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Red Velvet Brownies White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Red Velvet Brownies White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
For the past three weeks I’ve been craving a yellow butter cake with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream frosting. This post obviously isn’t about that cake. It’s about these Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Frosting that I nearly had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard from when I came across the recipe. I’ve only made one other red velvet recipe in my lifetime and I had forgotten about the destructive power of red food coloring so be prepared to go slowly when it comes time to add it in. [9.2.11 Update] Note: I’ve edited the bake time of the recipe below to better reflect the comments people have left about the brownies being undercooked at 30 minutes. Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Ingredients For the brownies: For the white chocolate buttercream frosting: Instructions To make the brownies: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Source Related:  gateau

nutella-brownies This recipe is crazy. The good kind of crazy though. The genius kind of crazy. Have you ever had a craving for something, but didn’t have everything that you needed to make it? Of course you have! Now these brownies solve that dilemma for all of us baking-nutella-lover’s. Yes- 3. Are you already scouraging your cabinets for nutella? Nutella + eggs + flour= BROWNIES Even the most kitchen weary individual could mix these up in less than five minutes and be eating them in just 15. Have I sold you yet? Look at how much extra space is left in that muffin cup! Kind of silly. When you bake an exact dozen out of this recipe, you’ll get this height of a brownie. Despite how you and I might feel about this, do NOT overfill the cups! They are supposed to be bites overall… and that’s the proper size for a bite. SO- withstand all urges to fill the muffin cup. My Nutella was a bit stiff so I microwaved it for a few seconds to loosen it up. It helps so that you can mix the eggs in much easier. Maybe 1/3 cup?

The Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules For Living May 6, 2011 | 42 Comments » | Topics: Life, List At the start of the new millennium the Dalai Lama apparently issued eighteen rules for living. Since word travels slowly in the digital age these have only just reached me. Here they are. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. via OwenKelly Hot Stories From Around The Web Other Awesome Stories

Blueberry Recipes & Videos continued from above But the best part about blueberries is that although they are great for eating out of hand, they are also delicious in our baking. Heat turns blueberries wonderfully soft and sweet. Some recipes featured below leave the blueberries uncooked. So, with these recipes as a guide, enjoy this lovely berry during the Summer months. Sources: Davidson, Alan and Knox, Charlotte. Davidson, Alan. Harrison, S.G., Masefield, G.B., and Wallis, M. Kitchen, Leanne. Kiss Pies Only 5 days before Christmas! Woohoo, is everyone ready? What a great time of year. This really is the best…..even if I feel like I’ve gained 50 lbs the last month! I’ve got such a fun little pie to share with you today that really couldn’t get any easier. I decided to use the rest of my Mint truffle Kisses, but ANY Hershey kiss will work beautifully here. Hope you enjoy! Here you have it, some refrigerated pie crust and any Hershey Kisses I used these bad boys! Unroll your pie crust after it’s been thawed and place the first group your kisses around like so. You’ll cut a 2 1/2- 3 inch circle for each kiss. You’ll brush a light egg wash over each little pie…. ….and sprinkle with sugar. Trying to do this with one hand while taking the photo=dumping of sugar, lol! Here they are, I seriously love these! Awhhhh, look at these little Kiss Pies Little cuties. One of my readers who lives in China sent me these adorable mini forks! 1. 2. about 14 little pies. Other recipes you may enjoy...

Lemon Burst Cake Mix Cookies Enjoy the burst of lemon flavor from these light and soft baked cookies. Lemon Burst cookies are made using a cake mix. I had a nice response last week with the Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies we made. One of my fabulous readers, Alicia of Home with the Hollands shared another cake mix cookies recipe with me in the comments. It’s just as easy and involves a lemon cake mix and cool whip. I’m a HUGE fan of lemon, and Heather wanted a special treat to take into work for a co-worker’s birthday ……… easy and delicious was all I had time for. Lemon Burst Cake Mix Cookies Enjoy the burst of lemon flavor from these light and soft baked cookies. Ingredients 1 box Lemon Cake Mix* 1- 8 oz container Cool Whip 1 egg 1/3 cup powdered sugar (for rolling) Instructions Preheat oven to 350° In medium bowl, beat cool whip, egg and cake mix until well blended. Notes *Try these using strawberry or orange cake mix for variety. © TidyMom. Copyright© 2009-2013 TidyMom.Net

french cruller doughnuts recipe Recipe: french crullers I went on my annual sandhill crane migration shoot in southern Colorado earlier this week with my shooting partner, Jason. We crammed driving to and from Monte Vista, four shoots, a half day at Wolf Creek (ski resort), and not a lot of sleep into 48 hours. The town of Monte Vista, Colorado holds their Crane Festival this weekend (March 9-11). shooting at sunset pre-dawn tandem silhouettes as the sun rises A big shout out and thank you to Pro Photo Rental for supplying us with the 200-400mm Nikkor f4 and the 500mm Nikkor f4 on this trip. all you need: eggs, flour, water, butter, salt, sugar bring the water, butter, sugar, and salt to a boil add the flour French crullers are my favorite doughnuts. keep stirring until a thin film forms on the pan beat the eggs in one at a time then beat in the whites until you get a smooth and glossy batter I found a recipe for French crullers in Lara Ferroni’sDoughnuts book. brush squares of parchment with oil i managed a dozen mix together dip

Tag Archive for "wedding hairstyles" - The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. photo/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess One of my all time favorite hairstyles for a wedding or for red carpet is the most super simple chic chignon (say that 3 times fast!). In this tutorial we show future brides and bridesmaids alike how to keep their hair out of the way while maintaining a timeless, classic look for any event. Start with all of your hair in a ponytail. A fuller bun + a tighter bun can both look great for different reasons. If you’re looking for accessories similar the one in the top image for your wedding, here are a few of my current favorites: And you can always use fresh flowers, silk flowers or an embellished appliqué from the fabric store.

