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Scaled Agile Framework – SAFe for Lean Software and System Engineering

Scaled Agile Framework – SAFe for Lean Software and System Engineering

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Advice on How to Split Reporting User Stories I've had a handful of emails lately about the difficulty of completing a complex reporting user story in a sprint. These emails made the claim that perhaps reports were not something well suited for development with agile because some reports are complicated and take more than a sprint to develop. I'd argue that the opposite is the case. When something will take a long time to develop, that's exactly when I want to use a process that forces me to get early and frequent feedback. This will counter many developers’ tendency (including my own) to retreat into a cave thinking we know what our users want. Scrumban Why your teams should move away from Scrum, and how to do it. What is Scrum? Scrum is an iterative and prescriptive process for building software in the Agile methodology. A development team will plan and commit to completing a certain amount of work in a timeboxed sprint. At the end of the sprint, the team will review the work with a Product Owner, and then hold a retrospective to analyze their processes during the sprint, and determine what can be improved next time.

How to Scale the Scrum Product Owner The product owner is the person in charge of the product. For products of modest complexity and small projects, it may be feasible to have one individual playing the product owner role. But how do we deal with product ownership on large Scrum projects that develop complex products? The Chief Product Owner

Business Value of Agile Data Warehousing User Stories Value-Added Agile Strategies How to Deal With Common Issues Encountered During a Transition to an Agile Approach I am excited about my latest publishing adventure with The Cutter Consortium. The article is called, “Agile Analytics: Slicing Data Warehousing User Stories for Business Value.” Before you read it, I first want to tell you about Cutter. Cutter Consortium is a global information technology research company located in Massachusetts founded by Karen Fine Coburn.

Cost Effective Approaches to Iteration in Agile UX By Jared M. Spool Originally published: Mar 21, 2012 The whole point of Agile was that you discover more about what you need to do as you go. If you're not doing that, you may have a more disciplined development process, however you won't get the full benefit of going to an Agile approach. That's what InContext's Hugh Beyer told me as we were discussing how teams are making the transition to Agile development methods. Scaled Agile Framework: The Gods Have Spoken « September 24, 2012 Today marks an important milestone in our Agile transformation here at Valpak. We put in place the final major piece of Dean Leffingwell’s Scaled Agile Framework , the Architecture Kanban, or what I like to refer to as our Mount Olympus.

Agile Software Development and CapEx/OpEx An important financial governance concern in modern enterprises is how to expense costs properly. This of course includes the costs of IT, including the costs associated with agile software development teams. There is more to this of course than just adding up expenses, these expenses need to be categorized appropriately and in some cases can have a measurable impact on your bottom line. In this blog posting we explore how to categorize agile software development costs into either capital expenses (CapEx) or operational expenses (OpEx). Some Basics

Programming Is Mostly Thinking Pretend you have a really great programming day. You only have to attend a few meetings, have only a few off-topic conversations, don't get distracted or interrupted much, don't have to do a bunch of status or time reporting, and you put in a good six hours of serious programming [note: this RARELY happens in an 8-10 hour day]. I want to review your work in the morning, so I print out a diff of your day's work before going home. Sadly, overnight the version control system crashes and they have to recover from the previous day's backup. You have lost an entire day's work. If I give you the diff, how long will it take you to type the changes back into the code base and recover your six-hours' work?

Kanban as Multiban? We’ve been working for several years with Kanban process, and there’s quite a bit of experience about it that we’ve shared (see the posts tagged with “kanban”). I’ve contemplated things around Kanban recently, and here’s another interesting perspective. It might help make more sense of the Kanban method as a method for managing knowledge work, and software development work, in particular. I can imagine what the first sparkle that inspired software development folks about Kanban was. Managing Requirements Dependencies Between Agile and Lean Teams Sometimes functional dependencies occur between requirements that are being implemented by different teams. For example, requirement X depends on requirement Y and X is being worked on by team A and Y is being worked on by team B. This generally isn’t a problem when requirement Y is implemented before requirement X, is a bit of an annoyance if they’re being implemented in parallel (the two teams will need to coordinate their work), and an issue if X is being implemented before Y.

Healthy Codebase and Preparatory Refactoring In a recent episode of the RubyRogues podcast, Martin Fowler and Jessica Kerr literally spoke my mind. They named two concepts that I deeply believe in and care about: Healthy Codebase and Preparatory Refactoring. The fact that they have expressed them in beautiful words and powerful metaphors enables me to share them with you in this article. After 43 minutes of discussions on the steps of refactoring, Martin introduced the concept of Healthy Codebase. SAFe – Good But Not Good Enough I recently took the SAFe SPC training, with instructors Jennifer Fawcett and Al Shalloway. My bottom line assessment is that it will be a marketing success, organizations trying it will see improvement, and some will see great improvement. And I don’t like it.

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