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D3 Tutorial Table of Contents

D3 Tutorial Table of Contents

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Using D3, backbone and tornado to visualize histograms of a csv file After being procrastinating for weeks the learning of D3.js and backbone.js I have finally made my first example using both libraries to explore (via histograms) a pandas DataFrame. The reason of the procrastination is very simple: I love python to much, because is probably the only language who is great in all areas (that I am interested at least): Great web frameworks as Django and Tornado - "fighting" with ruby (rails)Great Data Analysis packages such as pandas - "fighting" with RGreat machine-learning libraries such as scikit-learnProbably not the most successful but has a good gaming library pyGameIs a great general purpose language - I use it to program a robot for a NASA competition using a PS3 controller, serial-ports, web-server, cameras, and all in one languageAnd the list could go for hours

Hashbang D3.js Geo fun WARNING: Heavy CPU Usage ahead. I recently decided to create some mapping visualisations. Mostly because mapping is required by many visualisations, and creating such visualisation is a skill I lacked. DependencyWheel: An Interactive Visualization Of Package Dependencies Modern development use package managers (composer, npm, bundler, etc.). Applications depend on a large number of packages, which depend themselves on other packages. The Dependency Wheel visualization attempts to reveal the entire dependency tree of any PHP library using Composer for dependency management. Each chord in the disc represents a dependency. Try hovering on packages to mask other dependencies.

D3-based reusable chart library In this guide, we are going to show you how to get started with C3. 1. Setup Download the latest version here: Gallery · d3/d3 Wiki Wiki ▸ Gallery Welcome to the D3 gallery! More examples are available on If you want to share an example and don't have your own hosting, consider using Gist and If you want to share or view live examples try or

Quick scatterplot tutorial for d3.js When I code One of the many interesting things Github does are punchcards for repositories that can tell you when people work on their code. Unfortunately, they’re only per-repository and I was interested in per-user Github punchcards. So I made my own. Collecting the data was fairly straightforward, finding a simple tutorial/example of a scatterplot in d3.js proved to be less than trivial. D3 And JavaScript: Working With JSON This example covers the basics of how to use JSON when working with D3 and JavaScript. Why Working With JSON Is Important: JSON is a human readable data interchange format. JSON makes moving data around your JavaScript Application/Data Visualization easier.

Andrew's Chord Example index.html# chord.sample# This is a sample file http: http: http: http: https: http: https: http: http: https: https: http: https: https: https: https: http: http: http: http: http: http: http: http: http: http: http: http: http: http: https: matrix.json# style.css# Colors · mbostock/d3 Wiki Wiki ▸ API Reference ▸ Core ▸ Colors Constructing visualizations often involves working with colors. Even though your browser understands a lot about colors, it doesn't offer much help in manipulating colors through JavaScript. So D3 provides representations for various color spaces, including RGB, HSL, LAB and HCL, allowing specification, interpolation, conversion and manipulation (such as making colors brighter or darker). Note: while you can work with colors directly, you might also want to take a look at D3's built-in color interpolation, such as interpolateRgb, interpolateHsl and scales. If you are looking for color palettes, see the ordinal scales reference.

Eclipse Collections - Features you want with the collections you need. The origin of Eclipse Collections was started off as a collections framework named Caramel at Goldman Sachs in 2004. Since then the framework has evolved, and in 2012, it was open sourced to GitHub as a project called GS Collections. GS Collections has been presented at number of conferences including JVM Summit in 2012 and JavaOne in 2014. A performance comparison between the parallel lazy implementations of Java 8, Scala and GS Collections was presented at QCon New York in 2014. Reactive data visualization with D3.js and Meteor · mhyfritz coredump A while back I wrote a web dashboard for my group at work that displays stats on disk and compute cluster usage. I did not bake in any kind of automatic update functionality, the browser page refresh button was a crucial UI component. Groundbreaking user experience, I know.

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web Our information age more often feels like an era of information overload. Excess amounts of information are overwhelming; raw data becomes useful only when we apply methods of deriving insight from it. Fortunately, we humans are intensely visual creatures.