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Welcome to Teaching Packs -

Welcome to Teaching Packs -

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A Survival Kit for Casual Relief Teachers eBook - Ocean View Learning Centre Why the Updated Version??? ........and still only $15 Since first compiling this resource in 2010, the classroom of the 21st Century has changed rapidly. Collaboration amongst teachers has also evolved, whether it be through Facebook, Blogging, Weeblies , Wiki spaces, Livebinder, Symbaloo, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 5 New Social Media Tools to Explore It seems like every day we hear about a new social media tool that promises to be the next big thing. But for every Instagram or Pinterest, there's a months-old networking or sharing site that is growing dust. And as busy teachers, who has time for that?

Complete List of Playscripts The Witches, Catherine, Marilyn, and Evelyn, will take you through a journey of Magic, Spells, and Fantasy. You will meet a Beautiful Princess and a Handsome Prince, and will run away from the Evil Witch and the Wicked Stepmother. The Forest will be filled with Beautiful Flowers, Talking Trees, and Funny Animals who will take you to gates of the Enchanted Palace.

National events and the NZC / Curriculum resources These materials highlight national days and weeks of importance. They explain how national events link to The New Zealand Curriculum and provide ideas, resources, and tools to help schools get involved. You can access national event pages from earlier in 2015 using the links at the bottom of the page. Effective Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom Updated by David Brear, May 12, 2014 KnowSchools Presentation 21st Century Learning & Sharing: Engaging for Success! Spring Online Conference 2010 Online Resource Site for Students - compiled by Dave and broken down by subject. E-Learning Web 2.0 Tools and Applications on Go2Web20 ( Great Resource )

Five easy mindful exercises for kids — Kinderling Kids Radio — music for children and families Is your kid running at full-speed all the time? Mindfulness - a meditative movement based on ancient Eastern traditions - might just calm that ever-spinning engine. Experts believe exercises can improve kids’ concentration, make them more resilient and help them control their emotions. But how do you get your toddler to sit still long enough to try it? Karen Young, psychologist and blogger at Hey Sigmund, says it’s not a complicated process. Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers Skip to main content Skip to navigation Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers Mentoring is an essential part of the teaching tradition in New Zealand. There are guidelines for mentors and professional leaders to follow, to help them develop and implement a high quality induction and mentoring programme. The Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers have been in use since 2011, and were developed following extensive research and a national pilot programme. The Guidelines aim to help professional leaders, mentor teachers and provisionally registered teachers learn the key skills and attributes required for effective mentoring, and to support great mentor teachers.

12 Tech Tools That Will Transform The Way You Teach! In a Simple K12 blog post titled “17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times” they provide a list of things that characterize a classroom that has fallen behind. Number 16 lists a variety of technology tools that every educator should know about. As I read the list, I realized that although many teachers are interested in and excited about technology integration, they are too busy to explore all the new technology tools available online. This blog post is dedicated to all of the overworked teachers who just don’t have the time to seek out this information. I have provided brief explanations, links to and pictures of the tools mentioned by Simple K12 (and a couple of my favorites).

4 Engineering Challenges for Kids (Cups, Craft Sticks, and Cubes!) Here’s a simple open-ended building activity for kids of all ages – Colored craft sticks, wooden cubes, and small plastic cups! Simple materials, and yet we have been having a blast building all kinds of amazing structures with them. This project is the second project in our Summer STEAM Camp series!

DIY: Recycled Flower Pot Made Out of Clothespins This picture and these ideas inspired me to create something pretty for a new plant a friend gave to me. I had a can of tuna in the cabinet and tons of wooden clothespins, so I just needed to buy some washi tape. I ran to a paper goodies local store and found a perfect one with sweet pastel colors and patterns. At first, I was planning on painting the clothespins in different colors using acrylic paint, it would have been great, but the washi tape was less messy and easier, really love the idea.

Webtools: No Registration Needed for Students Image courtesy of OZinOH Welcome to my list of webtools that don’t require student registration. This started off as a simple curation for myself and has ballooned into something that I never thought would get this big. Graduate Certificate in Primary Mathematics Teaching launched » Open Polytechnic Posted on 3 February 2015 Following the success of Open Polytechnic’s primary science teaching qualifications, the new fee free Graduate Certificate in Primary Mathematics Teaching (Curriculum) is now open for enrolments. It is widely acknowledged that many primary teachers feel a lack of confidence when teaching mathematics. With Mathematics being part of the National Standards structure, Open Polytechnic is committed to providing a vocational qualification that builds the skills of teachers so they are able to gain the best results for their students and for the school. Open Polytechnic is New Zealand’s largest specialist provider of distance learning.