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Memoto - automatic lifelogging camera

Memoto - automatic lifelogging camera
Just clip it on The Narrative Clip is a tiny camera and GPS that you clip on and wear. It’s an entirely new kind of digital camera with no controls. Instead, it automatically takes photos as you go. The Narrative app then seamlessly and effortlessly organizes them for you. The camera has no buttons.

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Meliconi - Gusciobox portaoggetti, da spiaggia, da bici, da passeggino Constructed with special plastic polymers it is heat, salt and shock resistant. Stainless steel fastening system. It can be installed and removed in a few seconds. The waterproof coloured plastic bracelet lets you take the key with you anywhere. 100% designed and constructed in Italy. Turning Waste into Value Stephen Johnson’s excellent book Where Good Ideas Come From devotes a lot of ink (or pixels if you prefer the digital version) to the correlations between the way we innovate in business and culture and the patterns of innovation we find in biology. “Nature’s innovations” he writes, “rely on spare parts” – they are based on “taking available resources and cobbling them together to create new uses”. We have known for some time that game-changing business innovations tend to be born the same way. In my book Innovation to the Core, I use the phrase “combinational chemistry” to describe the process of recombining insights, ideas, half-baked notions, competencies, concepts, technologies and assets to produce radical new breakthroughs.

Meet the maker – Afroditi experiments with embroidery, soft circuits and diy electronics The work of Afroditi Psarra includes experimentation with embroidery, soft circuit and diy electronics. I got in touch with her after discovering she was holding a workshop in Barcelona around sound performances using Lilypad Arduino along with a really cool embroidered synthesizer (…and also submitting her project to Maker Faire Rome !). Even if her background is in fine arts, as a little girl she got interested in creative ways of expression: on one side she was lucky enough to have all sorts of after-school activities that included painting, theater games and learning but also how to program using LOGO and QBasic. That was in the days of black-and-white terminals and MS-DOS commands: I still remember the excitement of not knowing what to expect at the opposite side of the screen. So for me, technology has always been a major part of my life.

Products "Sir Lancelot's Armor and "The Holy Grail..." are Registered Trademarks of Cyr Enterprises LLC DBA Sir Lancelot's Armor © 2014 Sir Lancelot's Armor. All Rights Reserved. All prices USD. Smart Cabinet System Japanese (日本語) 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show Dear visitors, Getting Crazy Ideas Off the Ground - Alessandro Di Fiore by Alessandro Di Fiore | 1:00 PM March 25, 2013 How you manage the period between when an insight is first generated and when a concept is judged ready for development is the key to getting discontinuous innovation off the ground. These are ideas that don’t fit the existing capabilities or the incumbent business model, don’t have an obvious business case, and carry a high risk. In most cases it is an individual who takes the lead in developing a crazy idea, typically the person whose idea it is, usually with little or no direction from the organization.

Impact & Super Scratch Resistant Screen Protectors by Sir Lancelot's Armor Sir Lancelot's Armor is proud to have developed a great new product that finally offers an uncompromised solution to mobile electronic protection. Our current, as well the rest of the industries screen protectors are made of very thin plastics that are notoriously difficult to install,bubble, scratch and distort the high resolution screens found in todays devices. Sir Lancelot's Armor has developed the next generation screen protector known as the Holy Grail® Series of Screen Protectors. Unlike thin plastic protectors, the Holy Grail® Series actually are impact resistant! Did you know an that the latest smart phones utilize in-cell touch technology.

Airwolf 3D Announcement at CES 2016 3D Printed JetPack Accelerates the Product Design Cycle 3D Printed JetPack Airwolf 3D’s latest AXIOM 3D printer was the key enabling technology to allow us to rapidly prototype our new JetPack Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2016 Airwolf 3D and JetPack Aviation will display 3D printed JetPack components at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 7, 2016. JetPack Aviation and Airwolf 3D believe that a JetPack should be just that – a jet turbine powered backpack capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), but also lightweight and compact.

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