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12 Things You NEED To Go Off Grid NOW!

12 Things You NEED To Go Off Grid NOW!
What do you need to go off grid NOW? Do you think you’re ready to live off grid? Where are you going to go without money? Unless you’re planning on bugging out to the wilderness in Alaska or some other wild frontier with just the clothes on your back and a way to hunt for game and live off the land, you’re going to need money to buy the things you need to live off the grid. The fact is, to do anything nowadays you need money, and usually lots of it. There’s a whole list of things you need besides money, that money will buy you as you prep for your move off grid. First and foremost, you’ll need a place to go. A place to go seems obvious at first glance, and people know this of course. Consider first, the fact you will be OFF GRID. So, when choosing the perfect location, you have to find a place which has good sun, moderate wind, and which is close enough to other resources to make living off the grid safe, comfortable and manageable for your family and yourself. Buy land which has WATER! Related:  Techniques diversesOthers Pearltrees

NH Family & Friends Build Off-Grid House & Farm (NaturalNews) Living off the grid does not have to mean trading modern amenities and convenient living for an uncomfortable experiment in survivalism. A recent Natural Home & Garden piece tells the story of Chris and Anna Von Mertens, a New Hampshire couple that decided to build a modern, fully-functional, and wholly self-sufficient house and farm for their family -- and the best part about this story is the home's complete ability to power itself using solar energy. After living in San Francisco for many years, the Von Mertens decided they wanted to have children and start their own family. And since both Chris and Anna's families live in the New England area, they decided to return to the Peterborough, NH, area where Anna's family lives. But instead of going the conventional route and purchasing a typical home powered by the local energy company, the couple decided to build their own home powered independently by their own solar energy system. Sources for this story include:

DIY Off-Grid Home: Simple Solar Homesteading Survival Rules of 3 INFOGRAPHIC Survival has rules? No, not really. You can think of these more as guidelines on what you should prioritize if you end up in a situation where you are fighting for survival. These guidelines are often known as the survival “rules of 3″. 3 minutes without oxygen3 hours without shelter3 days without water3 weeks without food Of course, there are many factors that can influence these numbers, both external factors and in the needs of individual people. If you have oxygen, shelter should be the next priority, especially in temperature extremes. Here’s a video that breaks down each of these in more detail, along with another rule – 3 months without hope.

DIY Air Conditioners – How to Make Your Own Cool Air September 7, 2010 5:00 PM The California Cooler The California Cooler is a revival of an old technology driven by an insight that's overlooked in these days of engineered indoor environments: Cool air keeps things cool. In the days before refrigerators, pantries in Northern California homes had outside vents that preserved perishables throughout cool nights. Liquid-Cooled Car Seats Afraid your baby's seat is getting too hot? Dew Bucket: An Evaporative Drink Cooler Consider these two facts: Evaporation cools things, and bottles can't sweat like people. Portable Air Conditioner This is a $10 air-conditioner built around an ice chest. Garden-Watering A/C Air conditioners can dump hundreds of gallons of water each year. Homemade A/C The mastermind behind these instructions built an air conditioner to circumvent a rule in the office.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Get a 55 gallon steel barrel with a closed top. I got mine from a guy in Bradford, VT who calls himself the "Barrel Man," but if you don't live in the area, you can usually find them on craigslist. Make sure you get a barrel that hasn't been holding anything toxic, since you'll have to spend a fair amount of time crawling around the inside during the assembly process. This barrel formerly held palm oil, and there was a small puddle of it on the inside (it had the consistency of crisco) and every once in a while I accidentally stuck an elbow in it. I bought a Vogelzang Barrel Stove Kit, Model# BK100E from When cutting the holes for the chimney and collar, make sure you use a blade designed for cutting sheet metal, and when drilling holes, make sure you have a sharp drill bit, otherwise it will take forever to drill your holes. After assembling the kit, I added firebricks to prolong the life of the bottom of the barrel.

Off Grid Community Pilot Project: The “Off Grid Community Project” is the first stage of a multi-stage project which if successful could expand into a small self-sustaining community. Concept: Build a sustainable living self sufficient off-the-grid home system, which anyone can build for less than $100k, and open source the plans to the world. An “affordable” 1500-2500sq ft Open Sourced natural material home, greenhouse, 5kw wind turbine, and a 5kw solar array, for less than $100k (Crowdsourced Home & Community Building) UPDATE: $25k 1280 SQFT RANCH STYLE SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME THE PROBLEM: All over the world people cannot afford to live sustainably much less comfortably. They cannot afford to buy a home, land, and the needed technology to make themselves and their families self-sufficient. THE SOLUTION: The idea is simple. By combining proven technologies the learning curve isn’t as great a hurdle, and you remove the troublesome burden of “reinventing the wheel”. HOME: 320-2500 square foot home.

Project Gridless How to Avoid 3 Major Mistakes and to Build a Perfect Root Cellar | How to build a shed Review: Loading ... 3EmailShare Root cellars are used for centuries by now. - Size. There are a lot of written books and Internet guides upon how to build a root cellar. It should be also placed close to your basement to make access easy, but remember about soil draining capacities, so the cellar floor should not reach bedrock. After all measurements are made, it is finally time to build your root cellar. First of all dig a hole in the ground. The second step is placing a footing by the perimeter of the hole for your root cellar future walls. This will allow good drainage and exclude moisture and condensation. After that you have a choice of casting walls of cellar at place, or buying pre-cast cellar with ceiling. If you decide to cast walls in place, you will most likely avoid this. This is nearly half the way of how to build your root cellar. The third mistake is a common idea that soil is enough to provide stable temperature. Now it is time to finish everything up.

Home Page Living Off The Grid: Tips for Off-Grid Home Owners Comment extraire des huiles essentielles: 20 étapes Édité par WikiHow Traduction, Team FR Les huiles essentielles sont des huiles très concentrées et versatiles qui sont extraites de plantes aromatiques. Elles sont utilisées à des fins thérapeutiques, médicinales et en cuisine depuis des millénaires et n'ont jamais perdu de leur popularité. Il existe plus de 700 plantes dont sont extraites ces huiles. Plusieurs méthodes peuvent être employées mais la plus commune est la distillation. Publicité Étapes 1Procurez-vous un alambic. 16Les huiles essentielles sont extrêmement concentrées, il est donc conseillé de le diluer avant de les appliquer. Avertissements Le label bio ne veut dire que les plantes ont poussé à l'abri des pesticides ou des fertilisants. Éléments Nécessaires Un alambic complet avec un essencierTubes en verre nécessaires aux connexionsDes plantesDes récipients en verre foncé ou en inox