers Whether you are a freelance blogger, photographer or web designer, choosing the right content management system (CMS) for your freelancing business can be tricky. As a freelancer, you need a content management system that is quick and simple when it comes to usability, yet powerful in terms of personalization. After all, standing out from the crowd is paramount for any freelancer. The problem is, there are numerous content management systems on the market, each offering their own strengths and weaknesses. So, how can you correctly decide on which content management system is right for you and your website?

Designcollector™ Russian Illustration WOW Designcollector Network having all hands on reviewing creative design from Russia comes up with 2 reference catalogues of Russian Illustrators. These books can fit a shelf in agencies working remotely with illustrators and artist, delivering commercial artworks for clients. Stunning Examples of Flat Mobile Interface Design These days it seems, instead of waiting to be commissioned, designers produce interfaces in the hope they will be purchased, and mobile interface design is big business. The flat trend made a lot of headway in 2013 and is predicted to continue throughout 2014, so today we are showcasing a collection of stunning examples of flat mobile interface design. Some of these designs are currently concepts and some are apps in use. Flat Mobile Interface Design

Design with the Other 90% Exhibit Focuses on Cities, Social Impact and Sustainability Design is often thought of as something reserved for the wealthy, a force that creates luxury products at the expense of others. With a change in thought that arose in the 1960s and 1970s, economists and designers began to shift their focus and engage with the underserved to find simple, low-cost solutions to combat poverty. Design with the Other 90%’s six themes — Exchange, Reveal, Adapt, Include, Prosper, and Access — highlight the different approaches that local communities, designers, architects and various organizations have taken to address social and environmental challenges. One such example of “exchange” is the 10×10 Sandbag house. Located in the informal settlement of Freedom Park in Cape Town, architect Luyanda Mpahlwa designed a series of two-story homes that draw on indigenous mud-and-wattle building methods. EcoBeam technology provides structural support and sandbags provide thermal insulation and contribute to wind and moisture resistance.

Reasons Why it is Important to Choose the Right Typography Font Every design project would always use typography font. It is part and parcel of designing and it will never be outdated. Creating a design would always involve choosing the right colors, choosing a good layout, choosing the right font and many others. These are vital aspects in the design process because without this, a design project will not be considered effective and successful. Since it is important to look into these, we will discuss one of the valuable parts of designing which is the typography font. Some might say that you can just choose a font according to the design you want and that you merely have to consider the visual appearance of the design.

7 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid When Designing for Print Designing for print can be a minefield for beginners. There’s so many easy mistakes to make that can have a serious impact on the quality of your final prints. With print runs also being very expensive, these mistakes can prove very costly. Hopefully today’s discussion about common beginner mistakes to avoid will help prepare you with the crucial knowledge required to correctly set up a design for print.

What’s new for designers, March 2014 The March edition of what’s new for web designers and developers includes new web apps, photoshop plugins, productivity tools, graphics programs, CSS frameworks, jQuery plugins, and some really great new fonts. Many of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a lot of designers and developers out there. As always, if we’ve missed something you think should have been included, please let us know in the comments. And if you have an app or other resource you’d like to see included next month, tweet it to @cameron_chapman for consideration.

How to Use Icon Fonts in WordPress Post Editor (NO HTML Required) Icon fonts are vector icons used as fonts. They are popular among web designers because they look prettier than bitmap images. They can be resized without losing quality and styled using CSS. This is why many WordPress themes use icon fonts. Most notably, the default Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen themes. However for beginners, it is a little complicated to use icon fonts on their WordPress sites.

How to Import/Export Widget Settings in WordPress Sometimes when moving WordPress sites, you may need to save and reuse widget settings from one WordPress installation to another. If a site has just a few widgets, then you can probably do that manually. However, if there are many widgets in multiple sidebars and widget areas, then you need a better solution. In this article, we will show you how to import/export widget settings in WordPress. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Widget Settings Import/Export plugin. How to Add a NoFollow Checkbox to Insert Link Section in WordPress Recently one of our users asked us for an easy way to add nofollow to their links in WordPress posts. Unfortunately while WordPress allows you to open a link in a new window by default, it does not allow you to easily add rel=”nofollow”. Up until now you either had the option to nofollow all external links automatically or manually add the nofollow tag to each link by editing HTML. In this article, we will show you how to add a nofollow checkbox to your insert link section in WordPress.

How to Embed Bing Maps in WordPress Recently one of our readers asked us if it was possible to add Bing maps in WordPress. We have already covered how to add Google maps in WordPress. However, if you like Bing maps better, then you can add them on your site.