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The 50 Scariest Books of All Time

The 50 Scariest Books of All Time
The air is getting crisper, the nights are getting longer, and All Hallow’s Eve draws near. You know what that means: it’s time to curl up with a book guaranteed to give you the shivers — or at least make you check the locks twice. Here, for your horrifying pleasure, are 50 of the scariest books ever written in the English language, whether horror, nonfiction, or speculative futures you never want to see. One caveat: the list is limited to one book per author, so Stephen King fans will have to expand their horizons a little bit. Check out 50 books that will keep you up all night after the jump, and add any other scary favorites to the list in the comments. IT, Stephen King All right, let’s get this out of the way up front: Stephen King is the you-know-what of horror, and if there wasn’t this pesky rule about keeping it to one book per author, this list could almost be wholly populated by his terrifying reads.

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These Amazing Classic Books Are So Short You Have No Excuse Not To Read Them As Books Editors, we set aside more designated reading time than most people do. Still, even we are daunted by copies of The Goldfinch looming on our desks. Once we embark on a bulky book, will we have time for anything else (including, but not limited to, reading other books)? Sometimes, especially when in the midst of a reading slump, shorter books seem more approachable. Enter: the novella.

TF Matrix Optimus says a lot of cool things. Most of it is very inspirational and motivates you to achieve beyond your full potential. Occasionally he’ll spew out a wacky line or two that seems kinda funny when it wasn’t meant to be. The great Autobot leader has a bunch of famous quotes that you can use in your everyday life. I have compiled 10 such lines and they appear below in no particular order. Use them at your own risk.

9 Books Scarier Than Any Horror Movie There is nothing better than a good ghost story. It might be tempting to pop in one of your scarier movies when you want to get into the Halloween spirit, but there are plenty of novels sure to keep you up for just as many nights. Just be careful if you read these titles in a public place. You might mistake the woman who just wants your extra chair as your book's monster. And no one wants to go viral as "shrieking girl in Starbucks." 10 Fantasy Books Everyone Has To Read - o5 Recipes for Life They say that there’s nothing like a good book and a cup of coffee to take you to places faraway and make you forget the mundane for a while. I say that there is nothing like a good fantasy book to get you there. Not everyone is into fantasy, but I reckon that if everyone would give these books a try, they will realize just how much fun fantasy books are. If you are new to fantasy, or you are trying to convince someone to try the genre out, here are the top 10 books you ought to start out with (in no particular order). You can’t go wrong with them.

Top 20 Films that make you cry - Cultoid Any list of the best films that make you cry, especially one written by a man, is usually prefaced by some kind of guilty pleasure explanation; a get-out-clause that states “I’m not usually a crier, but these films…whoa!”. But not so for me. I am a massive crier. I cry at the slightest hint of emotion in film or TV. So much so that I even cried in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd has been driving in the wrong direction for hours, and he and Harry have a roadside argument – Harry berates Lloyd for being an idiot and Lloyd shouts back with tears in his eyes “I’m sorry MR PERFECT!

10 Amazing Rare Recordings History The internet is an amazing tool for the spreading of information. Before the twentieth century, the only contact a person could have with a distant event was through hearsay or witness accounts – an imperfect experience to say the least. But thanks to the wonder of film and audio, we now have the opportunity to witness almost any event ourselves. Here are ten amazing sounds made available by the internet. 50 Washington Facts They Never Taught You In School 1. There exists in Seattle a mystery coke machine that, according to legend, never runs out of pop. But no one knows who—or what—refills the machine.

5 Cinematic Horror Novels to Take You Through Fall Photo © Shutterstock Halloween is a really big deal these days. It seems like it wasn’t so long ago that the Halloween “season” consisted of a week of extra candy at the local supermarket, a ramshackle haunted house in the church basement (“oooh … these grapes feel like eyeballs!”), and a couple of public domain horror movies on a UHF station. 10 Great Fantasy Series to Read While You're Waiting for George R.R. Martin's Next Book Marykate, Charlie, you've totally won my love and neverending devotion for including The Farseer in this list. There's a part of me that wants to say it's one of the most under-appreciated fantasy series of all time. If I can throw out some of my recommendations: Melanie Rawn's Sunrunner trilogies (six thick books full of magic, intrigue, romance, and a preponderance of twins, which seems to be some weird fetish of Rawn's. The books cover the struggle for power over a beautiful fantasy land, with an awesome sunlight- and moonlight-based magic system and plenty of symbolism.)

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Anti-Communist propaganda is more awesome than any horror movie poster It's working out great for Venezuela, isn't it? Rounded up the dissidents, shut down the TV stations if they don't parrot the government's line, shortages of everything, murder rate shot through the, who could have seen that coming? The Venezuelan working class seems to like it for the most part, so non-Venezuelan ignorance to the contrary is irrelevant. Okay, actual Venezuelan weighing in. The shortages are not right-wing propaganda - we're sending care packages with non-perishable basics like powdered milk, wheat and corn flour to Caracas on a regular basis, things that Venezuela used to be self-sustaining on, along with meat, prior to Chavez setting ridiculous price caps that drove farmers and ranchers under, or to Colombia.