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Popplet-To create mind maps

Popplet-To create mind maps

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Write On Plastic Pocket Charts Check out this cool idea a reader submitted. It’s simple, but genius! If you use a pocket chart to hold vocabulary words, you can diagram them right on the pocket! Use an overhead marker or a whiteboard marker to diagram words onto the clear front pocket of the chart! Tiki-Toki - Esempio d'uso in italiano Linoit : Pensieri ed emozioni Realizzazione di una lavagna on-line, nella quale i bambini hanno inviato postit esprimendo idee e pensieri , incollato immagini e filmati inerenti ad argomenti trattati in classe Un cruciverba sui Sumeri

Deskle 3 outils pour créer des images avec des citations Les images contenant des citations célèbres ont un fort potentiel de diffusion sur le web et les réseaux sociaux. Elles peuvent aussi être imprimées et accrochées sur les murs d’une classe ou insérées très facilement dans un blog de classe. Je présentais ici même il y a quelques jours de cela Quozio. Un outil en ligne qui facilite la création de ce type d’images. Popplet Mind42 Postcards from Everywhere Do you consider yourself a postcard collector? If you think you’re serious about collecting postcards, think again! Introducing… Mary L. Martin, Postcard Collector to the Extreme! This amazing lady from Perryville, Maryland, USA has a postcard collection that numbers not only by the hundreds, definitely not by the thousands, but by the millions! Started forty years ago, her huge collection features postcards from the past and present, from celebrities and ordinary people, from every city, every town, and every country, and just about anything you can think of.