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How to save, work with multiple apps and share

How to save, work with multiple apps and share
iPad Published on December 17th, 2012 | by Mark Anderson One of the greatest positives of the iPad as a learning tool in education are the many different apps that allow students to create amazing pieces of work which demonstrate their learning. Not only that, but the productivity tools that go with their day to day activities are vast. Whittling down recently our core apps for students, you’ll see there are tools for taking notes, creating professional documents, presentations, making books, creating screencasts, the whole lot. One of the negatives with the iPad though has been the problems associated with workflow. Some recent developments have really helped to alleviate many of these concerns. Firstly, with the advent of iOS6 came the option to be able to open files within apps in other apps. In fact, this new option has been massive. Above, you can see just some of the options I get upon choosing to open my Keynote presentation in another app. The list goes on… “Save early, save often.”

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s Japanese Language Resources Guide It’s been about a month since we launched our “Japanese Resources Page” – on it we say things like “blah-didy-blah japanese resource this that etc” but we thought it would be fun for you guys if we just put our money where our mouths are. Not all the resources on the Japanese Resources page are free (some of them are, though, and they’re awesome), so we thought we’d give you some of the paid ones using cash from our very own Scrooge McDuck gold coin swimming pools (that way you don’t have to). We have a lot of cool resources to give away, too.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 16 New iPad Tips you should not Miss In case you get an iPad for this Christmas and are looking for ways to explore how it works and how to get the maximum from it , Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has some quick, simple and easy guides for you. Some of you might be getting the min iPad which I consider as a better alternative to Kindle Fire and other eReaders you get for almost the same price ( $120 difference ). Just keep in mind that if you already know how to find your way around the different features and gadgets in iPad then you don't have to worry about your new mini iPad, they have the same platform and use the same technology. What I have for you today is a great video tutorial that is only 5 minutes long.

Taxonomy of Synthesis Why a taxonomy? Not all synthesis requires thought, originality or imagination. The mere act of squishing a bunch of information together — smooshing or smushing or compacting a heap of facts — is low grade synthesis. It requires little thought. Making your classroom paperless I’ve found a new tool for the classroom if you want to move to a paperless environment – Showbie. I’ve been extolling the use of Dropbox for professors and students alike as a way to help classrooms go paperless. Dropbox is a great way to have access to your documents in the cloud. The 27 best free VST plug-ins in the world today The internet is now awash with free VST plug-ins - you’ll find instruments, effects and others that defy categorisation. However, while it’s great to have so many to choose from, this weight of numbers means that it’s difficult to work out what’s worth having and what you should steer clear of. Of course, you won’t lose out financially by downloading a dud or two, but to save you a lot of time, effort and potential disappointment, we’ve compiled a list of the best free VST (and Audio Units) plug-ins in the world today. Our shortlist was put together based on your nominations from 2010, when we ran our first poll, and 2012, when we put the word out that our list was being updated. The final positions were decided by MusicRadar users votes.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 Awesome iPad Accessories for Teachers I received a couple of emails from some of you asking about the type of accessories to get for iPad. I am not really an expert in these kinds of things and because I can not recommend things I have not tried myself I checked with our colleague in iPadstorm and got this list below. Of course not everything is mentioned but only the most important things you might consider getting for your new iPad. Check out the list of accessories below and share with us your suggestions or additions . bloomsapps Using Blooms Taxonomy in education is a highly effective way to scaffold learning for the students. With the recent popularity and pervasive nature of iOS devices in school districts it is essential for educators to understand how to implement Blooms in the classroom using the apps that are available. While this list is by no means fully comprehensive, it will assist educators in getting started when implementing iOS devices in the classroom. This site will change almost daily as it will be updated with new and exciting apps!

Edmodo is THE iPad Workflow Solution The world of iPad workflow just got a whole lot easier. After months of ‘work arounds’ involving screenshots, Dropbox and pre-tablet technology, the latest Edmodo update has changed the game. Put simply, you can now use the iOS6 function ‘open in app’, to open a document in Edmodo. This allows you to upload a document to your Edmodo library on an iPad. List of Values The following list of values will help you develop a clearer sense of what's most important to you in life, as explained in the article Living Your Values. Simply print out this page, mark the values which most resonate with you, and then sort your list in order of priority. As you scan the values list below, you may find that while most values have little or no significance to you (and some may even seem negative to you), there are those values that just jump out and call to you, and you feel, "Yes, this value is part of me." This values list is merely a guide.

The Best iPad Tips and Tricks A mobile device has changed the ways you interact with the computer. It neither needs a mouse nor a giant physical keyboard any more, but you still can find the ways to work around with it. Just like the iPad, it has only one hard button—the Home button—facing you. Some frequently used keys turn ‘soft’ and appear only when you're running the apps, and special keys like Ctrl, Alt, Esc and Function keys are removed from the onscreen keyboard.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy This is the introduction to Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. The different taxonomical levels can be viewed individually via the navigation bar or below this introduction as embedded pages. This is an update to Bloom's Revised Taxonomy which attempts to account for the new behaviours and actions emerging as technology advances and becomes more ubiquitous. Bloom's Revised Taxonomy describes many traditional classroom practices, behaviours and actions, but does not account for the new processes and actions associated with Web 2.0 technologies, infowhelm (the exponential growth in information), increasing ubiquitous personal technologies or cloud computing.Bloom's Digital Taxonomy isn't about the tools or technologies rather it is about using these to facilitate learning.