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How to Play "Skyfall" by Adele - Piano Tutorial and Sheet Music

How to Play "Skyfall" by Adele - Piano Tutorial and Sheet Music

D E S I G N L O V E F E S T Set up your channel and videos for monetization - YouTube Help En tant que partenaire YouTube, vous pouvez monétiser les vidéos de votre chaîne afin de générer des revenus. Avant de commencer, vérifiez que votre chaîne est éligible et suivez les étapes nécessaires pour activer la monétisation. Activez ensuite la monétisation sur les vidéos éligibles afin de générer des revenus. Activer la monétisation sur votre chaîne Pour vérifier l'éligibilité de votre chaîne et activer la monétisation, procédez comme suit : Dans les paramètres de votre compte, accédez à l'onglet Monétisation. Le message affiché peut-être différent si votre compte n'est pas éligible à la monétisation. Monétiser vos vidéos Après avoir activé la monétisation sur votre chaîne, vous pouvez l'activer sur les vidéos éligibles pour générer des revenus grâce à la diffusion d'annonces pertinentes pour votre public.

Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box I am still a little old-fashioned when it comes to taking notes and I usually have at least two pocket notebooks in my purse at all times (one for craft ideas and the other for making to do lists). I realized that I am also very picky when it comes to choosing the perfect notebook, and for those of you who are like me, I've got a solution for you! Follow the directions below to make your own personalized, budget-friendly pocket journal out of cereal boxes inspired by my favorite Moleskine notebooks. Choose your favorite decorative paper and a stylish button to create the perfect notebook that suits your own style. Materials: • Cereal box (1 cereal box makes 2 notebooks. Steps: • Cut out the cereal box to create the cover for your notebook.

Crème de la Craft Blog | DIY projects made from everyday objects What kind of content can I monetize? - YouTube Help The best way to ensure you’ll be able to monetize your YouTube videos is to create all elements of the video yourself. Use your imagination to create something completely original. Examples of videos that have been successful on YouTube include daily vlogs and home videos, do-it-yourself videos and tutorials, original music videos and short films. You’re also expected to follow YouTube Community Guidelines, and doing so may increase the visibility of your content on YouTube, leading to more views and higher watch time, more user engagement, and ultimately more revenue. Please remember that advertisers are more likely to place their ads on advertiser-friendly content. Obtain commercial use rights for specific types of content For your videos to be eligible for monetization, you must own all the necessary rights to commercially use all visuals and audio elements, whether they belong to you or to a third party. Can I monetize my video … For original audio: For original visuals:

Tricot facile – Gants tricotés au point mousse à 2 aiguilles pour adultes | patchcath Fournitures pour une paire: 2 aiguilles n°2½ et 1 pelote de fil à tricoter Fabrication d’un gant: Monter 50m (aig n°2½), Tricoter 12rgs au point mousse (1ère face de l’auriculaire = 6 cotes de mousse), au 12ème rg arrêter 18m,et remonter aussitôt 20m pour l’annulaire, tricoter 1rg point mousse sur ces 52m jusqu’au poignet Conseil: Pour savoir si ce sera bien à votre taille, au bout de quelques rangs, placez votre main du côté auriculaire contre les premiers rangs et regardez si les extrémités de l’ouvrage arrivent du bout du petit doigt au premier pli du poignet comme sur la photo ci-dessous au rang suivant, arrêter 18m (il reste 22m) et remonter aussitôt 30m (pour la 2ème face de l’index), tricoter un rang jusqu’au poignet Tricoter 12rgs au point mousse sur ces 52m (soit 6 cotes de mousse pour l’index et 6 cotes sur la paume) , au 12ème rg arrêter 20m et remonter aussitôt 20m pour le majeur, tricoter 1rg jusqu’au poignet Like this: J'aime chargement…

Cashmere Cuff Like Molly, my summers as a kid were filled with the making and trading of friendship bracelets. I would pin vibrant strands of DMC to my jeans or even to my Keds, fervently knotting up bracelets every chance I got. I am thankful Molly has brought them back into our lives here at Purl Soho, but now... I cannot get enough! Loving the nostalgia of the friendship bracelet, but also feeling a bit "adult" since my thirtieth birthday last month, I decided to approach my childhood obsession from a new perspective. But what I toned down in color, I amped up in gauge, reaching straight for my favorite chunky yarn, Jade Sapphire's 12-ply Mongolian Cashmere. But since no one is too old for a pop of color, I couldn't resist a little! The Materials To make Versions 1, 2 and 3: 1 skein of Jade Sapphire's 12-ply Cashmere, 100% Mongolian cashmere. To make Version 4: I used the Silver Pearl 12-ply Cashmere listed above and Blue Sky's Worsted in Ecru from my yarn stash. The Pattern: Version 1 Cut the Yarn

- Miking the Grand Piano What you need to know when tackling the ivories... I started recording pianos before recording anything else, probably because I am a pianist. It is a notoriously difficult instrument to record, so when the editors of Recording asked me to write about miking acoustic pianos, I began by asking myself “What if I had known then what I know now?” What’s the trouble? The piano is a complicated contraption consisting of up to 7000 discrete parts. Finally, the sheer size of the Grand with its expanse of strings and the two-position lid calls for placement experimentation—too close and you might not capture the full range and miss out on the room sound, too far and you may get less definition and more room than is desirable. Tone, tuning, placement Every instrument has registers and dynamics where it sounds the best. Piano tuning is an art, not a science. Just because it’s big and heavy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move the Grand to the location where it sounds best in the room. Stereo—what stereo?

Pandi - KAL Le Ti Panda - Jakecii Allez un dernier p'tit KAL pour la route ! Il s'agit d'un jeu de mains, je de... à nous de choisir ! C'est Le Ti Panda qui est à l'initiative de ce KAL, premier auquel je me suis attaquée et consacré aux gants, mitaines et moufles. C'est alors qu'un défi de débutante a fait son chemin. J'ai utilisé 4 aiguilles doubles-pointes 5mm. Il y eu pas mal d'embuches. La photo de l'ours Pandi (hi hi ha ha) est celle que j'enverrai à Le Ti Panda. A bientôt ! *Patricia (vous la connaissez, c'est patàmodeler !) Photos réalisées par ma petite Tartelette ❤❤❤

Molly's Sketchbook: Friendship Bracelets Macraméd friendship bracelets were all the rage when I was growing up in the eighties. All the girls at my school would obsessively make them for one another in a dizzying variety of colors, widths, and patterns. It's amazing, thinking back, that such young girls could make such beautifully intricate accessories. I, of course, tried my hand at making them as well. Fast forward 20 years: Purl Soho started carrying DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss in every conceivable color (including fluorescents! Making friendship bracelets is a surprisingly easy craft, and best of all, in the end you'll have a bunch of cute summer bracelets to give to your pals. Materials Since this is such a free form enterprise the amount of colors of DMC embroidery floss you get is really up to you. Please not that the fluorescent thread is slightly thicker than the regular DMC floss. Beginning To begin, pick out your colors. For patterns use a doubled length of thread cut each color to a length of 72-inches. The Left Knot