Nutella Bites, Gluten Free | Gluten Free Canteen Happy World Nutella Day! Read about it here, here and here. I love Nutella. Nutella brownies? My friend Annie posted this link on Facebook a while ago and I ran right out and bought the largest jar of Nutella I could find. You’ll need a mini muffin tin and Amazon or Target will have them for a decent price. One bowl, one spoon, a jar of Nutella, an egg or two, and a tiny bit of gluten free flour and a few extra flavorings. What could be easier? Gluten Free Nutella Bites ½ cup Nutella1 large egg3 tablespoons of gluten free flour (I use oat, brown rice and white rice flours)1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoadash of vanilla and your favorite liqueur Heat oven to 350. In a bowl, mix the Nutella with the egg and blend in the flour, cocoa and vanilla (or liqueur). Spoon into the tin until about ¾ full.

homemade marshmallows Are you all ready for some junk food yet? I know everyone is still doing well on their New Year’s diets, so don’t worry, I’ll break you in slowly. I used evaporated cane juice to make these, so they’re . . . you know, healthy. When I first tried making homemade marshmallows, I felt so cool. I know it seems everyone is making them these days, but if you haven’t tried yet, I definitely recommend it. homemade marshmallows 2 cups (385g) evaporated cane juice (organic sugar) or granulated sugar 1 1/2 cups (350g) water 1 tablespoon honey 4 packets (28g total) unflavored gelatin 2 egg whites at room temperature* 1 tablespoon of pure vanilla extract 1. 2. 4. 5. *Place cold eggs in a bowl of warm water for about a minute to get them to room temperature

Cream Puff Pie (aka cream puff cake or eclair cake) Let me state things plainly, you are going to want to make this pie =). It is one of the easiest and tastiest pies I’ve ever made. I adore cream puffs. Basically I could eat about 20 or more in one sitting (if I didn’t exercise any self control). Cream Puff Pie (aka cream puff cake or eclair cake) Ingredients 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup butter 1/8 tsp salt 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 2 large eggs 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 cup heavy cream 1 cup milk (preferably whole or 2%) 1 (5.1 oz) package instant vanilla or white chocolate pudding mix 3/4 cup heavy cream 3 Tbsp granulated sugar Directions To prepare puff pastry pie shell: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. To prepare cheaters pastry cream In a large mixing bowl, whisk together 1 cup heavy cream, milk and pudding mix, for about 3 minutes until mixture has thickened. To prepare sweetened whipped cream In a large mixing bowl, using an electric hand mixer, whip 3/4 cup heavy cream until soft peaks form.

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread Looks yummy, right? And let me tell you, this cinnamon bread really is yummy! Immensely! I am actually so impressed by it that I would call it a gift from heaven. Okay, maybe not exactly from heaven since the original recipe was born in Joy the Baker’s kitchen. Dear friends, please prepare this delicious, finger-licking, soft, yeasty, cinnamony bread over the weekend for your family. If you wonder how, I’ll show you… Here’s the list of ingredients. 1. 2. 3. You can also melt the butter in milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. 4. 5. I kneaded the dough by hand for about 10 minutes. You can, of course, use an electric mixer and have the job done in about half the time. 6. O-oh, we have a serious case of yeastafalitis here. Or, in other words, this is what happened after I let the dough rest for one hour. 7. 8. 9. 10. Melt the butter (in the microwave oven or in a saucepan). 11. 12. 13. I went horizontally, it’s the rebel in me. Joy said she drooled at this phase. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

How To Put Your Hair Up In A Cute Bun | Guide « Wonder How To Comb your hair carefully to eliminate any tangles or knots.Take some hair from the top of your head. 3. Tie off this hair with a hair elastic. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Colorful swirled cupcakes With as many ways as there are to decorate cupcakes, they can be really boring if you just slap some plain icing on them. I like to make them fun and interesting, and one of my favorite ways to do that is with colorful, swirled icing. Rather than mix food coloring into the icing, I use it to paint the decorator bag, creating a result so crazy and cool that you won’t believe you got it from such a simple technique. Let me show you how! Gather the supplies The first things you’ll need, of course, are cupcakes and icing! Select the colors The best part about this technique is that you can choose any colors you want and can customize it to the occasion. You’ll be painting from 4 to 6 stripes of color for your icing, but you can repeat colors, so you really only need at least 2 different colors (up to 6 max). Paint the bags Okay, now for the actual technique! Now use the paint brush to paint stripes of color on the inside of the bag, starting at the tip and going up about 3-4 inches. The results

apple crisp with homemade caramel sauce Well, yesterday I had a horrible time thinking of new and innovative recipes. After deliberating for the whole morning and most of the afternoon, I finally decided on a caramel sauce I had been wanting to try. I thought how nice and simple that would be—apple slices and caramel. And it will take only ten minutes! It did not take ten minutes. When I could see that a new post for yesterday was impossible, late last night I made some apple crisp to pair up with some ice cream and the improved batch of caramel sauce. apple crisp For the apple part: 6-7 seven small Granny Smith Apples, peeled and cut into chunks 1/4 cup (55g) granulated sugar 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon pinch salt 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest 2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 1. 2. 3. 4. caramel sauce Please read all these directions a couple times before starting, and get all your ingredients set out before hand. 1. 2. 3. 4.

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